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Alvina Zierler
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19/06/2020 5:57 pm  

There were LOST DOGS signs everywhere in Connecticut. Da Billion Dolla Princess's dog had been missing for days now. Vince sat at his couch, waiting for a phone call about the dog Stephanie McMahon- Hemsley loved. He smoked his pipe, reading the newspaper when the doorbell rang. He got up to answer the door.

It was Trish Stratus. She stood smiling, devilishly. "Hi Trish. Do you have any information about Steph's dog?" he asked.

"No I don't have anything but I have something about your dog," she answered. Vince looked confused.

"My dog? I don't have a dog."

Trish unzipped her vest, revealing nothing but her breasts. Vince's eyes widened.

"What bout me Vince? Aren't I your little bitch?" She took his hand, leading him to her breasts.

Vince gulped. For a moment, he could picture him and Trish in bed, making love to each other. This picture made his cock hard. Then he snapped back to reality. "I'm with Linda. I love Linda. I'm married to Linda!"

"So?" she answered back.

"Trish!" It was Stephanie. Vince pulled away his hand quickly and Trish zipped up her vest. She came down, giving her a big hug. "How are ya?"

"Pretty good. Just about to leave to the hotel I'm staying in," said Trish.

"Hotel?" said Steph. "Why stay here? Can she, Daddy?"

Vince wanted to say no badly. But he couldn't hurt her little girl. He sighed. "Ok."

"Great!" Trish had her things and let Stephanie carry it. As she passed by Vince, Trish gave her hand a gentle swing at the crotch area of Vince. Vince was baffled.

Along the way upstairs, Trish greeted Shane. Stephanie carried Trish's things to her room. Trish followed, licking her lips at the sight of Stephanie's ass.

"Ok," instructed Stephanie as she opened the door," you sleep on my bed and I'll sleep on the cot."

Trish shook her head. "Look, there's enough room on the bed for two. Sleep on the bed. I don't mind."

Stephanie thought and nodded. Trish unzipped her vest showing nothing but her bare chest. "Now why don't we have some fun?"

"What?" gasped Stephanie. "Trish, we can't!" she hissed.

"Why not? Scared Daddy might hear?" sneered Trish as she pulled down her pants. "C'mon quit being a wuss. Daddy won't hear or see us. Neither will Shane." She pulled off her panties. Her pussy was neatly trimmed, looking delicious. She spread her legs, to show how beautiful and tempting her pussy was.

Stephanie bit her bottom lip as she watched Trish finger her beautiful clit. She could feel her panties getting wet. Finally Stephanie stripped off her clothes off and playfully went over to the bed.

Trish pulled out her fingers and let Steph's tongue in. She felt her tongue gently licking her smooth clitoris. "Oh yeah, Steph."

Stephanie stuck her clit into Trish's face and they soon were in the hottest 69 they had ever been in.

Soon Trish stopped and went through her stuff. She came upon a strap-on dildo. It was about 8 inches long.

Stephanie's eyes widen. "Trish? Are you gonna fuck me with that monster?"

Trish smiled. She strapped it on and got ready. Stephanie already had her legs spread apart. Her clit hole was tiny but Trish was determined to fit the dildo in. Trish inserted the dildo in.

Stephanie already was moaning softly. "Oh yes! Yeah, Trish! Fuck me!" she hissed softly. Trish thrust her hips, faster and harder. Stephanie could feel a orgasm coming.

"Oh yes! I'm gonna cum! Ah, yes!" she shrieked. Just as Trish pulled away, cum was flowing out like a waterfall. There was some cum on the dildo. Trish pulled it off and licked all of it off. Then she leaned forward to lick up Stephanie's cum coming out of her pussy.

The party stopped. Stephanie was breathing hard. "Oh Trish. That felt so good. Can we do that some other time again?" asked Da Billion Dolla Princess.

"Maybe." They fell asleep.


Trish came down, wearing a tight leather skirt and a tank top. She looked around in the kitchen for food. Now that I got and gave pleasure to Stephanie who else? thought Trish. She smiled. I'll go see where Hunter is.

Trish looked around in the house. He wasn't in Stephanie's room, his room. She checked the bathrooms but he wasn't around. She looked out the window but saw no one. Trish then spotted his limo and smiled. Maybe I could surprise him in his limo she thought. Not now, maybe tonight.

She could hear footsteps. It sounded like Vince's. Trish hid behind a huge plant. It covered her completely. Vince was doing something but she couldn't see.

"Oh thanks. I had fun," he said.

"Me too. Maybe we could do this some place else besides your room," said a female voice. Trish couldn't recognize the voice. "I am your bitch right? Not Trish?"

"Of course you are," said Vince happily. Trish began seeing red.

If you whoever you are, think you're Vince's bitch, ha, we'll see what'll happen. I'll get Vince. I'll get him good, thought Trish.

Trish went up to her "room." She gathered her stuff, whips and ropes. Trish took out a stripper outfit of a cop and got out the hat. Stephanie walked in. "Hey, where you going?"

Trish hid the stuff behind her back. "Um, I'm going over a friend's house. They wanted me to visit. I better be going now, uh bye!" She left before Stephanie could say anything.

She sneaked inside the limo. No one was there. Trish quickly changed into the thong and the cop outfit. She placed the whip and ropes on a seat and waited. She waited about an hour when Hunter came in. Trish nailed him with a glass cup and Hunter stumbled in.

When Hunter awoke, he was tied onto the large space on the floor. His right arm was roped to a door handle, same with the other. The lights in the limo was flicked on and he saw Trish. "Trish! What the hell is this? Let me go!" he yelled.

Trish whipped the whip next to his face. "Shut up and listen. I wanna fuck you," she said.

"But Steph! I can't do this!"

Trish didn't answer. She stripped off her clothes while Hunter yelled for help. When no one came, he finally gave up. Trish stuck her pussy right at his face but Hunter turned away. "C'mon Hunter. Fuck my clit. You know you want it," said Trish seductively. Hunter gave it a lick. Trish poured wine all over herself and Hunter. Hunter slowly began to loosen up and licked Trish's pussy. Trish moaned, enjoying every bit of it.

"Oh yes Hunter, that a boy," she whispered. They got into a hot 69. Trish began deep-throating the huge cock, moaning as Hunter had his tongue in her clit. Hunter moaned also as his cock was deep inside Trish's throat. He could feel his cock turning hard and a load coming.

"Oh yeah, Trish! I'm gonna cum! Oh shit!" he yelled. Trish pulled it out of her mouth and saw the cum flow out. She sucked up the cum from the cock like a straw. Hunter moaned. "Is that all? I have an appointment with Stephanie."

"She could wait." Trish then started riding on Hunter, his huge cock squeezing through her tiny asshole. She began riding him faster. Her breasts bounced freely up and down. Hunter again could feel another load coming.

"Shit, I'm going to blow!" But Trish didn't stop. He blew his load in her ass. Trish felt her ass, inside and out, soaked. She finally stopped and untied Hunter. Hunter looked at her. "God, Trish. That was fun. Before we go back in, I wanna fuck your cunt."

Trish shook her head and turned to put her clothes back on. Hunter was furious. He grabbed Trish and tied her up. "Hey! What the fuck?"

"I'm fucking your cunt!" he yelled and thrust his huge hard cock into her clit hole. Pain shot from her pussy and up. Trish shrieked in horror. Soon she calmed down, enjoying his huge monster in her clit. Her vaginal lips clamped onto Hunter's cock, as if they didn't want his monster to get away. He pumped his cock in faster and harder by the second.

"Oh yeah, Hunter. Harder baby!" she hissed. "Fuck my little cunt you nasty bastard. Get that cock working."

Hunter wanted more than dirty words. He wanted her to scream in pleasure and cum like she never cummed before. So he fucked her even harder, getting horny just hearing Trish scream.

"Yes! Oh god yes! Oh I think I'm gonna cum! Ah!" she yelled.

Hunter pulled out his cock and the cum rivers flowed out of Trish freely. Trish moaned as Hunter bent down to lick her pussy clean. Trish pulled away from him and put on her clothes. Hunter stared at her hungrily. "Will I have more of you later?"

"We'll see," she said, bending over to kiss the head of the cock and left the limo.

Trish took a bath the next day. She began to feel horny, still remembering Hunter's huge cock. She could still remember how it felt, in and out of her cock. Trish began to rub her clit, visioning the experience again. Trish had the dildo she used on Stephanie, hid under her clothes. She pulled it out, fucking her hungry clit. With the dildo in her pussy, it worked well in the bubbles. She pushed the dildo in harder and as fast as she could. Trish cried out, moaning and clutching the bathtub rim. She imagined Hunter, using his cock to make love with her.

"Ugh! Oh yeah," she softened, as cum poured out

Trish began to pump her huge dildo faster, hoping that she would be in another orgasm and another load would come out. She was interrupted by a male voice.

"Steph! C'mon! Sing with me! Which way did he go?" Trish smiled, knowing that voice. Maybe I'll get him next she thought.

It was about 9 when Trish went into the hot spa outside in the McMahon's backyard. She saw Shane coming out, wearing his swimming trunks. Wow, Shane has a nice body she thought. Trish hoisted herself high so Shane would see her. Trish wore a thong and a matching colored tube top. Sure enough, Shane jogged over to her.

"Hi Shane," she said sweetly.

"Hey Trish. Mind if I join you?" he asked.

"No I don't mind," said Trish, making room for the small spa. The water was only 3ft deep. Trish sat on the steps, turning her body to face Shane. "So, how's the WCW/ECW going?"

"Oh pretty good. It's been ok. You should be in the Alliance," suggested Shane.

Trish sighed. "If only I could. But your father wants me to stay in the WWF." She rolled her eyes. "I think I would be more helpful in the Alliance though. I mean I don't even come out in the WWF no more so I don't see the point." She sighed again, looking at him with sad puppy eyes. "I wish I was in the Alliance."

Shane thought for a minute. "I think that could be arranged." Trish's eyes widen as he took off his trunks, revealing a huge rod, bout 7 inches long. "Come on Trish. Suck it," he ordered.

Trish obediently obeyed, bending down, sucking the cockhead that poked out of the rippling water. She went deeper, closing her eyes when she entered the water. Shane moaned, shivering. "Suck it, bitch!"

Trish jerked the cock while sucking faster. Shane closed his eyes, moaning. Trish sucked on Shane's Macaroni faster. "Oh god! I'm gonna blow!" She pulled her mouth away as the cock flowed out cum. Trish sucked it all up.

"Am I done giving you pleasure?" asked Trish. Shane shook his head and ordered her to take off her clothes. Trish again obeyed like a good bitch should. She pulled down the thong, took off the top.

Shane stroked his cock at the sight of the revealing Trish. "Oh yeah, I like what I'm seeing here Trish. Spread your pussy wide so I could fuck your cunt."

Trish spread. Her pussy hole was small but Shane was determined to stick his whole damn cock in. He shoved the thing in. Trish let out a shriek. He pumped his hips towards her, faster and faster. Trish moaned with delight, feeling an orgasm coming. "Oh yes! Go Shane!" she yelled.

Shane could feel a load coming out again. "Oh shit, I'm gonna cum again!" Again, the cum sprayed Trish's breasts. Trish moaned, loving the feel of the cum on her moist breasts. "Ok, Trish. I think you're in."

"Wait, wait. You gotta convince me that the Alliance will be fun," she ordered. Shane nodded and started licking her pussy. Trish rolled her head back, leaning against her elbows. She moaned while massgaing her breasts. Shane inserted two fingers, three then his whole fist. Trish shrieked louder and louder. "Oh god, Shane! Ah!Yes! Oh shit!"

Shane pumped his fist in and out. Trish was in a big orgasm right now. "Oh god, Shane! Yessss!" Shane took out his fist and inserted his tongue. Trish gasped even more. She was sweating by the intense fling they were having. Trish could feel her cum juices coming out. "Shane! Shane! I'm coming!"

She could feel her cum juices trying to burst but Shane's tongue held it. This made Trish hornier. She need her cum to flow out out of her already wet clit. Shane finally let go and her cum bursted out. "Oh, yes." Trish wasn't through though. She wanted more. She turned her body over, her hands on the steps, her ass sticking out in front of him.

"Oh yeah. Want me to fuck your ass? I'll take it in doggystyle bitch," he taunted. Trish smiled sexily.

"Yes, Shane. Fuck me in the ass!" she teased. Shane took his hard cock and shoved it through the tiny asshole. Trish let out a yelp. Oh god his cock is so big! she thought, her mind not thinking straight. Shane was taking her in doggystyle. The water made it easier to fuck Trish's ass. Trish moaned, jerking her head around. "Ah! Oh god, yes Shane! Fuck me!"

Trish clutched onto the steps, not able to hold herself up. Shane was fucking her like crazy. His cock slid easily in and out of her ass. Shane took his cock and stuck it in her clit. Trish screamed. She wished there would be two cocks fucking her like crazy but this was good enough. After long hours of Shane taking her in her clit doggystyle, Shane cummed and Trish did too.


Trish went up to Stephanie's room and saw Stephanie sleeping in nothing. Looks like she pleasured herself yesterday thought Trish. Suddenly the door to the room's bathroom opened and Hunter came out. He blushed and acted as if nothing happened. "Hey Hunter," she purred.

"Don't talk to me," he muttered.

"Awww, what's wrong? Looks like someone didn't get enough pleasure last night. Maybe I could give you more pleasure than Da Billion Dolla Princess," said Trish sexily. She began stripping off her clothes. Hunter turned away.

"No. What do you think you're doing? Stephanie's right there!" he yelled softly.

"Do you think she'll know if we go into the bathroom?" she asked and pushed him in. Hunter sat on the toilet seat cover. Trish locked the door and began to strip the rest of her clothes off. "Now, let's have some more fun."

Hunter got up to leave. "No!"

Trish stopped him, reaching for the crotch area of his pants. Hunter let out a gasp. "C'mon. Have some fun with me." She began stroking that area, feeling his cock erect and growing big. Hunter nodded and immediately took off his pants. The buldge in his boxers were huge. They were getting bigger and bigger.

Trish bent low to suck on it. She made Hunter sit on the toilet cover and relaxed him. So far the best fucking in this whole place is Hunter, she thought. Vince you're next.

Hunter and Trish came out, just as Stephanie began to wake up. For the whole day, Trish began thinking of ways to get Vince.

Late at night, Vince was working in his office in the house. There was a knock on the door. "Come on in."

It was Trish. "Hey Vince. What's up?" she said.

"Go away," he grumbled.

"Awww, not happy to see me?" said Trish sweetly. She sat on the desk. "Well, I could give you the Stratusfaction that you need." She spread her legs. Vince had an urge to strip Trish off. No, Vince! What are you thinking? If word gets out, think of what would happen! Linda would file a divorce, Stephanie and Shane would hate you! They would become the biggest scandal! Headlines would be everywhere about them! he thought. Vince refused.

"I don't need your Stratusfaction now beat it!" he yelled. Trish obeyed and went away. She stopped at Vince's room and began taking her clothes off and laid on her back on Vince's bed, waiting.

Vince finished his paperwork and went into his room. He opened the door and found a nude Trish. Trish stared back at him, with puppy dog eyes. "Why don't you want me as your bitch? I could be a very good bitch. I don't make puddles, I don't make noises at night. And I can be very fun to play with."

"I can't, I love Linda," he gasped. Trish motioned him to come over. She pulled him by his tie.

"Well, Linda doesn't have to know." She took off his clothes, his wrinkly cock hanging down. Vince made the first move. He clamped onto one of her erect nipple. Trish had a tingling sensation and was already wet as Vince played with the nipple. She grabbed his hair, moaning.

Vince got tired of her nipples and went down lower. He reached towards her clit, fingering her. Trish gasped as his 4 fingers gave her an orgasm. As he fingered, Vince also licked the clit. Trish moaned.

"Oh god, Vince. Stick your tongue in there," she ordered.

Vince did what he was told. He stuck the tongue and pushed it in even further. Trish could feel her coming, she knew Vince could feel it. But he held his tongue in, not wanting to let go. Trish leaned against the wall, sweating. Finally Vince let go and she came.

"Oh, Vince. Fuck my pussy. It needs some attention," she pleaded. Vince took out his white erect cock, stroking it.

"Oh you want this? Suck on it, bitch," he said, talking dirty.

Trish got into a 69 with the boss, deep-throating the wrinkly rod. She made Vince moan, and finally explode his load in her face. Vince threw her onto the bed, pumping his cock into her uterus. Vince went faster, talking dirty to her. "You like that? Huh, Trish? You wanna be my bitch? Can you handle this?"

Her responses were loud moans. Trish was letting her crazyness out on her breasts, squeezing them harder. "Ooooh god! Yes! Fuck me harder!" Her cunt was turning red. Vince blew his load all over her body, flipping her over. She stood on her knees, holding onto the bed sheets. Vince saw her ass, still red from Shane's doggystyle frenzy. He knew she had done something but didn't question her. He started licking the red ass. Trish moaned, grasping on the sheets. She was still hot and wet from the beginning. Trish wanted more.

Vince again took out his cock, still covered with sperm and rammed it in, hard. Trish collasped. She could feel the huge 3 in. wide cock pounding on her ass. He rammed it in and out, in and out. Trish went on top of Vince and began to ride him. She saw Terri the horny little she-devil.

Trish knew that the voice she heard was Terri's but she didn't care; she was busy! Terri waved a hand and Hunter and Shane came. Hunter began banging her in the clit and Shane took out his cock for a Canadian blowjob. Trish gladly took the cock and sucking on the cock. Terri watched on, fingering herself.

Stephanie came in. "What on earth?!" she yelled.

Before she could yell again, Terri grabbed her and began to finger her. Stephanie used her mouth to let out a moan, and began to get wet. Terri smiled. "That's a girl."

Trish was getting banged in every hole. She could feel a big orgasm coming. "OH GOD, YES! FUCK ME!" she yelled.

They got into another position. Vince was on the bottom, Trish was pushing her clit inside his cock, going faster. Shane rammed his cock into her ass and Terri laid on her back on Vince's chest. She began sucking on Trish's big breasts. Trish moaned as she watched Vince licked Terri's clit.

Hunter was busy pentrating Stephanie. He looked over and left Stephanie. Hunter went over to Trish's head and began sticking him cock towards her. Trish took the cock and began jerking it with her hand. Hunter moaned as she deep-throated the cock.

Suddenly the boss yelled. "I'M GONNA BLOW RIGHT IN HER PUSSY!"

"I'M GONNA SHOOT IT IN HER ASS!" cried out Shane.

"OH GOD!" cried Hunter.

The three blew their loads in her. Trish let out screams and waves and waves of orgasms washed over her. She also came. Trish was moaning and her face turned from red to her peachy color. Vince looked at her. "All right, Trish. You win. You are my bitch."

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Immense read!!


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Nice post, saw your tweet x


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Nice short, you should definatly write more


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Cannot wait for more!