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A Party in the Woods  


Arie Ciko
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17/10/2020 6:44 pm  

Daisy Ridley had had an amazing year. She had promoted Murder on the Orient Express and the blockbuster movie Star Wars: Episode VII - The Last Jedi. Daisy was tired and in need of a vacation. She needed some alone time to sort out her thoughts. Or maybe not alone. She wanted to be with friends and maybe a boyfriend, but media would go wild. A fuck buddy would be nice.

Her phone rang, waking her up from her daydreaming. Samantha, a friend of Daisy's and a cute brunette who made Daisy feel hatred and love for at the same time, was calling. Daisy answered.


"Hello, stranger!" Samantha almost yelled. "You never call, you don't text. Are you getting laid?"

"No," Daisy said with a sigh. "I need to, though."

"We need to do something about that," Samantha declared. "You know that creepy, old, big, remote house in the middle of nowhere? Celebrities have parties there all the time!"

"Are you suggesting me as a host?" Daisy laughed.

"No, God no!" The girls laughed.

"Maybe just a small gathering of a trustworthy group of people?" Samantha asked.


A plan was set in motion.


I was hanging out with my friends at a local pub. The music was playing loudly, and the place was so crowded, I could barely take notice of my friends chugging their beers, one after the other. I sat there in the gloom, staring at my drink, watching people pass me by. I had been through a rough break-up. My friends told me to get out of my apartment, because, according to them, I needed a drink. I didn't need a drink. I could drink at home. I needed love, or at least sex, to get over my ex. But instead I went home early, I was tired and needed sleep.

The next day, I was heading to the gym when I met two girls, Emily and Samantha, who I knew back in High School. They spotted me and waved. They were also headed to the gym. I had met them there before, since they lived in the city. We started talking and they mentioned a party they were attending tomorrow night. Apparently, there were going to be a special guest attending the party. This guest stood for the financing. Because of my curiosity and the awesome view of their sexy, fit bodies in their tight gym clothes, I accepted their invitation.

Talking to my friends (Brad and Eric), I found out they've been invited as well. We discussed the mysterious guest and the strange location of the party. It was located a few miles outside the city, in a mansion at the end of long and winding gravelled road. We arrived there at 10pm. It was raining cats and dogs, and the road was muddy. We ran from our car to the porch, watching the door open. One of the girls we knew, Emily, welcomed us and let us inside into a hallway with paintings on the walls wherever you looked.

"Weird, huh?" she said. "It's like they're watching you."

"Yeah..." I answered. "When is the party starting?"

"About that..." she said twisting her tight body, "We haven't exactly told you everything. The truth is you are the only people who are invited."


"After High School, we got to know this girl," started Samantha. "She got famous with a new movie and she wanted to have a night out with people she can trust. This is her house, or rather one of them."

"Who is this person?" asked Brad without being offended by not knowing the truth.

"She is upstairs, getting ready. She'll be down soon."

We sat down and started talking. We got to know each other better again after several years apart. The beautiful girls gave us beers and we were a little tipsy when the unknown owner of the house came walking downstairs. Our heads turned around, and our jaws dropped. Walking down the stairs in a gorgeous green dress with perfect fitting and cleavage, was Daisy Ridley from Star Wars. She smiled widely and looked at us with sparkling eyes.

"Hello," I stammered. "I'm James."

"Hello, James," she giggled. "Hello, everyone else."

We got to know each other. An hour went by and my friends disappeared with Samantha and Emily. I was sitting on the couch beside Daisy. She smiled at me.

"So", I started. "You trust me?"

"No, but Emily said you were okay, and that you work out and look like a greek god with a big dick." She smiled looking down at my crotch. I was hard.

"Sorry", I said covering myself with my hands. We laughed. Daisy leaned in and kissed me. Soon, we were making out; feeling each other up. I grabbed her tight ass, pulling her to me. We got up and moved it upstairs. I picked her up and pushed her against the wall. I heard moans from the other rooms in the corridor. Daisy smiled.

"I think my plan worked," she said. I understood.

"Oh, you wanted this," I smiled.

"No, I needed this."

I put Daisy down and she opened the door to her bedroom. We got undressed. I kissed her and let her fall on her back onto the bed. I leaned over her, kissed her neck, moving downwards towards her already soaking pussy. I started fingering her and listened to her breathing getting heavier for every second. I licked her clit and pushed my fingers against her g-spot. She told me to keep going. I did so. Soon she came in a shattering orgasm. Her body shook, and she smiled at me with pure happiness in her eyes.

"I really needed that," she panted. "Good job. I knew I could trust my friends. I'm wondering if they are having fun."

The room went silent and you could hear panting and moaning from the other side of the wall. We listened for a few seconds. I heard a shrill scream and then it was completely silent. Daisy looked at my puzzled face and busted out laughing. I stared at her. She was breath-taking; naked on the bed with her legs slightly spread and a soaking wet pussy.

"What are you looking at?" she asked when she stopped laughing. "You weren't expecting a better party, huh? I couldn't trust that many people, though."

"This might be the best party ever," I answered.

"I can see that."

My dick was rockhard. It was a little longer than average and thicker than most. I walked towards Daisy. Her body shivered as my dick touched her womanhood. I leaned in and kissed her as I slowly slid inside her, deeper and deeper. I trusted a few times before I started fucking her hard. We met in a lip lock and our tongues touched. I was horny as hell. Daisy made me crazy.

"You're so tight," I whispered in her ear. "Fuck, you're good."

"Your big cock feels so good in my pussy," she whispered back giggling. "This is like a porn scene."

"You're so beautiful," I whispered back. "Didn't expect this when I was driving here. What is this place, really?"

"You're really gonna ask that right now?" Daisy asked me with a teasing voice, kissing me passionately.

"I wanna fuck you from behind." I said once my lips were free.

I pulled out and daisy got on all fours. I positioned myself behind her. Daisy took a deep breath and reached for her clit. I started fucking her. Her ass was perfect. Fit and bouncing against my hips with every thrust. Daisy moaned, telling me to fuck her harder. I felt my orgasm building inside me. Daisy was about to cum too.

"Oh, fuck," Daisy yelled. "I'm fucking cumming." Her lady-cum ran squirted over my throbbing cock. I made some final thrusts.

"FUUUUCK!" there was no other way of saying it. I emptied myself inside her. Her orgasm made her pussy squeeze out everything I had. My cock was milked of every drop of jizz inside it. I could almost feel my balls being drained. Daisy was shaking and smiling from ear to ear. Pure happiness in her eyes. I noticed a smile on my face too. I haven't been this happy in a long time.


I woke up next morning only to find myself alone in Daisy's bed. I heard chattering from downstairs. Half-awake and half-dead I made for the staircase. My friends heard me coming and called on me.

"Oh man, I never wanna go home!" Brad yelled, making my ears ring.

"You fucked Rey, didn't you!" Eric yelled, walking around in his underwear and clearly already (or still) drunk.

Daisy and the girls walked in to the room. Samantha, the cute brunette, looked down at Eric's morning wood, making a tent out of his underwear. Samantha licked her upper lip, obviously having a flashback to last night. Emily (a sexy, curvy blonde) nervously smiled at Brad, Brad nervously smiled back. I wondered what was going on.

"It's been raining so much the road is flooded," said Emily. "We are trapped here for today."

"But I have work to do." Brad yelled.

"I thought you wanted to stay?" Eric teased him.

"The road will be fixed by tomorrow," Emily continued. "We just have to stay here one more night."

"What if the power goes out and it gets cold in here?" Samantha asked.

"There's a fireplace here," Daisy answered. "We just need some wood."

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