The Best Fantasy Role Play Ideas!

Have you ever felt like your sex life could do with a bit of a jumpstart? It's very natural in relationship to fall into the same routine night after night, day after day, but luckily there are plenty of ways of spicing up your fun with minimal effort. Sexy role play is a wonderful way to get out of a rut in the bedroom, and it's a great opportunity to try some new moves and techniques you may have been too shy to broach otherwise. Putting on a sexy costume helps you step out of your own shoes and into another character, with a new set of personality traits and fantasies. In fact, in our recent Forbidden Fantasies survey, 59% of women said they were turned on by the idea of role play. Don't know where to begin...

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writing erotic fiction Sultry Secrets - Tips for Writing Erotic Fiction

Tips for Writing Erotic Fiction

Have you ever had a thought about writing your own erotic stories? Or maybe some sort of memoirs? Then you are not alone.Loads of people feel very awkward about sharing their writing – and thats understandably so, especially if you've ever read a comment section anywhere on the internet. It's scary to put yourself out into the wild. But it can also be a massive turn-on, and ultimately rewarding. Even if your audience is just yourself and a partner, erotic fiction/non-fiction writing is a great way to explore your most fantasies. Writing can and will relieve stress, mostly when you're doing it for fun, it can be a welcome break from academic assignments. If you've ever even thought about putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard as it's now more often known (though it does sound rather...

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How To Flirt Sultry Secrets - The Art of Flirting

The Art of Flirting

The world of modern dating can be fun, exciting and exhausting. With so many dating apps available at our fingertips, there’s now a plethora of potential partners to choose from and many of us have swiped so much we’ve ended up with finger cramp. Finding a new boyfriend or girlfriend is no mean feat! Since hit the scene in the mid-90s, technology has radically changed the way we find love. Meeting someone off the internet has now become the norm for us singletons (at the agast of our parents). According to the BBC, dating apps were big business in 2017, with Tinder recording 57 million active monthly users. And with other popular apps like Badoo, Happn, Plenty of Fish and Grindr also boasting monthly users into the millions, it looks like we’ve become a nation that’s more comfortable with...

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thinking during sex Sultry Secrets - 11 Things Most People Have Thought During Sex

11 Things Most People Have Thought During Sex

Sex is an amazing thing, like a gorgeous night sky. Full of beauty, infinite possibilities and the... ermm what the heck is that? We have all been there. On the road to pleasure town, via puzzled with a pit stop in preoccupied. Mainly focusing on being relaxed and what is turning you on in the moment is the key to satisfying sex. By practising being a lot more present in each moment of daily life, you'll find it a great deal easier to be in the moment during your special lovemaking. With everything that's going on in your busy life, it's understandable though that sometimes your mind takes a detour. Don't fret about it. Read on for a list of things that almost everyone has thought of during sex.  1. "Hooray I'm having sex." You sure are. Go you!2. "Are they enjoying this?" If...

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Pregnant Sex Tips Sultry Secrets 1024x550 - Maternity Sex Advice

Maternity Sex Advice

Pregnancy can be an odd time – your body’s changing, hormones are shooting everywhere and you’re always completely knackered. But, you’re still you, and you can still enjoy sex as much as you used to before you fell pregnant – you may just have to... you know... mix it up a bit! As an expectant mother, you’re obviously going to have a few questions about maternity sex and the way you and your partner get it on might change throughout the nine month period. It’s the great time to find new, fun and exciting ways to explore each other and increase intimacy, whether you actually decide to have sex or not. Sultry Secrets is here to give you some top tips on having the perfect sex during your pregnancy, but first, we’ll answer some most common questions...

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SingleGirl Sultry Secrets 1024x527 - Single and Ready to Mingle?

Single and Ready to Mingle?

Every song you hear on Spotify. The vast catalogue of romantic films on Netflix. The barrage of wedding pictures on Instagram… it seems like no matter where you look, everyone is talking about coupledom. Relationships seem to be endlessly celebrated like they’re some kind of life-affirming achievement, leaving many of us who are single in a permanent state of confusion. Of course, relationships can be wonderful, but really, so can being single. It’s 2018, and a massive 51% of us in England and Wales are single. Not only are fewer young adults married than there were a decade ago, but fewer young people are in committed relationships. We think this is something to be celebrated! Delaying committed relationships, marriage and starting a family until later in life allows more time for self-discovery, career progression, or travel. We do...

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vaginal or anal sex Sultry Secrets - Anal Sex or Vaginal Sex? - Which Is For You!

Anal Sex or Vaginal Sex? – Which Is For You!

We’ve come a long way when it comes to sexual expression – regardless of our gender, sexuality or preference, we have been able to explore all kinds of new and fun ways to get our kinky kicks. But as liberated as we may feel, there are some taboos that we still need to break. The hot topic in conversation? Anal sex. There’s more talk of it in popular culture, self-help sites and advice columns than ever before, and shifting taboos mean people are less apprehensive to ask for advice when it comes to anal sex. Here at Sultry Secrets, we couldn’t be happier – along with these changes comes the added benefit of discussing consent, wellbeing and pleasure when it comes to our sex lives, and specifically anal sex. Plus, we know how much fun it can be for...

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14 Of The Best Sex Positions SultrySecrets - 14 Best Sex Positions Everyone Should Try

14 Best Sex Positions Everyone Should Try

Pile Driver Sex PositionEarning its name from the downward angle of penetration, the Pile Driver family has a bit of a rough reputation since it's often portrayed 'extremely' when used in adult entertainment. Although it certainly can be practiced rough, it doesn't have to be! Either way, we highly recommend that you have adequate cushioning under the woman's head and neck, and start slow to establish boundaries for what's comfortable... a sprained neck can be a bit of a mood killer.Drill Sex Position To get into the Drill position, the woman lies on her back and wraps her legs around her partner who mounts from above. Raising her legs tilts her pelvis, making for a significantly improved penetration angle over the standard Missionary position, and the woman can use her legs to help guide the man's...

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14 Most Shocking Sex Facts You Did Not Know…

Want to know 14 of the most shocking sex facts to freak out or impress you friends with? Read on... You won't regret it (You might) 1. One single sperm contains 38.4MB of DNA metadata (computer information). An ejaculation theoretically could contain as much as 16,256GB. That's the equivalent of 508 iPhone 6's combined storage!2. One of the oldest reported dildos ever found was 30,000 years old in a cave Germany. old school sex toys... one for the history books.  3. The "G-Spot" was almost called the "Whipple Tickle" after the discoverer Beverly Whipple coined the expression that is still used to this day.  4. Gary Kremen, one of the co founders at lost his girlfriend to a guy she met on  5. The very first vibrating dildo (Vibrator) to be patented was in the summer of 1902 on...

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Toys for Female Couple SultrySecrets Blog - Toys for Two Females

Toys for Two Females

Whether you're looking for a new toy for you and your partner or just wondering what you can do to spice up your love life. You've come to the right place. Over the past two weeks, me and my partner have been trying out all of these products just for YOU! Well... sort of. Anyway, without further ado, these are my thoughts.Interchangeable Strap On Dildos   So this little treasure is COMPLETELY worth the money. Myself and partner are tired of the generic looking strap on which is never the right size and or standalone with nothing to spice things up. We then found the Vac-U-Lock and this product was perfect. I've bought two different models from Sultry Secrets before and my partner loved both. The adjustable strap makes the toy feel so much more secure and safe.  Plus the two...

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