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A Jacqui Quickie  


Vinie Chippeaux
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15/09/2020 9:53 am  

I was in Publix in suburban Atlanta late one afternoon, and turned into the ice cream aisle. About half way down was a tall, very leggy blonde in a short black dress and 3" heels looking into the cooler, contemplating the Haagen Dasz. I recognized her immediately, not only from seeing her on the air, but from several encounters we'd had in the past on a professional level.

Quietly walking up behind her, I put my hand on her shapely ass, and whispered in her ear, "If I guess correctly if you're wearing panties under that little black dress, do I get a Jacqui quickie??"

The blonde drew in her breath, startled, then turned to see me. "Oh, it's you!! I should have known that touch when you put your hand on my ass," she said, breaking into a smile. "I dunno. You feel lucky?? Why don't you reach in and see??"

I looked up and down the aisle for interlopers, then put my hand on her left thigh, slowly sliding up under the hem of her dress. She smiled at me as I reached her left ass cheek. I felt nothing covering that soft, heavenly globe. Jacqui shifted, allowing me easier access. I felt around the top of her leg, reaching between her thighs, and then forward til I felt curly hair. I rubbed back and forth for a moment, quickly drawing moisture from the rapidly opening lips I found there.

"Wow. Not even a thong. I guess I win. Amazing how I always guess right when we make this bet."

Jacqui laughed. "Maybe you're just lucky."

"Maybe you never wear panties." I knew that wasn't true. I'd been with her enough times that she was wearing them to know better.

"Maybe I saw you coming," she said in a teasing voice.

"Not yet you haven't!!" I said into her ear in a loud whisper, drawing a big smile. Just then, I heard voices from around the corner. I quickly pulled my finger from Jacqui's now very damp pussy just quick enough to avoid discovery by some other customers.

I kissed Jacqui's cheek. "I'll see you outside."

"I'll be on the far side of the parking lot. Gimme ten minutes," she said as she pulled a pint of the Danish ice cream treat from the cooler.

We went our separate ways, she getting out of the store ahead of me. I saw her Tahoe across the lot as I walked out to my car. I contemplated for a few minutes how we got to having short, fast encounters.

Some years back, I coordinated speakers for a college elsewhere in the south, far enough from Atlanta that we needed to have our speakers stay overnight. I had been friends with Kelly Cass for years, and she was a frequent speaker at various orientation and other events for our earth sciences program. The bonus was that she would recruit her colleagues to speak at my lectures, and I got to have many of The Weather Channel's meteorologists as speakers. Kelly and I would stay together, rekindling our friendship for several days, enjoying each other when we weren't tending to business. We always stayed with each other, Kelly not sampling the college talent(with one notable exception-see Chapter 2 in the Kelly Pays Off series), though the other ladies would often partake of the opportunity that being away from home offered for lots of college cock.

A couple of years ago, shortly after Jacqui Jeras came to The Weather Channel, Kelly got her to come out in mid August for an orientation lecture. I met her at the airport, and we talked as we waited for her luggage to come down the chute. She'd heard some of the rumors, wondering if the college scene was something that all the female broadcasters took part in. I told her it was not uncommon, and a few of them saw it as a chance to have some, or a lot of, no strings sex with some young guys.

"Ohhh..." Jacqui had said when I told her that.

I went on to explain that not everyone saw it as a sexual free for all, and some didn't get into it at all. There's no pressure to participate, and it is surely not expected. I don't judge, I told her, and I don't tell. What happens here, stays here.

Jacqui thought for a moment, then said, "Kelly said you were a lot of fun to be with, and she often often stayed with you when she came out." She looked at me a moment, as if anticipating something more.

I smiled. "I'd love to have you stay with me. Let's go get some dinner, and we can go back to my place after." I took her hand and we went to get her bags from the airport carousel, then headed to dinner. She ended up staying with me the whole time she was there, and we found we really enjoyed each other's company, to the point of sleeping together both nights she was there. It was the last morning, on the way back to the airport, that gave us our trademark activity.

We left the college right after lunch to go to the airport. Once on the way, we soon found ourselves stuck in traffic, after some idiot who wasn't paying attention to his driving rolled his car. After about 15 minutes of sitting in traffic, Jacqui turned to me, and said, "Well, this really messes up my plan."

"Don't worry," I said. "I left plenty of time. We'll still have some waiting time, even after this."

Jacqui looked at me and smiled, taking my hand. "I had hoped for one more time in the car before I got my flight."

"Ahh..." I said, squeezing her hand in mine. "We might still be able to make that happen, it will just have to be a lot faster than either of us want."

"You sure??" I looked over at her, giving one of those 'you're kidding, right??' looks. Jacqui smiled. "Never mind," she said, laughing. She thought a moment. "How about I speed this along," she said, lifting her ass off the seat. I watched as she pulled a pair of dark blue panties from under her sundress. She bunched them up and stuck them in her purse. She was now sitting across from me in a white, flower print dress, wedge heels, and no bra or panties. That by itself was enough to get me going, but then she upped the ante, pulling her dress up, revealing the blonde patch I had come to know very well the previous couple of days.

Jacqui looked over at me and licked two fingers on her right hand, then played them up and down the slit that was partly hidden in the blonde hair between her legs. We were barely moving, allowing me to watch as her fingers did their magic, and the narrow slit was soon widening as she played in her still cum slicked pussy.

"When we get to the airport, go into the parking garage. I'll be so ready by then, it won't be funny," she said, taking a moment to slide down in the seat, putting her right foot up on the dash. She spread her labia, her clit now peeking out. I was getting harder by the second. Jacqui reached over and rubbed what was now becoming a very stiff dick, feeling the tightness in my jeans. "We need to let him out of there," she said, stroking the length of my cock as it extended to the right across the front of my pants. A moment later, she popped the button on my jeans, and pulled down the zipper, my cock springing free. She stroked it a couple of times, playing in the thick hair around it at the bottom of her journey down my shaft. "Mmmm, that's better!!"

I was now sitting in traffic with my dick standing up straight, a good looking blonde stroking it, while glancing over the watch the good looking blonde finger herself into a frenzy. About the time we got everything going, we passed the accident site, and things opened up. Jacqui was now getting a good roll on toward her cum, and let go of me.

"You play with it for a while. But don't cum yet." I started stroking slowly. I was already well along, a good bit of precum leaking from the head even before Jacqui released me, and more started to seep as I jerked off. Jacqui looked over, taking a deep breath as she got closer to her orgasm. I noticed she was fixed on the head of my cock as I stroked. She looked up, directly at me. "That's so hot. I love watching a guy jerk off."

I could feel the cum starting to rise, and slowed my pace, but knew I could edge to a good flow if I was careful. "Watch," I said to Jacqui as I reached the edge of the cliff. My cockhead pulsed with my heartbeat as I felt the rising cum slowly make its way up. Jacqui was rapt, totally focused on my pulsing dick. Then a large bubble of cum slowly oozed out, hung at the top a brief moment, then slid down the underside of my dick. Jacqui just looked with her mouth agape as a long, slow, thick, white flow of semen rolled down my shaft and over my fingers. When it subsided, I pulled my cum coated hand away from my cock, and offered it to Jacqui, who licked off two fingers, slurping loudly as she took the sperm off each digit. There was still a thick coating of cum on the other fingers, which she gathered up on her index and middle fingers, and rubbed into her now gaping twat, getting it all over her clit, and pushing it in as far as her fingers would reach. That set her off, and she had a crashing orgasm, her hips thrusting as she cried out in pleasure.

By this time, we didn't have far to go, but Jacqui, now having recovered from her intense cum, lazily played two fingers between her labia. I partly covered up, since I had to get the ticket at the garage, and felt discretion is the better part of not having some busybody call the cops about a guy playing with his dick in traffic. A woman with her dress pulled up, flashing her pussy, or playing in it, is hot; a guy playing with his dick is a pervert.

We got into the garage, and Jacqui was out of the car immediately, and right away got in the back seat. "Come on," she said with urgency. "I know we don't have a lot of time, and besides, I'm so hot right now I want that fat, cumming dick inside me."

I joined her in the back, getting my pants down quickly. She was already lying back, dress up around her waist, left leg against the back of the seat, right foot on the floor, pussy wide and ready. I moved to get over her, and she took my cock, pulling me to her. I felt the head push through the wet and matted blonde hair, then easily slide between her slick folds, wet both from her orgasm in the car, and the sperm still inside her from last night.

Jacqui looked up at me, determination on her face. "Pound me," she said. I started to do just that, ramming my cock deep into her, making her cry out. She met my every thrust with one of her own, letting out short moans and whimpers as she took my dick deep, the base hammering her clit, my balls slapping her sweet ass.

It didn't take long for me to get to the finish. I looked down at Jacqui's pretty face. "Cumming, hun."

"In me, deep in me...aaaahhhhhhh!!" I was already shooting a thick load of cum into her even before she answered me. Spurt after spurt of semen filled her, setting her off as it spilled into her cervix, hopefully going deep in her womb.

We rode out our cums, until finally, out of breath, I pulled away from her, my dick still drooling. I wiped the head in her bush, making her laugh. "Just not done making a mess of me, are you," she teased.

"Nope. I love making my partner a soaking, dripping mess. You'll be like this all the way back to Atlanta. Hope hubby isn't there waiting. He's going to get a nasty surprise."

Jacqui smiled, dipping two fingers into her flooded pussy, pushing some of the cum back inside, then licking them. "He's out of town, won't be back til later in the week. I have a few days to clean up." Jacqui looked around. "Hand me my purse??"

I reached into the front, grabbing it and handing it to her. She took the panties she had stowed in it earlier, shook them out, and put one leg around her left foot, then the other over her right, pulling them up past her knees.

'No clean up?? Somebody's going to be a very messy girl on the plane."

"I know," said Jacqui, pulling her panties into place over her leaking pussy. The panties almost immediately got a big wet spot on the front. "But this was so hot, I want it to last as long as possible." She let out a heavy sigh. "Now I see why Kelly comes to see you," she said with a big smile. She kissed me deeply, then we had to go. She was a little off balance as she walked into the terminal and checked in. I walked with her to security.

"Thanks for coming out. You did a wonderful job on your lecture, it was very well received. I'm glad you were here, and happy I could make you welcome."

Jacqui looked around a moment, then kissed me. "I'm glad I came, too." She smiled at me. "And came, and came..." she said, laughing. "I'll be back. Doing the orientation presentation was fun, and I enjoyed the interaction with the students." Her eyes sparkled as she looked at me. "The interaction with the program coordinator was pretty good, too." She kissed me again.

We lingered a moment before she had to go. "Text me when you get to Atlanta."

Jacqui smiled. "I will." She squeezed my hands, and she was gone.

She texted me while she was waiting for her bag in Atlanta. "Made it back OK. Waiting for luggage. Going to need it. Panties soaked!! :-)"

"Bad girl. I love it!!"

That was the vision that played in my mind as I checked out, and headed for my car. I got in, my cock already hard from the replay of the original quickie as I anticipated the one about to take place.

I pulled up to Jacqui's Tahoe on the far side of the lot. I was already in a lather anticipating what I'd see when I opened her back door. I was not disappointed: there she lay, her back against the passenger side door, her legs splayed out, dress up around her waist, black heels accentuating her long, long legs. She smiled at me as I got in. I watched for a moment as she played two fingers in her spread blonde cunt, its lips opened wide, waiting for my cock to take its place between them.

"Well, let's go!!" said Jacqui, smiling at her only partly feigned impatience. "Really, my kids are home waiting on dinner. Gotta have a real quickie."

I smiled at her, pulling my jeans down, my fully hard cock popping into the open.

"Just like I remember." Jacqui reached for me. I felt her wedding set on my cock as she stroked me, pulling me closer. In a moment, I was over her, then my cock felt the familiar blonde curls as she pulled me in. I pushed through her labia, the head pushing the lips wider as I slipped in. I kept pushing forward til my dick was at the opening to her womb. She'd had her tubes tied years ago, but I wondered for a moment how it would feel to be blasting millions of sperm through her cervix, one of them possibly making her pregnant from this back seat encounter.

I held a moment as we got accustomed to my cock stretching her, but only for a moment. I started to piston in and out, not a hammering fuck, but a steady rhythm, which she met thrust for thrust. I dragged the top of my shaft over her clit, enough pressure, along with the frenzy of the impatient coupling, to set off her orgasm. As she came down from her high, I was ready.

"Gonna cum, Jacqui. Gonna fill you with my seed."

"Inside me," she said in a soft whisper, her eyes giving me a pleading look. "It's been so long since last time. I want it in me."

"You're not going to have to explain this to Mike??"

"He's on a west coast run. As long as your cum isn't running down my leg while I'm standing over the stove making dinner, and the kids see it, I don't have to explain it to anyone." She kissed me. "I'm just going to enjoy it."

I pondered for a moment the sight of Jacqui in her short black dress and high heels, standing over the stove, or over the kitchen island making salad, with a thick white streak of cum running down her long right leg, all the way to her shoe. My dick swelled, and I felt my balls tighten against her ass.

"Yes, baby...aaaaaaahhhhhhhh..." Jacqui looked up at me as the first volleys of my cum blasted into her. She closed her eyes as she felt it splash into her cervix, then pulled me to her, and we kissed, holding the kiss the entire time I came inside her. After a couple of minutes, once I had stopped spewing into her now soaked cunt, we broke our kiss. Jacqui looked up at me again. "God, that felt good!!"

We kissed quickly, and I pulled out of her, sitting back on the seat, looking at her, freshly fucked, long legs spread, wet, tangled blonde hair around her still gaping labia. A moment later a large blob of semen spilled back from between her lips, making a trail down her ass and onto the seat, just missing the hem of her dress. My cum flowed out of her for a long minute, then stopped momentarily before another long drip started. Jacqui giggled, then pushed some of the flow back up inside her.

"I like it better in there," she said, reaching for a box of Kleenex that was on the floor next to her, pulling out three tissues in hope of stemming the tide before she got home to a pair of hungry teenagers.

"Good luck getting it to stay," I said with a chuckle. "You always get me to cum a lot. I bet you'll be feeling that for a couple of days yet. I hope you brought panties."

Jacqui gave me a sheepish smile. "No. I like the way I feel free in this dress, and rarely wear panties with it. I'll have to find some quick when I get home, or my kids will learn more about my sex life than they really need to know."

I smiled at her. "So, next time I see you on the air in this dress..."

Jacqui smiled naughtily. "Yup, you got it. Probably nothing under it."

I gave her a look. "Too bad you won't be able to see what I'm doing while I'm watching you." I had to tease her, knowing how she got off watching me get myself off.

"You may have to come out for groceries again," Jacqui said with a laugh.

"Another Jacqui quickie??"

"Or maybe I'll let you take care of yourself, and I'll just watch."

"You won't be able to do it. You'll have a couple of fingers in that blonde fur patch as soon as I have my dick out."

Jacqui laughed. "You know me too well." She kept trying to soak up the flood that was leaking from her pussy, using an awful lot of Kleenex. At the same time, I was putting myself back together. When we were done, she handed me a wad of Kleenex. "Can you toss these for me?? I'd rather have them out of here before I get home."

"Sure. Hope you can get in the house and into your panties before the leakage gives you away."

Jacqui laughed nervously. "I'll figure it out." She leaned over and kissed me. "This was fun. We need to do more of these."

"Agreed, but one of these times, I'd love to have you for a couple of hours." I looked down at her still seeping twat. "I want to get my face in that furry paradise again."

Jacqui smiled. "Some day," she said, and kissed me again. We got out of the back seat, Jacqui smoothing her dress as she stood. She gave me a quick kiss, and got in her driver's seat. I got in my car, waved as she pulled away, and headed home. It had been less than 30 minutes since I ran into her in the store, but I hoped her ice cream didn't melt.

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