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Batgirl '68  


West Ochoa
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16/09/2020 2:28 am  

Note from author- This is a short entry, a prologue if you will for my proposed series with Yvonne Craig (RIP), as Batgirl from the iconic 60's tv show. If readers respond in good favour I plan to continue.


Barbara Gordon leaned over her tub and watched the water run, hot and steamy. She unhooked her lacy bra and her perky upturned breasts tipped with the puffy nipples were freed. As the bathroom misted up she stepped out of her skimpy panties and pushed them over her round ass to the tiles then dragged her fingers in the water to feel the temperature. A quick glance in the full length mirror at her reflection pleased her and she smiled. Thanks to her father Commissioner James Gordon she had taken ballet lessons since the age of six and had developed a fine dancers form. Toned legs and stomach and tight buttocks on a perfect five foot three frame and silky pale skin were her reward for years of hard effort.

Barbara dimmed the electric light and lit some candles, laid in the tub and let the water run over every delectable inch of her sensuous body. She poured out some of her favourite bath salts scented with blue fig and orange blossom into the bath. One hand moved from her firm right breast to her stomach while the other stroked her lithe leg which she raised up in the air. Her skin tingled and her muscles relaxed as the warmth covered her. The water foamed up and only her pert boobs floated amongst the bubbles as she luxuriated in the bath.

Her thoughts went to the end of her College years and to her regular boyfriend Murray and she wondered where he might be these days since their graduation in 1966. Barbara had discovered at an early age she was a sensual and sexual kind of person and had experimented with Murray several times in the bedroom. She adored her own person and her fingers had found their way to her vagina instinctively at a tender age. She raised her hips out of the water and reached down to her trimmed dark mound and rubbed her pussy flaps gently. With eyes closed she slipped her fingers inside her soft hole and probed deeply. The warm water felt wonderful as it lapped against her and she made circular motions over her exposed clitoris. Her large nipples that looked like brown cups hardened as she teased them both and her mouth opened in a silent moan.

She remembered Murray and how he would stroke her pussy lovingly and run his fingertips along her inner thighs before he would place his lips on her and lick the tiny nub between her legs. How she wished he were with her now as she rubbed her clit hard over and over. The pleasure was intense and her toes curled at the end of the tub as her legs widened and stretched out.

Then her minds eye focused on him. Batman. The Caped Crusader. The six foot plus barrel chested, mysterious hunk with the tight trunks that barely contained his generous manhood. How she had dreamed of removing those trunks to expose his prick and to let him ravish her hot body. The Gotham daily newspaper had published a full page poster off his amazing physique since his astonishing arrival as the vigilante crime fighter and Barbara had studied the picture in great detail. She dreamed constantly of him, desired him, lusted for his wonderful body.

As Barbara frigged herself senseless with deep groans she thought back to when Murray had first fucked her and imagined his stiff cock inside her welcome pussy. She grabbed the little bar of soap and rubbed it against her protruding mound. The soft tip of the bar slipped past her entrance and then she eased it inside further. The brunette lifted herself up onto her knees and pushed in and out, just how he had done. She gazed down at her hard nipples and ground her wide hips back and forth. Her whole body shook and the water splashed about around her.

Barbara leaned forwards and held onto the edge of the tub with her left hand and thrust up with her right hand so the soap was fully inserted in her tight cunt. With her big green eyes closed she imagined Batman fucking her from behind, his strong hands around her big tits and his fat prick inside her soaked pussy. The tension built and built as the soap moved in and out . Her head dipped and she gasped for air, she needed relief, demanded it, just as she desired him to fuck her hard and fast.

"Batman, Batman, oh my love, make me cum!"

She screamed out, her mouth wide as she felt the fluids drip out and down her left thigh and mix with the bath water. She discarded the remaining tatters of soap and laid back again and let the warmth devour her glowing body. Tonight, this night would be her first appearance as Batgirl. Now ready, her hand made outfit fully finished and equipped, she planned to take to the streets. Maybe, just maybe HE might be out there too and together they could fight crime side by side.

To be continued?

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