The Best Fantasy Role Play Ideas!

fantacy role play Sultry Secrets - The Best Fantasy Role Play Ideas!

Have you ever felt like your sex life could do with a bit of a jumpstart? It’s very natural in relationship to fall into the same routine night after night, day after day, but luckily there are plenty of ways of spicing up your fun with minimal effort.

Sexy role play is a wonderful way to get out of a rut in the bedroom, and it’s a great opportunity to try some new moves and techniques you may have been too shy to broach otherwise.

Putting on a sexy costume helps you step out of your own shoes and into another character, with a new set of personality traits and fantasies. In fact, in our recent Forbidden Fantasies survey, 59% of women said they were turned on by the idea of role play.

Don’t know where to begin with role play, or worried you’ll feel silly? We’ve outlined the most popular scenarios below to help you take the leap, along with the props needed to make the fantasy a reality.

1. Naughty Nurse

Nurse Dress SultrySecrets - The Best Fantasy Role Play Ideas!Nurse Dress SultrySecrets 2 - The Best Fantasy Role Play Ideas!

Sexy nurse costumes are some of the most popular sexy costumes for couples, and it’s not hard to see why. Nurse/patient role play lends itself brilliantly to bedroom fun – all you need is a bed!

The Scenario: In this role play, the nurse performs a physical exam on the patient that slowly becomes more sexual. They begin by brusquely taking their partner’s pulse before listening to their heartbeat. Slowly the exam turns from serious to seductive, as the nurse changes the tone of their voice and begins brushing against the patient during the checkup before taking it into the sexual realm.

The Outfit: The Sexy Nurse Outfit Set is a red-hot costume for complete transformation from civilian to naughty nurse. Team with a pair of stockings and see your patient’s temperature soar!

2. Seductive Schoolgirl

School Uniform Skirt Top And Neck Tie SultrySecrets - The Best Fantasy Role Play Ideas! School Girl Uniform SultrySecrets - The Best Fantasy Role Play Ideas!

The fact most of us reached sexual maturity during our school years means many people have had fantasies revolving around this time. When played out between consenting adults, the sexy schoolgirl role play can be red hot.

The Scenario: The classic angle is that of the ‘naughty’ schoolgirl seducing her headteacher. Begin by sitting on a chair outside the bedroom, waiting to go into the headteacher’s office to explain the bad behaviour. The headteacher should initially resist her advances, but eventually they let instinct takes over and and throw themselves into a passionate encounter.

The Outfit: For those looking for a skimpy take on a school uniform, the Exposed Cheap Thrills School Girl 2 Piece Set features a tartan micro skirt and tie-front blouse that does half the work of seduction for you.

3. French Maid

5 Piece Maids Outfit SultrySecrets - The Best Fantasy Role Play Ideas! Maids Outfit 5 Piece Set SultrySecrets - The Best Fantasy Role Play Ideas!

Power play, skimpy outfits and that gorgeous, purring French accent… This classic scenario makes cleaning the house so satisfying.

The Scenario: Try a play in which the maid is new to the country, and speaks little English. The maid is cleaning the bedroom alone when they discover their boss’ dirty magazine collection. They are shocked, but then start to look through them, gradually becoming more aroused until they begin masturbating. As their pleasure grows they glance over to the door and realise their boss has been there the whole time, watching them. The boss then walks over with a smile and helps bring them to climax…

The Outfit: Thrills and frills are one click away with this gorgeous black and white Fever Naughty French Maid Outfit, cut daringly high at the hem to give the boss an eyeful as you lean over to dust the coffee table.

4. Sexy Cop

Skirt And Blouse Police Uniform With Hat SultrySecrets - The Best Fantasy Role Play Ideas! Skirt And Blouse Police Uniform With Hat SultrySecrets 2 - The Best Fantasy Role Play Ideas!

There’s such a wealth of opportunity for role play in this setup, so it’s no wonder police officers feature high on so many fantasy lists.

The Scenario: To act out your very own sexy police sequence, the cop should pretend to recognise their partner as a suspect and begin questioning them on their movements. Any insolence should be met with a sharp rebuke. Next, the cop notices the bulge in the suspect’s trousers (made by a vibrator in the pocket for female ‘suspects’). The cop thinks it’s a gun and demands a strip search, undressing the suspect and cuffing their hands before conducting a full investigation of their naked body.

The Outfit: Potential police officers about to uphold the law in the bedroom would be hard pressed to find a more arresting outfit than the Fever Sexy Cop Dress.