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BTVS - Undress Rehearsal  


Hosea Atkins
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29/10/2020 2:27 pm  

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: F/+/f; oral; anal; inc; imaginary ncon; some toys

Pairings: Just about every girl from the Buffyverse.

Summary: Cordelia rehearses the next film from Charisma Productions.

Notes: This is obviously AU. It's a followup (sort of) to "The Opening of Buffy Summers". Cordelia didn't die, Lilah didn't die, Fred wasn't absorbed by an ancient god, among other changes you'll see. Oh, and much as I love Buffy & Satsu, the official season 8 didn't happen nor did Buffy & Dawn go to Europe.

Disclaimer: The characters used in this story are the property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy (the lucky bastards). I'm just borrowing them for a little harmless fantasy fun.


Once upon a time, there was a beautiful, young Slayer named Buffy. She lived in Sunnydale, California. One day, she died saving her sister & the rest of the world. Then she came back, again.

Things were different, tenser. Dawn, the Slayer's beautiful young sister, left home. Buffy was beside herself with worry. She accidentally stumbled on her younger sister's lesbian porn stash -- which Dawn purposely left for her sister to find.

Buffy found that she liked it. And she knew 1 of the performers -- Cordelia Chase, using the name Charisma. Cordelia was an old nemesis & later ally of the Slayer before she left for Los Angeles & became a seer. And a porn star. Who specialized solely in lesbian porn.

Buffy, her addiction to lesbian porn acted as a distraction from her worry over her sister, started patronizing a pornography shop outside of Sunnydale. There she found more Charisma DVDs. When she found 1 with Cordy making love to Dawn, Buffy immediately made plans to go to LA -- after fingering herself to a massive solo orgasm.

In LA, she confronted the former May Queen & her sister. They were lovers & Dawn, like Cordy, was a willing participant in the lesbian pornography scene. Soon the 2 brunettes seduced the Slayer & the rest is history...


Cordelia Chase slowly opened her eyes & glanced down. One of her lovers was laying against her, the girl's long, dark hair spread over Cordy's ample breast.

The girl's soft breathing ghosted over Cordy's nipple, causing a pleasant thrill in her. She considered waking the girl for some early morning fun but remembered they all had a big day ahead of them. A couple of big days actually.

Looking past her young love, Cordy saw her other lover with her head resting on Dawn's gently sloping hip. Life partners would probably be more accurate as the 3 only really felt complete when they were together.

The fact that Cordy's 2 lovers were also sisters didn't bother any of them. Or their friends who knew, fortunately.

And Buffy & Dawn Summers, the sisters in question, were thrilled by their still-new relationship.

As the buxom brunette maneuvered herself gently from beneath her younger paramour & slid out from the satin sheets, she laughed to herself. They often fell asleep in different combinations. Often Cordy would be in the middle in what she called a Summers' sandwich. Just as often, Buffy would be in the middle. And sometimes, after a particularly rousing session of love-making, they'd be sprawled across the bed.

But, almost without fail, every morning, Dawn would be sandwiched between the 2 older women. Buffy would be spooned up to her sister & Dawn's head would be pillowed on Cordy's chest.

Smiling happily, Cordy padded out of the bedroom into the short hall that led to the main room. She was still naked & loved the feeling of freedom as she sauntered through her home. Their home as she thought of it since she considered it as much her lovers' home as her home.

Standing in front of the sliding glass doors that led to the patio with it's pool & sauna & the beach beyond, she enjoyed the Pacific breeze that blew into the house.

Her thoughts turned to the odd events began only a couple of years before. Cordelia, tired of the problems she continually had with men (or demons posing as men), decided to try out women. The orgasms she had with women were incredible. The former queen of Sunnydale High realized she was a lesbian. And was quite happy now that she faced the issue.

She was also a seer. But being mortal, the prophetic glimpses she had were incredibly painful & potentially dangerous. One night, a flash came on her while she was climaxing from a young girl she had picked up in a lesbian bar but this time there was no pain.

She quickly called Angel, her boss, & outlined the vision. Then she went back to the sexy stranger in her bed. She was off duty, after all.

A young woman from the Valley named Holly approached her at the bar few days later. Later, in Cordy's bed, the young lady asked if she'd be interested in a photo shoot. Cordy agreed. In only a few months she was a non-Pet photo spread in Penthouse. The money, and the sense of freedom, were exhilarating to the young brunette.

Holly met Cordy again and asked if she was interested in another shoot. She explained she'd have to show more than just T&A though. From out of nowhere, Cordy decided she & Fred Burkle could do a spread. There was a hidden side to Fred's normal out-going persona -- exhibitionist.

They appeared in another Penthouse shoot then in a more explicit Hustler layout. Unlike most of the models in those mags. Cordy was able to climax -- even with the necessary delays during the shoot. And she always made sure Fred & Holly both enjoyed themselves too.

At one point, Holly pointed out that her mother, another well-known photographer, had branched into making movies. They had a lot of fun and made a lot of money doing so.

At that point, Cordy decided she could do movies as well.

The added benefit of all these sexual outlets was that she now had more control over the visions. Often an orgasm would spur her to 'see' a new threat that she would warn Angel about. She decided she had to have at least 1 orgasm each day.

'It was a rough job but someone had to do it,' she thought with a wry grin.

Her first feature, an all-girl film directed by her friend Holly's mother, actually costarred an old, secret lover of hers -- Joyce Summers, the mother of Buffy & Dawn. The scenes were, for the most part, as artificial as most porn movies. But the scenes between Cordy & Joyce were very real & very hot. (This was also Dawn's favorite movie. And Buffy's, until she saw Dawn & Cordy together.)

That scene was 'leaked' to the web through the mother's website. It was an internet sensation. The movie, contracted for release through Vivid Video, was 1 of Vivid's best sellers for the year. They wanted more. Cordy agreed to more work, again under the stage name of Charisma. And a permanent contract stipulation was no men. She would do solo work or work only with women.

Three more movies in the space of 2 months were released & her reputation as 1 of the hottest lesbians in porn was cemented. She continued to do photo shoots with Holly and her mother as well as some short solo and lesbian vids for them as well.

Another year of making movies & winning the AVN award for best girl/girl scene & best all-girl movie (Charisma's 1st directorial job) put her on the top of the porn heap. She could recruit almost any girl in the business for her movies & did.

At 1 point, Dawn, who was fed up with her life in Sunnydale, came to LA. She stayed at the Hyperion & spent most of her time with Cordelia. Cordy was initially pleased with the attention, & found the fact that Dawn kept trying to get her in bed a compliment. But the girl was only a teenager. By this point, Cordy started becoming annoyed the teen was always there. She had to forcibly eject the girl from shoots whenever Dawn came snooping around -- even if it was up in the Valley.

Finally, 1 magical night at Cordy's apartment, Cordelia succumbed to Dawn's advances. They made love until the morning sun started creeping in the window. Then they fell asleep in each others arms. When they awoke, they made love all over again.

Cordy realized with the right makeup & some special paperwork, Dawn could be in her movies too. (Actually Dawn teased her into agreeing. Tonguing the older woman to near orgasm then stopping & begging. Then more tongue & more begging.) Eventually Cordy agreed to 1 movie.

One of Angel Investigations more nefarious contacts could do magic with paperwork -- literally. He altered all state records (even those created by the monks responsible for Dawn) & the hospital records. Dawn Summers was suddenly no longer 16, she was almost 19 & old enough for movies.

The first movie, the 1 Buffy saw & a sequel of sorts to the one with Joyce, was such a big success, that Cordelia was able to begin setting up Charisma Productions. She even managed to convince Angel to let her use the Hyperion occasionally -- especially for her big hit "Lesbian Eurotrip" -- a take off on the straight movie starring that young actress who looked a lot like her own sweet Dawnie.

There were 3 Charisma Productions movies on the market by the time Buffy came charging into their lives. And soon became a part of the business herself. She had been so easy to seduce as she was already super-charged when she saw her sister & her sister's lover. From that to being in a Charisma movie was a short trip. Especially since she got to make love to the 2 brunettes over & over again.

As she had done with Dawn, giving her the screen name Starr, Cordy decided Buffy needed a screen name. She considered leaving it Buffy, a common enough name in Socal and the porn industry, but the blonde slayer wanted some slight anonymity. As an alternative to Starr, she dubbed Buffy with the name Sunny

A somewhat reformed Lilah Morgan, who had become Cordy's de facto attorney during her Vivid days through Wolfram & Hart & remained so through the start of Charisma as a newly independent lawyer, came from the Hyperion with news 1 day. Seems that Lilah's oldest client, Angel, was in love with a friend of theirs from back home. And the love was reciprocated.

'Angel & Xander are so sweet together. A side effect of 1 of Willow's spells? Wonder who's the 'top'?' Cordy considered.

'Wonder if I should branch out into gay porn? With hot studs like those 2...'

Willow came to LA shortly after that & stayed at the Hyperion. Buffy, Dawn & Cordy came into LA to see their old friend. Willow & Buffy went off to Willow's room where Buffy told Willow about her life change. After a long talk, both ended having sex that was heard all over the hotel. Kennedy, while no longer Willow's sole lover, had come down with Willow & helped distract Dawn from the sounds next door by sitting on the pretty teen's eager mouth.

The makeup sex also inspired Cordy to bring Lilah, Harmony Kendall & Kate Lockley, all of whom coincidentally happened to be in the hotel lobby at the time, into her circle of lovers. It was a scene worthy of a traditional porn movie. With Angel & Xander in the honeymoon suite, they had the office all to themselves.

The next morning, the 3 lovers returned to Cordy's apartment. After a long, sexy shower & naps by all 3, Buffy came to Cordy with a confession. She was in love with the former high school cheerleader. Later Dawn told Buffy the same thing.

The beauty was stunned by this. She was even more stunned to realize that, much as she loved her friends & various lovers, her heart had been stolen by the Summers sisters. 'If the old Queen C was told she'd be head over heels for Buffy & Dawn, she'd flip! Cordelia Chase, the lesbian porn queen in love...'

Cordy smiled happily, declaring loudly to the empty beach, "But I am and I wouldn't have it any other way! I love Buffy! I love Dawn! I LOVE BUFFY AND DAWN SUMMERS!"


The lesbian porn superstar/producer surveyed her place. The western Malibu location was nearly perfect. They were on the beach and fairly isolated from neighbors, thanks to wildfires that had reached the coast several years before. And, Willow had cast a protection spell on the house to keep it safe from fires and any earthquakes.

It was perfect for her next project just as it was. After she'd moved up to Malibu, she'd used the house for 2 movies but often used props to change the appearance of the rooms they shot the movies in. The only room off-limits to film work was the master bedroom the 3 lovers shared.

This new movie called for a house just like hers. She had written this new project, would star in & direct it was well as be the executive producer. It was an exhausting job but she absolutely loved it.

Charisma Productions tried to emulate the style of Viv Thomas with realistic sex scenes. Cordelia hated the forced, contorted look to much of the porn produced in the States. Especially in the girl-girl videos or scenes.

Rather than have a tongue stretched as far out from the mouth as possible or bodies contorted into near-torturous positions for a shot, she had her performers engage in a more natural looking sex with only the occasional concessions for a camera such as tucking loose hair behind the ear to help see the actual sex acts.

And the rewards were enormous. Not only did she get to have real sex with some of the most beautiful women she knew, but she got paid handsomely for the work - they all did. Cordelia was also more than happy to share the wealth with her lovers & co-stars - even better rates than the major porn producers in the Valley paid.

On extremely tough days, Cordy also had her soul mates to help her relax. And the Summers sisters were most inventive in their relaxation techniques.

Cordy's favorite was simple. One sister licking her pussy & the other licking her ass. If they were in the right positions, she'd return the favor too.

Once Dawn, in a sisterly snit of jealousy, asked Cordy, "Who's better at licking your pussy? Or your ass? Me ... or Buffy?"

Cordy couldn't help but laugh at the younger girl's irrational envy of Cordy & Buffy's history - even though Dawn was the first sister to share Cordy's bed. Cordy simply said, "I don't know."

"C'mon ..." Dawn whined.

"Well, one of you is the best analinguist I know & the other is the best cunnilinguist. And that's all I'll say except that I would never ... could never choose between you two. I need you both to make me whole."

At the memory, Cordy felt a thrill of anticipation as she knew those tongues would be pleasing her later. And others as well.

The automatic coffee maker had done it's job & she filled a mug before heading outside. The aroma of the coffee would eventually rouse Buffy who would, in turn, wake her sister.

Cordy picked up a copy of the script for the new movie & walked onto the deck. The morning was beautiful & she thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of the air caressing her bare flesh.

One benefit of having such a nice, secluded home was the ability to move about the house, patio &, on rare occasions, the beach in the nude. Neither Cordelia or her 2 lovers had any trace of tan lines as a result.

Setting the coffee & the script down, the tall brunette gazed out at the Pacific as it glittered in the morning light.

With a contented sigh, she cast 1 more look on the shadow outline of her house on the beach before lying on her favorite recliner. Taking a cautious sip of the hot coffee, she picked up the script to go over it once more.

"Lez Family Affair


"Charisma - Aunt Billie Davis Scarlett - Miz Gillian French, maid & de facto head of the house Frederica - Lee, Billie's personal assistant Sunny - Cissy Davis Starr - Buffy Davis Kennedy - Jodi Davis Morgana - Lilly, Billie's attorney Maddie - Amy, the nosy neighbor Anyaka - the good cop Faith - the bad cop Kate Lockley - social worker"

'Hmm ... still don't like that title,' Cordy thought. 'And I still need to come up with some stage name for Kennedy. Thank god, Anya has no shame - Anyanka is a great name anyway. And Faith & Kate don't really care who knows what they get up to.

'Maddie isn't too bad for Amy Madison's name & Lilah really likes Morgana. Must be the evil queen thing. Fred as Frederica ... fits well with her quietly kinky side. And a lot better than her last name. Oh, & Scarlett ... What a perfect name for lovely, little Willow.'

As the stunning porn star/mogul began to reread her script, she pictured the entire production in her mind ...


Leaving her younger sister in their shared bed, Buffy, still unclothed, padded out onto the deck to find Cordy with her hands full. Her left hand, laying across her body, was still holding the well-thumbed script while her right hand was busy between her legs. Cordy's eyes were closed tightly as she pleasured herself to images from the script.

Quietly, so she could enjoy the sight of her lover masturbating, Buffy walked around to the foot of the chaise lounge. Her eyes were riveted on Cordy's hand. Three fingers were slowly pumping in & out of the brunette's wet pussy while her thumb was strumming her clit.

Buffy saw Dawn, just as naked as herself, in the doorway & motioned her to come over quietly. Dawn walked over & her eyes opened wide at the sight before the 2 sisters.

"Wow," whispered Dawn as her hand reached over & touched Buffy's tummy. It slid down through the slayer's dark bush & began to play with Buffy's already-wet pussy. Buffy's hand rested for a moment on her sister's tight, round ass before a finger slipped between the cheeks to toy with her rosebud.

As the 2 sisters stroked each other, Cordy increased her own speed & gave out a loud moan as she came. The sight of their lover cumming set off the sisters & Buffy cried out as she drenched Dawn's hand, shoving her finger into the younger girl's rectum which, in turn, caused Dawn to climax.

"Wow," Cordy said. "I'll never get tired of watching you two."

Regaining control of her breathing, Buffy said, "You must really like the movie. Every time you read it, you end up playing with yourself."

Cordy just smiled as she led the 2 Summers women into the house for a communal shower. There was just enough time for an exciting shower with her 2 women before the rest of the cast arrived for the dress rehearsal.


"Welcome ladies. This is the official dress rehearsal for our latest ... epic." Everyone chuckled at Cordy's pun. "Now, since this does involve the actual sex, we can have a lot more fun than during the read-thrus."

"I don't know, Cordy. I had a lot of fun then," Willow stated as she eyed the rest of the cast lustfully. Most echoed Willow's comment. And all returned her lascivious look.

Cordy smiled widely, her read-thrus were much more than just simple recitations of dialogue. "At any rate, we now have the costumes & the props.

"And remember, when we get to the scene that's at Maddie's home, we'll have some men here to move my furniture during the actual shoot. For now, just do the scene here."

"Now?" Kate asked eagerly.

"No dear. We're going to go in order of the movie. You'll have to wait till scene 5." There were a couple of disappointed sighs -- Kate was quite proficient with her mouth & her costars were looking forward to that. Cordy added, "To make up for you having to wait, you can all watch the scenes you're not in."

Everyone cheered. "Now I know you girls. Don't get to ... overwrought. I don't want you too tired to participate when it's your turn."

"Harmony never has that problem," Dawn muttered.

"I know, love. But Harm can't work with us on daytime shoots. You know that," Cordy reminded her lover. "But, I think I can convince her to join our private wrap party after the wrap party with the crew."

All the women cheered.

"Not much left to say. Remember your cues. Remember where the camera is gonna be located. And above all, have fun."

As a final thought, Cordy reminded everyone, "Oh yeah. And remember, just 'cause the script says 'Buffy', doesn't mean it's Buffy"

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