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How to choose your first sex toy

Choosing your first sex toy guide

Choosing a sex toy can be a difficult decision. Not everyone wants to spend a lot of money on their first toys, and our ranges were selected to cater for the big spending luxurious enthusiasts all the way to the curious first time buyers. We have put together the following list to help you pick out your next toy selections.

Best bang for your buck

LadyFinger Vibrator Gold SultrySecrets - How to choose your first sex toy

The LadyFinger Vibrator in gold is a bullet style vibrator meaning it’s small and compact, perfect for storing in your sock drawer or keeping in your handbag. The one button on/off switch offers minimal fuss making for a good time right at your fingertips. This product is used by many for clitoris stimulation.

Prefer the silent type?

Silencer Vibrator SultrySecrets - How to choose your first sex toy

If quiet is your key then take a look at our Silencer Vibrator, it’s completely silent and comes in Hot Pink colour. This vibrator is perfect pickup for the wannabe silent type.

Getting more adventurous…

7 Function Classic Chic Vibrator SultrySecrets - How to choose your first sex toy

If variety is the spice of life then the Classic Chic Vibrator with 7 functions will deliver up a great deal of pleasure whilst keeping your budget safe. The stylish black and silver vibrator is compact and the shaft is soft and covered in a velvet style coating making it perfect for both vaginal and clitoral stimulation.

50 shades of vibrations!

Fifty Shades Of Grey Inner Goddess Metal Ben Wa Balls SultrySecrets - How to choose your first sex toy

The Silver Orgasm Balls are a great pickup and addition to any girl’s toybox. The orgasm balls (or Ben Wa balls) were made famous in the 50 Shades of Grey book series, and they can be worn for a long period of time without causing discomfort. Once inserted the balls will gently move and roll resulting in a pleasurable vibration that make working long nights at the office just a tad more exciting.

Rabbit style vibrators

selection of rabbit style vibrators

If you want the best of both worlds then check out our selection of Rabbit Style Vibrators. Although a little pricier then some of the others we have listed they offer a knee tingling advantage… double stimulation. With the specially designed “rabbit ears” you can achieve clitoral stimulation when you insert the vibrator meaning that your body will tingle and shake as you tease your sensitive tingle spots.

Extra movement…

Silicone Butterfly Vibrator SultrySecrets - How to choose your first sex toy

Our rabbit style ranges include vibrators that have built in metal beads or pearls like our Butterfly Vibrator. The metal beads on these type of rabbits are contained within the shaft and are covered by soft touch silicone. When the vibrator is switched on these beads will gently swirl and rotate against each other generating a pulsing sensation that will have your stomach tingling and grabbing onto the bed sheets.

Make play time wetter and better with lube

Durex Feel Lube 50ml SultrySecrets - How to choose your first sex toy

When it comes to dildos and vibrators, wetter is better. Don’t forget to throw a bottle of lube in with your order so you can experience the full potentials of your sex toy when you get them. View our entire range of lubricants and oils

Sex Toy Cleaning tips

Antibacterial Toy Cleaner SultrySecrets - How to choose your first sex toy

We highly recommend that you purchase some toy cleaner alongside your purchases, especially if you are thinking about choosing an insertable toy. Keeping your toys clean is very important to minimise your risk of bacterial infections.

Most toys we offer advise cleaning with hot soapy water, be but careful you don’t fully submerge your toy if it’s battery powered and not waterproof. Alternatively we do stock a very popular Antibacterial Toy Cleaner. Just a few squirts and a wipe with a kitchen towel should have your toys good to go for when the mood takes you.

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  1. Marcus Coons says:

    Thanks a lot for mentioning how it is always a good idea to get a bottle of lube with your dildo. It is important to remember that doing this can help you have more pleasure when playing. I can see how anyone looking into this would also want to get a realistic dildo to have a good experience.

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