About Sultry Secrets

Sultry Secrets hopes to bring you the biggest and best brands from the USA and the best European manufacturers of high quality bedroom fun.

Sultry Secrets was founded after we realised that the UK has a such a limited selection of adult and couples sex products available in the UK. The UK is a nation of sex loving experimentalists and Sultry Secrets aims to step in to help your bedroom fun reach the sizzling temperature you have always fantasised about.

Why Sultry Secrets is different...

Although Sultry Secrets is a newly setup business our aim is to offer you the most exciting shopping experience when it comes to buying your couples products and toys.

We aim to create a unique and comfortable shopping experience that caters to everyone’s tastes… From the vibrator pros who want an extensive range to browse or the ‘first time shy buyers’ who can use our Personal Shopping Assistant to help you find what you are looking for.

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