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Lesbian Call Girl - Danica  


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26/06/2020 4:30 pm  

Author's Note: This is a sequel of sorts to my story "Serving Jessica". The premise is that after CaCeeleaves Jessica, she has a new plan to make money for both of us -- selling my services to rich and famous women. This may be the first of a series, so if anyone has any requests for "clients", let me know.



As I wander through the garage at the Hyatt I check my watch for the third time in ten minutes - five after eight. Damn! I'm already late and I haven't even found a parking place yet. My latest little adventure is not off to a good start. This is only the third "client" that CaCee has hooked me up with, and I really wanted it to go well. I know that these famous people are used to getting what they want and getting it when they want it. If someone is upset about me being late, it could taint any future prospects, and I definitely don't want that. I was hesitant at first to start this new "profession", but so far I am loving it.

At first CaCee wouldn't even tell me who this client was, saying that she seemed very,

very hesitant and that discretion was a must. All she would tell me was that the client was in town for a promotion during the "off-season", so I assumed it was someone in sports. But in the end I insisted, arguing that I had to know in case I showed up at the wrong place or something. CaCee finally relented and told me, and while I was surprised, I was also pretty excited to discover whom I'd be pleasuring. Danica Patrick is young and very pretty. Of course that was also why I was surprised, along with the fact that she was fairly recently married. But as Cacee said, you never know what people secretly want or can't get normally. I also understood the need for discretion -. Danica had fought an uphill battle to succeed in a man's sport, so the last thing she needed was to be labeled a "dyke".

I finally find a parking spot and get into the hotel. I walk across the atrium and find the elevators, step in and punch the button for the top floor. As the doors start to close, a middle aged couple stops them and hop on, and we share the ride up to the seventh floor, where they get off. They probably think I am someone's daughter, a little rich girl staying in the penthouse. If they only knew why I'm really here, they'd be so shocked. I laugh a little at my own naughtiness.

Getting off the elevator, I quickly find the President's Suite and knock quietly on the door. I am about to knock again, louder, when I hear the lock starting to turn. The door opens and there stands Danica, looking very "normal" and oddly nonchalant, with a kind of distant, blank look on her face. Her hair is pulled back in the simple ponytail she often wears for racing, and she is dressed just as simply, in jeans and an old Letterman t-shirt. From what I can tell, there is no bra under the shirt.

"You Milene?" she asks, that blank look still masking her face.

"Yeah," I say. I feel like I should say more, but I'm caught off guard by her seeming lack of interest. I quickly add "Sorry I'm late," and feel even more self-conscious once I say it.

My initial impression is that she is just tiny, even smaller than me. In fact, we are similar in a number of ways - petite, dark haired, small on top, and more "cute" than "pretty" (though I have to admit, she's rather pretty). But I know our personalities are different. Danica exudes a presence, a mental strength that is undeniable even at first glance. She looks just as pretty as she does on television, and at the same time as cold and business-like as if she were about to start a big race. That icy, powerful look is something that I find very attractive in a woman, and it has the same effect on me this time.

She steps aside to let me into the doorway. "Come on in," she says, an polite smile now just barely crossing her face. I can sense the tension in her body, and I wonder if there is a problem. Maybe I'm not what she expected, not pretty enough. Or worse yet, maybe this was a big misunderstanding, even a horrible practical joke played on her by one of her fellow drivers. My fears are allayed a bit when she finally asks "You know why you're here, right?"

I answer cautiously, still hoping this isn't all a big mistake. "I'm from CaCee. You wanted a girl, right?"

My heart pounds with dread as Danica just stands there for long seconds. Her eyes slowly close and she appears to be deep in thought. Is she upset? Is she seething in anger at some creep who set her up to be humiliated? I am about to start an apology when her eyes open. I can see then what is going through her mind. She's having second thoughts, feeling guilty maybe, about this rather lewd little encounter she has paid for. Or maybe just worried that someone will find out, that this will become the latest celebrity sex scandal, with her as the very unwilling subject. But at last she makes up her mind. She looks briefly at me, then down at the floor, apparently thinking one last time about what she is going to do, and then looks back to me. "Yeah," she says flatly, "I definitely want a girl. Two hours, right?"

I confirm that she has me for two hours, adding, "But I can stay longer if you want me to." She nods in understanding, a barely noticeable smirk crossing her lips as she perceives my offer as a come on for more money.

There is another long, painful pause as we just stare at each other, and then Danica takes the initiative. "So you ready for this?" she asks. As she speaks, her hands are already undoing her belt. Wow, I say to myself, once this girl decides, she gets right down to business. I watch, enthralled, as Danica calmly unbuttons her jeans, lowers the zipper, and wriggles the blue denim pants down her legs. She obviously expects no preliminaries here, just direct sex and satisfaction. She steps out of her jeans, standing there unashamed in her black bikini panties and asks, "Where do you want me?", as if she were doing a common photo shoot or an interview.

"Uh..." I stammer, "over here, I guess," indicating a large overstuffed chair in the corner of the room. Danica saunters over to the chair and positions herself in it. She settles in, nestling back comfortably, her legs open slightly, but not enough to give me room to work.

Following her to the chair, I drop to the floor in front of her. "So what do you like?" I ask tentatively. The tension in her body is still obvious, as is the nervousness from both sides. Indeed, Danica still seems almost disinterested in what is about to happen."Hmmm," she murmurs, "I don't know. She said you give really good head. I guess that makes sense, huh?"

I assume "she" means CaCee. I'm a little surprised when Danica calls it "head", since that's more of a male term, but then I remember who she hangs out with. At least she is showing some interest in this little encounter. "Yeah," I respond. "I'm good at oral. I'm really good." I smile warmly as I say it, trying to break the tension. "Is that what you like, what you want?"

Now I finally get a weak smile, as if she is finally admitting to herself that she wants to go through with this. "Yeah, I like oral," she says softly. "I like it a lot, but I don't get it as often as I'd like." Danica's eyes wander off, as if she's thinking about something else for a moment. Then she continues, "They say girls do it better. Is that true?"

I can sense a new tone in the conversation, a subtle shift in the underlying feelings. Danica suddenly seems to relax more. She reaches back and undoes her hair, letting it cascade darkly over her shoulders. I am struck with how much more beautiful and feminine she looks that way. She sinks easily into the comfort of the chair, and there is a slight change in her breathing. She seems ready.

"Well," I answer, "I can't say much from personal experience, because I've only had a couple of guys go down on me, but I have to say, they weren't too good." I hold Danica's gaze as I speak, trying to gauge her response and her mental state. "I will say this," I continue, "I think girls are a lot more patient, more giving, and I think that has to make it better." Then, in the sexiest, most promising voice I can muster, I say, "I know this - I'll be very, VERY giving for you tonight. I promise you'll never forget how good this is." As I say this, I reach out to softly run my hand up the back of Danica's calf. Then I place a single, chaste kiss on the inside of her left knee, hoping to hint at the pleasure to come.

It seems to work. As my hand moves over the soft skin of her leg, Danica's eyes close halfway and she utters and soft, heartfelt "Mmmmmm", apparently in both relief and passion.

I decide to take it slow. It's obvious that she has never been with another girl, which explains at least some of her uneasiness. The knowledge that I will be her "first" excites me, and I vow to myself to make this extra good for her. I know that I will probably be here longer than the allotted time, but that's okay - I'm also pretty sure I will really enjoy playing with her.


I tell her to just completely relax and enjoy the experience. "I'm going to totally take my time with you," I say. "And just tell me if you want something else. I want this to be really good for you, so don't worry at all about the time - I'll stay as long as you want, no extra charge."

Danica looks skeptical. "Why would you do that?" she asks.

I look her in the eye and answer honestly: "Because I think you're really hot."

Her response is a bemused smile. Perhaps she is still skeptical, or just likes to maintain control, but she does say, "Okay... whatever you say." Then she lies back in the chair, fully relaxed now, her arms stretched wide over the chair back, as if to say, "Here I am, go at it."

And so I do. As promised, I take my time warming Danica, starting with her calves and working up. I renew my caresses of her lower legs, my fingers barely touching her as they wander sensually over her skin. I focus on her left leg first, holding it up to my mouth, softly kissing and licking her calf while my other hand wanders up farther, my fingers working gently behind her knee. This brings another pleasant "Mmmmmm" from Danica, and then a gasping "Ohhhh" when I move up to the soft expanse of her inner thigh. I stay there a while, my hand moving in small circles over her upper left leg, then skip over to the same spot on the right one. Her thighs part more now, as she is clearly eager for more.

Now I move further up, letting my mouth do the work previously assigned to my fingers. As my hands wander up and down her outer thighs, my lips trace feather-light trails along the inner parts. I place a soft kiss on her inner thigh, then use my tongue to draw little wet circles over her flesh. Danica's legs tremble just a little and I hear a quiet mewling sound from above me. I look up to see Danica's head lying rapturously back on the chair, her eyes almost closed, her mouth open. Every few seconds she licks her lips as she savors the feelings that are starting to grow in her body. I smile to myself - she is definitely getting into it

I can't resist asking, "Do you like this?" She responds breathily, without moving or opening her eyes. "Yeah.... yeah," is all she can utter before a quick lick upward elicits another short cry and her thighs clench just a bit with the pleasure.

Encouraged, I continue my trek up her loins, edging ever so close to her waiting honeypot. I open my mouth and gently bite at her upper thigh, just inches from my ultimate target, at the same time licking wetly over her soft skin. Danica groans with lust and frustration as I tease, her legs splayed wide apart as she tries to get me closer to her sweet spot. She groans again as I place a wet kiss directly on the crotch of her bikinis, tasting the hint of pussy juice through the thin fabric. I suck lightly for just a second, pulling her silk-covered lips into my mouth as her hips strain upward.

I can't wait anymore - I have to see her pussy. My hands reach for the waistband of her panties and she eagerly raises up to help me get them off. "Yeah....oh yeah," she mutters as I slowly pull them down off her legs. She is obviously hot now. Her hand reaches down to relieve her frustration, her fingers disappearing quickly into her slit, but I will have none of that. "Unh unh," I scold as I pull her hand away. "That's my job." She gives me an annoyed look, but I'm pretty sure she's just playing.

She settles back in the chair and I push her legs apart, giving me my first full view of her tender parts. My god, she looks beautiful, her creamy thighs drawing my eyes, then directing them to the luscious spot between them. Below a small tuft of black fur, her lips are small, like the rest of her, not the full, meaty kind that some girls have, and I think how perfectly they fit her. The delicate petals protrude ever so slightly, engorged and vivid pink from her arousal. Already I can see the dew forming between them. Danica is really ready for some action, her chest fairly heaving now with excitement. She still has her t-shirt on, and that makes her look even sexier - a little nasty, in a good way. I notice the little peaks of her erect nipples poking at the fabric. Damn, she looks good.

"Don't just sit there," she says flatly, "Do me." I smile at her directness. Yeah, this girl knows what she wants and she expects to get it. I love that. But I'm not going to give her what she wants, not yet. I plan to drive her crazy first, get her climbing the walls until she doesn't think she can take anymore. Then I'll get her off, and it will be absolutely amazing.

I move back to her upper thighs, nuzzling my lips against them, enjoying the erotic caress of her silky-soft skin. She moans out her pleasure as I continue to tease her. Then I relent, if only slightly, placing a soft kiss on her exposed labia, then licking up the center of her snatch. Danica emits a little cry as her pussy juice starts to flow. I push my tongue in, feeling the luscious, wet heat of her cunt all around it. I hear a barely audible "oh fuck" and I know I'm doing good, but I pull away, ever the tease, and lick lightly over her lips as her thighs tremble with passion.

I keep up this pattern for some time, licking her pussy, then backing off to her legs or hips or the bottom of the butt cheeks, each time bringing her closer to climax, but never quite getting her there. I can tell she's frustrated, but she loves it too, the pleasure drawn out exquisitely, building to the ultimate. By now her whole crotch is soaked, a combination of my saliva and her abundant flow of cunt cream.

Now Danica's right hand moves to the top of my head. I feel the firm grip of her fingers and immediately become more excited. Her touch is more than a caress, but on the other hand it does not force me forward. She is more or less just holding me there, exercising control, the same way she does with her hand on a steering wheel. It seems like a completely natural act for her, and I have to admit I like the feeling it gives me. It says to me that Danica may be petite, she may be a girl in a man's sport, but she's also tough, and even if I took the initiative at first, she is definitely calling the shots here. I continue to lick as her thighs flex lightly against my cheeks, then decide it's time to get her off.

I look up at Danica, catching her gaze and telling her with my eyes that I'm going to do it now. She seems to understand, as she spreads her legs even wider, anticipating the onslaught to come. Her cunt is a gaping wet hole and I move in to gobble it up. Long, slow strokes with the flat of my tongue produce shivers of rapture through her tight little body. Danica's hands move to her knees, pulling them back, opening herself up completely for me. I lick her repeatedly, from asshole to clit, as her head rolls deliriously back and forth and her hips hump up and down. Finally I focus on her little nubbin, circling with my tongue until she trembles and finally explodes. Her hands become frantic in her climax, forcing my head back and forth over her open gash as she shakes with the intensity of her orgasm. Cries of ecstasy fill the room as she finally gives up control and surrenders to the spasms. I follow her through it, continuing my licking, cleaning up the mess I've made between her legs.

Finally she comes down and falls back into the chair. My fingers linger over her, running lightly over her thighs as her breathing returns to normal. "Was it good?" I ask, fully knowing the answer. She just laughs, then mutters, "yeah... good."

"More?" I ask playfully?

Her response is a controlled, smirky smile, then a single word, "More."

We retire to the bedroom, where a beautiful king-size bed awaits us. We both jump on, then realize that we are both still clothed - Danica partially, and me completely. "Why don't we get out of these things?" she suggests, and I quickly agree. In seconds, there are two pile of clothes on the floor and two very horny girls lying next to each other on the bed.

I'm not sure where to go next, but Danica makes the decision for me, reaching over to lift my chin and place a soft kiss on my lips. "I like kissing," she says. "You like kissing?"

"Mmm hmmm,' I answer dreamily. This is going to be better than I thought. Danica leans back in and I open my mouth to let her tongue go where it pleases. We explore each other's mouth for a bit and then she pulls away." You taste like pussy," she says. There's no hint of complaint, no surprise, just a statement of fact. I just shrug my shoulders as if to say "What do you expect?" After a moments thought, Danica smiles ironically and says "well, it's my pussy, isn't it?" and goes back to kissing. We make out for a while, several minutes at least, and then things start to heat up. Remembering my role, I almost immediately begin to let my hands wander - soft, touches in subtle places, then getting more direct, cupping her smallish breasts, tweaking her hard little nipples. Soon Danica

is following suit and, to my surprise, I feel her hand moving downward, over my hips and finally right between my legs. I look her in the eye, curious as to her intention, and she answers me by running a single finger into my slit. It feels great and I feel myself wet immediately. Danica continues to stroke me as we kiss, then suddenly pushes her finger inside. Horny as I am from our previous activity, I moan loudly into her mouth and thrust my hips forward for more. She quickly accommodates me, plunging her finger all the way up inside.

"Damn," she breathes in my ear, "I've never fingered a girl before. It's so fucking hot in there!" She works in a second finger and starts a delicious scissors action inside me. Now I'm crazy hot and I just ravage her, turning her onto her back and jumping on top. Our kisses are total lust now as Danica continues to finger me, reaching over my bottom to diddle me from the rear. We keep at it for several minutes and then I am coming, half-screaming into her mouth as our tongues slobber together.

"Wow," she says quietly as I recover my senses, "that was so cool. I made you come." I just smile at her, thinking this is even better than I could have imagined. But I know why I'm there, and I soon get back to business. "Okay," I say with an impish smile, "your turn again."

I return to the kissing, but this time it's me doing the exploring, first with my fingers and then with my mouth, sneaking down to take in one of her dark, taut nipples. I take a slow, leisurely suck, alternating with little flicks of my tongue over the tip, then move over to do the same thing to its cute little twin. Before long it's clear that Danica's ready for more, so I let my hand wander south, over the little tuft of hair and into moist pit below. As before, I'm a merciless tease, my fingers tracing delicate trails over her needy petals, then sneaking inside, then out again, continuing this cycle until her hips have found that familiar rhythm of arousal. I take a quick circle around her clit, which is standing up begging for attention, and now it's Danica's turn to moan like a shameless slut. My thumb takes over now, working her clit while my middle finger goes deep into her drooling cavern. Danica is loving it, going "Mmmmm... m mmmmm" over and over with each twist inside her.

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NGL you know. Really enjoyed this.


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Wow, now that's a brilliant read.


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That is a really well written post you refer to, I fully recommend that anyone interested in the this cat takes a look.


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bruhhhhh why would you end it there?


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Awesome story! Please continue.


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that was a really good read


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Are the novels a good read?