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14 Most Shocking Sex Facts You Did Not Know…


Want to know 14 of the most shocking sex facts to freak out or impress you friends with?

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You won’t regret it (You might)

1. One single sperm contains 38.4MB of DNA metadata (computer information). An ejaculation theoretically could contain as much as 16,256GB. That’s the equivalent of 508 iPhone 6’s combined storage!

2. One of the oldest reported dildos ever found was 30,000 years old in a cave Germany. old school sex toys… one for the history books.


3. The “G-Spot” was almost called the “Whipple Tickle” after the discoverer Beverly Whipple coined the expression that is still used to this day.


4. Gary Kremen, one of the co founders at lost his girlfriend to a guy she met on


5. The very first vibrating dildo (Vibrator) to be patented was in the summer of 1902 on Hamilton Beach.


6. 53.1% of women have used a vibrator in their lifetime.


7. It’s illegal to have a sex toy in India. Sex toys are officially outlawed.


8. In a recent study, 13% of adults have had sex at their office or other places of work. (I wish I was part of it.)


9. There are over 30 different types of kisses listed. 30!? We could only come up with 4!


10. For some people, their pain threshold can almost double when in a state of arousal. This explains a lot for some of you I’m sure.


11. The blow job was voted the number one sex act desired by men in 2017


12. In Texas, it’s illegal to have more than 6 dildos in your house at any one time.


13. 20% of the sex toy stores, most profitable item is the vibrator.



14. The most expensive sex toy ever sold in the world was a flashy white gold vibrator with 118 embedded dimonds. It was worth an estimated £42,700.