14 Of The Best Sex Positions SultrySecrets - 14 Best Sex Positions Everyone Should Try

14 Best Sex Positions Everyone Should Try

Pile Driver Sex Position

The Pile Driver Sex Position

Earning its name from the downward angle of penetration, the Pile Driver family has a bit of a rough reputation since it’s often portrayed ‘extremely’ when used in adult entertainment. Although it certainly can be practiced rough, it doesn’t have to be! Either way, we highly recommend that you have adequate cushioning under the woman’s head and neck, and start slow to establish boundaries for what’s comfortable… a sprained neck can be a bit of a mood killer.

Drill Sex Position

missionary SultrySecrets - 14 Best Sex Positions Everyone Should Try
 To get into the Drill position, the woman lies on her back and wraps her legs around her partner who mounts from above. Raising her legs tilts her pelvis, making for a significantly improved penetration angle over the standard Missionary position, and the woman can use her legs to help guide the man’s rhythm to her liking.

Doggy Style Sex Position

doggy SultrySecrets - 14 Best Sex Positions Everyone Should Try
 The standard variation of Doggy Style is comfortable, intuitive and versatile; the woman simply gets on all-fours, with the man mounting from behind in a kneeling position. As in most rear entry positions, the angle of penetration tends to be very well suited for targeting the g-spot, so we recommend for women to explore titling their pelvis and arching their back to find the best angles. As with all kneeling positions, we recommend pillows on the floor for added comfort, as well as to fine tune the alignment of your groins.

Bent Spoon Sex Position

sinner SultrySecrets - 14 Best Sex Positions Everyone Should Try

In the Tucked variation of the Sinner, the woman lifts her legs off the ground and tucks them towards her body. Having the legs tucked helps make the g-spot the focal point of the penetration; the tighter the tuck, the higher the pleasure, however tucking too much can make it more difficult to maintain penetration without slipping out. We have also found that having the man plant his feet closer to his body, and lifting his groin off the ground to substantially increase the penetration mobility, so make sure to experiment!

Downward Doggy Sex Position

downward doggy SultrySecrets - 14 Best Sex Positions Everyone Should Try
 The Downward Doggy variation of the Doggy Style family has both partners standing while the woman bends over and touches the floor. Requiring a fair amount of flexibility, women can always cheat a little by bending their knees, or placing their hands on a higher surface, just make sure that it’s stable before placing your weight on it! Featuring a very sharp angle of penetration, it offers a lot of stimulation to the rear wall of the vagina, and equally to the head of the man’s penis.

Lying Cowgirl Sex Position

lying cowgirl SultrySecrets - 14 Best Sex Positions Everyone Should Try

Taking Cowgirl horizontal, the Lying variation has the woman lying over the man, in a role-reversed Missionary position. It offers relatively limited mobility compared to the rest of the family, but it makes up for this shortcoming with a much higher degree of intimacy. We found the best pleasure to come from the woman positioning herself a little higher up the man’s body than illustrated, and having the man take care of most of the thrusting from below.

Reverse Sybian Sex Position

rodeo SultrySecrets - 14 Best Sex Positions Everyone Should Try

The Standing variation takes Rodeo to a higher altitude, that’s a lot more friendly on the legs, and a lot easier on the endurance meter. Although easiest performed on a perfectly sized ottoman, you should be able to make it work on the corner of a bed or a sectional couch if such an ottoman is not available. We recommend that women experiment with leaning both forwards and backwards, and for men to place their hands on the women’s hips to experiment with helping in both lifting and lowering for maximum pleasure.

Riding Astride Sex Position

riding astride SultrySecrets - 14 Best Sex Positions Everyone Should Try

The Standing variation of Twisted Rodeo is much more comfortable for women to hold. The added elevation takes a lot of strain off of her legs, and it is a lot easier on the legs to generate movement. Her hands can be placed on the man, or she can lean back and use the back edge of the couch for more leverage. We recommend both partners explore the whole range of hip movement – rocking front-back, side-side, and in a circular motion on top of in-out penetration to get the full feel of what the position has to offer!

Pirate’s Bounty Sex Position

Pirates Bounty SultrySecrets - 14 Best Sex Positions Everyone Should Try

The Mixed variation of the Guard is a placeholder to remind you to mix it up and break symmetry by combining different members of the family. You may find better way to take advantage of your body’s shape, and at the very least, you’ll keep things interesting while you explore. If you have any experiences you’d like to share, please comment below!

Victory Sex Position

victory SultrySecrets - 14 Best Sex Positions Everyone Should Try

TheVictory position features the improved penetration angle of Folded Missionary, but offers more intimacy from not having her legs between you, which isn’t too shabby considering the great freedom of movement offered to the man. To get into the position, the woman lies on her back with her legs up and out to the sides, while the man mounts face-down on top of her.

Wheelbarrow Sex Position

wheelbarrow SultrySecrets - 14 Best Sex Positions Everyone Should Try
 The Wheelbarrow family is a named after wheelbarrow races, and just like its namesake, it can be quite tiring! Even in the supported variations, the man needs to support a good portion of the woman’s weight, while doing all the thrusting… which can be tiring enough on its own. If the woman isn’t confident that she can hold herself up through an orgasm, we recommend starting at a lower altitude or supported, and having some pillows placed for backup just in case.

The Candle Sex Position

candle SultrySecrets - 14 Best Sex Positions Everyone Should Try
 At the head of the Bodyguard family, the standard variation is known for both its intimacy and intensity. The man’s hands are free to roam and explore her body, and if height allows, both partner’s necks are readily available for some lovin’. Small height differences can be resolved with some bending at the knees, but larger differences may require heels, or even a stepping stool to get aligned. If you do require some assistance for height, consider taking advantage of some furniture to help keep balance.

Reverse Amazon Sex Position

reverse amazon SultrySecrets - 14 Best Sex Positions Everyone Should Try

The 180 variation of Planted Amazon has the woman on her feet and facing away from the man. Like the Amazon 180, the added leg room will likely be appreciated by both partners, as they’ll have a wider range of options to find what’s most comfortable for them. Women may also find it easier to plant their hands on the man’s thighs, as it could be a little difficult to get a lot of lift with them on his abdomen.

Missionary Sex Position

missionary1 SultrySecrets - 14 Best Sex Positions Everyone Should Try

The Missionary position is probably the most common first position people try, which is probably related to its simplicity, comfort, and the high level of intimacy experienced. To get into the position, the woman simply lies down on her back while the man lies face-down on top of her. Although initial aiming can be a little difficult at first for the man, getting a helping hand from her can resolve that quite easily. We recommend for both partners to experiment with some hip movement to help keep things from getting stale too quickly.


14 Most Shocking Sex Facts You Did Not Know…

Want to know 14 of the most shocking sex facts to freak out or impress you friends with?

Read on…

You won’t regret it (You might)

1. One single sperm contains 38.4MB of DNA metadata (computer information). An ejaculation theoretically could contain as much as 16,256GB. That’s the equivalent of 508 iPhone 6’s combined storage!

2. One of the oldest reported dildos ever found was 30,000 years old in a cave Germany. old school sex toys… one for the history books.


3. The “G-Spot” was almost called the “Whipple Tickle” after the discoverer Beverly Whipple coined the expression that is still used to this day.


4. Gary Kremen, one of the co founders at match.com lost his girlfriend to a guy she met on match.com.


5. The very first vibrating dildo (Vibrator) to be patented was in the summer of 1902 on Hamilton Beach.


6. 53.1% of women have used a vibrator in their lifetime.


7. It’s illegal to have a sex toy in India. Sex toys are officially outlawed.


8. In a recent study, 13% of adults have had sex at their office or other places of work. (I wish I was part of it.)


9. There are over 30 different types of kisses listed. 30!? We could only come up with 4!


10. For some people, their pain threshold can almost double when in a state of arousal. This explains a lot for some of you I’m sure.


11. The blow job was voted the number one sex act desired by men in 2017


12. In Texas, it’s illegal to have more than 6 dildos in your house at any one time.


13. 20% of the sex toy stores, most profitable item is the vibrator.



14. The most expensive sex toy ever sold in the world was a flashy white gold vibrator with 118 embedded dimonds. It was worth an estimated £42,700.

Toys for Female Couple SultrySecrets Blog - Toys for Two Females

Toys for Two Females

Whether you’re looking for a new toy for you and your partner or just wondering what you can do to spice up your love life. You’ve come to the right place. Over the past two weeks, me and my partner have been trying out all of these products just for YOU! Well… sort of.

Anyway, without further ado, these are my thoughts.

Interchangeable Strap On Dildos


Vac U Lock Ultra Harness 2 And Plug SultrySecrets - Toys for Two Females Vac U Lock Ultra Harness 2 And Plug With 8 Inch Realistic Cock SultrySecrets - Toys for Two FemalesVac U Lock 6 inch Black Attachment SultrySecrets - Toys for Two Females Vac U Lock Natural Double Penetrator Attachment SultrySecrets - Toys for Two Females

So this little treasure is COMPLETELY worth the money.

Myself and partner are tired of the generic looking strap on which is never the right size and or standalone with nothing to spice things up. We then found the Vac-U-Lock and this product was perfect.

I’ve bought two different models from Sultry Secrets before and my partner loved both. The adjustable strap makes the toy feel so much more secure and safe.  Plus the two attachments we purchased made it easy to switch out during play time.

Solid 9/10.

The Doxy Power Wand

Doxy Wand Massager Black EU Plug SultrySecrets - Toys for Two FemalesHitachi Attachment Pleasure Beads SultrySecrets - Toys for Two Females

If you and your partner are looking for a very stimulating toy to switch things up this may be the one for you.

The Doxy Wand has so many different functions so you never ever get bored. Being able to change the level of intensities at the same time as the pattern of the buzz meant that it didn’t take long for either of us to find the perfect setting and climax… And wow.

You don’t need batteries which are a massive plus and you can change the head of the wand, which is a separate buy but definitely worth it. Check out some more examples here.

At a first glance, I thought that the wand was going to be too intense for my partner as she doesn’t like being overpowered with vibrations. But because of the many different choices of patterns and intensities this toy suited us and would suit anyone elses taste.

You’ll be buzz buzzing all night long.

100% 10/10

Jimmy Jane Form 3

Jimmy Jane Form 3 Pink Waterproof USB Rechargeable Vibrator SultrySecrets - Toys for Two Females

Compact and lightweight this beauty packs a massive punch with its limber tip made of silicone. The Jimmy Jane Form 3 was perfect for my partner and I as I love the higher intensity and she likes the less intense toys. The curved edge it gets you in places hard to reach when just using your fingers. meaning that this toy is great to use during foreplay or whilst you’re going down on your partner. Not only that but this baby is fully waterproof, which means it can be taken into the shower for them early morning, before work play times.

No need for batteries as it’s fully USB rechargeable and the intensities don’t suffer when it starts to drain power.

This toy definitely gets a big thumbs up from the both of us.

Super adorable too look at but packs a huge punch.


Double Ended Dildos

18 Inch Veined Double Header Dildo Black SultrySecrets - Toys for Two Females12 Inch Veined Double Header Bender Dildo SultrySecrets - Toys for Two Females

I and my partner have never used a double ended Dildo before this one, so we were apprehensive at first. We started out slowly by gently easing one end in then the other, we worked out a good position after a couple of tries and found the toy to be very satisfying.

Me personally, I would definitely class myself as the giver in our sex life so this is a welcome change for me, but I enjoyed feeling the same sensation as my partner.

The ribbed veins on the toy made the sensation much more pleasurable. So this one gets another massive thumbs up from us.



Essentials… Like Flavoured Lube

Juicy Lubes Flavoured Lubricants SultrySecrets - Toys for Two Females

For different flavours & sensations, this set is perfect! Not only do they flavours taste amazing, but this water based lube makes giving your partner oral a little more exciting.

We played a game where we had to try and guess what lube flavour was what. Not bragging… but I got all of mine right.

With most other lubes the problems of them being too sticky or messy stopped us from buying as many, but this set is ideal as you can change it up and they’re not too sticky.




With all of these new accessory choices, there’s no reason to get bored or stuck doing the same old sex routine over and over again. This has given my partner and I a whole new outlook on our sex life.

Not all of these will work for you the same way they did for me and my partner. That’s why it’s so good to experiment with new things and not be scared to try them out.

Thanks so much to Sultry Secrets for supplying my partner and I with all of these products to test. Currently the only adult sex toy shop I now use.

How To Sex without intercourse Oral SultrySecrets Blog - Bored in the bedroom? Try having sex without intercourse

Bored in the bedroom? Try having sex without intercourse

When we talk about sex, the first thing that pops into most people’s heads is straight up intercourse or some other variation of this.

Yet, while that’s not strictly incorrect, there are plenty of other ways to give and receive pleasure rather than through penetration or being penetrated, which are completely acceptable (and pleasurable) as any other type of sex.

In my time at university, I’ve had many extensive chats about sex on everything from Freshers’ Week one night stands, to the theory of sex and why we as a society are hypnotised and fully under its spell. But hey… students will be students, and under the influence of alcohol all more is acceptable.

Penetrative sex always seems to come up in these conversations, and while I very much enjoy it myself, I know plenty of people who often choose to have different types of sex instead.

So here are my favourite picks for non-penetrative types of sex, or as some may call it “Outercourse”. Some of these suggestions could end up being a new favourite and a bedroom staple, or you might never try them again – but hey, at least you gave it a go! Here it is… how to have sex without intercourse aka outercourse…


Why wouldn’t you want penetration?

There are a whole load of reasons why a person may choose not to have penetrative sex, varying from medical reasons to just simply not enjoying the sensation.

For example, a friend of mine suffers from vaginismus, a condition which causes the vaginal muscles to spasm and clamp shut involuntarily. Therefore, penetrative sex is out of the question for her as it’s too painful, so she prefers to have oral sex or mutually masturbate with her partner.

Another doesn’t identify with the gender they were assigned at birth, and finds that penetrating somebody or being penetrated causes distress and gender dysphoria.

Finally, a close friend who is a wheelchair user is often asked, “How do you have sex?”, or on several occasions, the far less sensitive, “Does your penis still work?”. For questions like this, he always has his go-to answer: If the only way you can think of to please a woman is repeatedly sticking your penis in her, then I feel sorry for her.


That line has gotten many drinks bought for him.

So, what are your outercourse options? Always remember that communication is key, establish your boundaries with your partner(s) and only do as much or as little as all parties are comfortable with.

Nipple Play and Boob Jobs

Max Twist Clit and Nipple Triple Sucker Set SultrySecrets - Bored in the bedroom? Try having sex without intercourseBijoux Indiscrets Pom Pom Feather Tickler SultrySecrets - Bored in the bedroom? Try having sex without intercourse

Did you know that some people can achieve orgasm through nipple play alone? I bought my girlfriend a nipple pump set to see if it was something she would enjoy and the heightened sensation was certainly well-received!

If the thought of nipple pumps and suckers make you say “Ouch!” instead of “Oh!”, don’t worry, there is something out there for you. On the gentler side kissing, licking and tickling can all add to the fun.

Boob jobs (where a person puts their penis between your cleavage and you push your breasts together to provide friction and tightness) are another option if you or your partner enjoy breast play.

The effectiveness does depend on the size of your bust and the position you’re in, but if, like me, you are smaller in the chest area, making sure that you use gravity to your advantage (basically, don’t lie on your back).

It’s also important to remember to use plenty of lube for extra pleasure.


Whack Out a Toy or Two!

Posh 7 Function Lovers Remote Bullet SultrySecrets 2 - Bored in the bedroom? Try having sex without intercourseOhMiBod BlueMotion NEX 2 Vibrator SultrySecrets - Bored in the bedroom? Try having sex without intercourse

Using sex toys on your partner can seem uncomfortable at first, especially if you’re unsure about what sensations they might enjoy, but by communicating what feels good it can bring you a whole new level of intimacy.

I’d recommend starting out with something simple before going straight for the top-speed setting of your Magic Wand.

Finger Stimulators, strokers, or even a glove  all provide different sensations and help you find what you enjoy the most.

Introducing toys during mutual masturbation can add to the experience, particularly if it’s a remote or app-controlled vibrator. Changing and experimenting with the pleasure your partner is receiving can help you to feel closer and more involved with the act.

Oral Sex

ID Frutopia Personal Lubricant Watermelon SultrySecrets - Bored in the bedroom? Try having sex without intercourseID Frutopia Personal Lubricant Strawberry SultrySecrets - Bored in the bedroom? Try having sex without intercourse

This is my personal favourite act of outercourse. Your partner is focusing on you and your pleasure, in an area that many people feel uncomfortable about others getting face-to-face (so to speak) with.

People can get quite nervous about relaxing enough to let somebody go down on them, so to ease your nerves, shower beforehand, turn the lights down low, and make sure that you’re in a position that feels comfortable for both of you. After all, you don’t want to rush it!

Using flavoured lubricants can certainly enhance the experience, especially if you’re nervous about how you taste.

If you’re unsure about your technique, as always, ask your partner how they like it (but do remember, it’s rude to talk with your mouth full, so be sure to listen to their instructions).

sex toy guide for guys men boys male sex toys guide

Male Sex Toys: A Beginner’s Guide

How to find your perfect silicone companion and give your hand a rest

Recently the idea of a slim vibrator slipped into a girl’s handbag was considered a cheeky and sexy addition, where as if your a male you have been left to scramble to whatever moisturiser offered a tingly feeling on the shelves of Boots.

But attitudes towards sex toys for men are shifting and personal sex toys are becoming more common than ever. Which is very welcomed if we are to believe the headlines claiming that the average UK resident working longer than any generation before us it’s nice to see that the nation is delving into some much needed ‘me time’ when they get home.

Sex toys for men

In the past decade or so the thought of a male sex toy was so taboo that even the thought of mentioning you were shopping for one branded you a lonely loser and left you out in the cold to stroke yourself better. But the rise of the “guybrator” is still sweeping the darkest corners of the internet and we want to introduce you to some of our hot selections that might just make your masturbation times a mind blowing experience that will make you forget about your weekday troubles.

Male Masturbators / FleshLight

The male masturbator (or fleshlight) is the staple male self-sex toy that every man should consider. The ribbed and lifelike feel of the insides might leave your girlfriend out in the cold after you have experienced the feel of a synthetic vagina.

Beginner FleshLights – Wet your appetite

Zolo The Girlfriend Masturbator Cup SultrySecrets - Male Sex Toys: A Beginner's GuideVulcan Ripe Vagina Stroker Masturbator SultrySecrets - Male Sex Toys: A Beginner's Guide

For first timers, we would recommend taking a look at the very affordable (and very fun) range from either Zolo or Vulcan with the Zolo ‘The Girlfriend’ Masturbator Cup or Vulcan Ripe Vagina Stroker Masturbator for a no-frills thrill that will offer you a new sensation that might make your hand jealous.

Intermediate FleshLights – Get closer to the stars

Jenna Haze Lotus Fleshlight Girls Masturbator SultrySecrets - Male Sex Toys: A Beginner's GuideLisa Ann Lotus Fleshlight Girls Masturbator SultrySecrets - Male Sex Toys: A Beginner's Guide

If you’re wanting to pick up a well trusted and reliable masturbation toy that will serve you well until you want to get a little more adventurous then take a look at the Fleshlight Girls range. These toys will get you intimately close with some of your favourite adult film stars, offering you a true mould of your stars anatomy coupled with the soft and authentic feel of the fleshlight materials. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed by picking one up before the weekend.

Advanced FleshLights – Get interactive and personal

FleshLight Kiiroo Onyx Jasmine Jae SultrySecrets 2 - Male Sex Toys: A Beginner's GuideKiiroo Lisa Ann Teledildonic Masturbator SultrySecrets - Male Sex Toys: A Beginner's Guide

If discretion and interactives get you weak at the knees then check out the premium range of Fleshlight Kiiroo Masturbators These futuristic looking devices are cool enough to stand on your night table and offer up an interactive mindblowing orgasm. The Kiiroo Onyx range from FleshLight is pricier than the ranges from Zolo or Vulcan, but offer you an incredibly heightened sense of pleasure for your solo or video chat for couples. The Kiiroo devices were designed for intimate couples playtime across the Kiiroo video platform but also offer up the chance to masturbate alongside some of your favourite pornstars including Bobbi Eden, Jasmine Jae and Tanya Tate.

Penis Pumps

The Austin Powers scene is famous for the curiosity of this device. Simply put the penis pump will help you maintain a bigger and stronger erection leading your solo time to feel thicker and fuller whatever you get up to.

Pipedream Pump Worx Max Width Penis Enlarger SultrySecrets - Male Sex Toys: A Beginner's Guide

The lower end of our penis pump selections would be pegged at the Pipedream Pump Worx Max Width Penis Enlarger with a straightforward cup and pump. Pump it up to your desired size and release your new beast. With a little more investment you can bag yourself the more stylish Adonis EZ Grip Penis Pump which comes with two interchangeable sleeves with added stimulation that can be used as a standalone masturbator.

Cock rings

NS Novelties Renegade Stamina Super Stretchy Cock Ring Multipack SultrySecrets - Male Sex Toys: A Beginner's Guide

A cock ring can enhance your solo pleasure by preventing blood from flowing out of your penis keeping your erections harder and last longer giving you ample opportunity to enjoy your pleasure time. Cock rings come in various shapes and sizes and it’s important to find a cock ring that you will suit your penis, which is why we recommend taking a look at our Renegade Stamina Super Stretchy Cock Ring Multipack. These rings are pliable and soft ensuring you get a comfortable fit for your member.

Vibrating cock rings

Fifty Shades Darker Release Together Rechargeable love Ring SultrySecrets - Male Sex Toys: A Beginner's Guide

Vibrations will provide the extra tingle and motion that will drive you hard erection to tantalising new heights. Take a look at our Fifty Shades Darker Release Together Rechargeable love Ring which comes with the same pliable soft material as the Renegade Stamina Super Stretchy Cock Ring with the added vibrations and ball harness to keep your penis thick and ready to stroke.

Choosing your first sex toy guide

How to choose your first sex toy

Choosing a sex toy can be a difficult decision. Not everyone wants to spend a lot of money on their first toys, and our ranges were selected to cater for the big spending luxurious enthusiasts all the way to the curious first time buyers. We have put together the following list to help you pick out your next toy selections.

Best bang for your buck

LadyFinger Vibrator Gold SultrySecrets - How to choose your first sex toy

The LadyFinger Vibrator in gold is a bullet style vibrator meaning it’s small and compact, perfect for storing in your sock drawer or keeping in your handbag. The one button on/off switch offers minimal fuss making for a good time right at your fingertips. This product is used by many for clitoris stimulation.

Prefer the silent type?

Silencer Vibrator SultrySecrets - How to choose your first sex toy

If quiet is your key then take a look at our Silencer Vibrator, it’s completely silent and comes in Hot Pink colour. This vibrator is perfect pickup for the wannabe silent type.

Getting more adventurous…

7 Function Classic Chic Vibrator SultrySecrets - How to choose your first sex toy

If variety is the spice of life then the Classic Chic Vibrator with 7 functions will deliver up a great deal of pleasure whilst keeping your budget safe. The stylish black and silver vibrator is compact and the shaft is soft and covered in a velvet style coating making it perfect for both vaginal and clitoral stimulation.

50 shades of vibrations!

Fifty Shades Of Grey Inner Goddess Metal Ben Wa Balls SultrySecrets - How to choose your first sex toy

The Silver Orgasm Balls are a great pickup and addition to any girl’s toybox. The orgasm balls (or Ben Wa balls) were made famous in the 50 Shades of Grey book series, and they can be worn for a long period of time without causing discomfort. Once inserted the balls will gently move and roll resulting in a pleasurable vibration that make working long nights at the office just a tad more exciting.

Rabbit style vibrators

selection of rabbit style vibrators

If you want the best of both worlds then check out our selection of Rabbit Style Vibrators. Although a little pricier then some of the others we have listed they offer a knee tingling advantage… double stimulation. With the specially designed “rabbit ears” you can achieve clitoral stimulation when you insert the vibrator meaning that your body will tingle and shake as you tease your sensitive tingle spots.

Extra movement…

Silicone Butterfly Vibrator SultrySecrets - How to choose your first sex toy

Our rabbit style ranges include vibrators that have built in metal beads or pearls like our Butterfly Vibrator. The metal beads on these type of rabbits are contained within the shaft and are covered by soft touch silicone. When the vibrator is switched on these beads will gently swirl and rotate against each other generating a pulsing sensation that will have your stomach tingling and grabbing onto the bed sheets.

Make play time wetter and better with lube

Durex Feel Lube 50ml SultrySecrets - How to choose your first sex toy

When it comes to dildos and vibrators, wetter is better. Don’t forget to throw a bottle of lube in with your order so you can experience the full potentials of your sex toy when you get them. View our entire range of lubricants and oils

Sex Toy Cleaning tips

Antibacterial Toy Cleaner SultrySecrets - How to choose your first sex toy

We highly recommend that you purchase some toy cleaner alongside your purchases, especially if you are thinking about choosing an insertable toy. Keeping your toys clean is very important to minimise your risk of bacterial infections.

Most toys we offer advise cleaning with hot soapy water, be but careful you don’t fully submerge your toy if it’s battery powered and not waterproof. Alternatively we do stock a very popular Antibacterial Toy Cleaner. Just a few squirts and a wipe with a kitchen towel should have your toys good to go for when the mood takes you.