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Frederic Higgins
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17/07/2020 11:15 pm  


My name is Alexi Mercer.

The camera panned to show a devastated post-apocalyptic New York City. A team of soldiers in black gas masks made their way across the devastate landscape. All around them were creeping red and black tendrils and what looked like used condoms and way too many cum stains.

I'm the reason for all this.

The camera angle changed once more, showing our narrator. She is a sexy but creepy looking girl with dark circles under her eyes and massive tits.

Alexi Mercer wore a dark grey hoodie and black leather jacket that was unzipped to show off an ungodly amount of cleavage. Her two full and ripe boobs were squished together in a tasty manner.

Under the hoodie she wore no bra and her nipples poked through clearly; for she was now in a permanent state of arousal.

Alexi watched the soldiers down below with intent eyes. Her well done lashes fluttered with loathing as she took in the sight of the Black watch soldiers with their long weapons . . . not to mention the big machineguns they carried.

Each soldier down there was hung like a horse, with crotches bulging through their Kevlar protective cups.

They call me slut, whore, bitch, I'm all of these things.

Deciding that she watched enough, Alexi went on the offensive; dropping down from the twelve story building she stood on. As she plunged, a person on the ground could see her Daisy Duke jean "shorts" riding up her pussy, showing off a big, round ass and nice hot camel toe.

She landed on the concrete, shattering it with her high heeled whore shoes. Alexi took off at a run, again in said whore shoes.

Sprinting at over two hundred miles per hour, none of the Blackwatch Soldiers could see the tramp stamp of a DNA helix over her tight and round ass. Those Daisy Dukes were on so tight they looked like they were painted on.

She ran past the Blackwatch Soldiers, pulling an atomic wedgie on the commander as she passed by. He screamed in pain and tried to pull the underwear off his head.

Three weeks ago someone unleashed a lethal virus in Penn Station that turns people into zombie sluts and I woke up in a morgue.

Alexi Ran up the side of a building. Eat that, Spiderman.

As she ran, Alexi could feel her pussy growing hotter. She was horny all the time. She had a libido now to match her superhuman powers.

Now I hunt, I fuck and I suck and I consume.

Alexi knocked a city bus aside like it was nothing. Uh, so horny, she needed genetic material soon.

Taking a left hand turn, she busted through the front window of a sex shop.

I'm going to find whoever did this, and I'll make them pay. But first I need some relief

Alexi quickly selected the biggest dildo she could find. The fun would start later, for now this would just tide her over.

Later that night

A patrol of well hung blackwatch soldiers were making their beat in the zombie infested area of Manhattan.

"Damn, I haven't been laid in fucking forever," one soldier whined.

"Then fuck one of the zombies, or find a corpse. I really don't give a shit, soldier,' barked the commander; who was largely unsympathetic.

"Help me!" cried a woman, catching the attention of every soldier present.

It was then that a topless woman with a too short miniskirt practically fell into the arms of the Blackwatch commander. It took exactly one half second for every soldier in the platoon to get wood and the commander got it even faster.

Even with her makeup smeared by tears of horror, the woman was still a beauty; blonde hair, long legs and full dick sucking lips.

The mysterious woman clung to the commander. "Oh, thank you," she moaned breathily as the rest of the platoon shot down a charging gang of zombies.

The women whimpered as the Blackwatch commander forced her to her knees. "Do I look like a boy scout to you lady? Get down there and suck it!"

The woman's eyes widened as a twelve inch erect cock was shoved into her face. As she tried to protest, a gun was placed between her eyes. "Suck, bitch!" the commander was unyielding and inhuman.

Lip quivering with shame, the women put her head forward and tasted the musky glans. The commander went stiff as she deep throated his thirteen inch member in one fell swoop. He put his hands on the back of her head and pressed. The woman gagged and protested, her masquerade running even more.

The commander grabbed the woman by the hair and started to shove her back and forth on his cock; using her mouth to jerk himself off.

"Enough of this," said one blackwatch goon. He unzipped his own military issue pants and lifted the woman's skirt. He was pleased as punch that under her torn miniskirt the woman wore no panties. Not caring which hole he stuck it into, the Blackwatch soldier forced himself into the woman's tight holes.

The nameless woman suddenly moaned in pain as he ass was violated without any preparation or warning. Her smooth, bubbly butt jiggled as the soldier thrust into her mercilessly. The Blackwatch soldier came in her in about thirty seconds, blasting her bowels with hot seed. What he lacked in stamina he made up for in volume; the woman could almost taste the cum he blew in her ass.

There was no respite for her as another blackwatch soldier shoved the spent man behind her and got into line. This one actually got her pussy, which was almost as hot and tight as her butthole.

The second soldier was as hard and as merciless as the last one, but he had the stamina of a pornstar. The women moaned with distress and lust as she was face fucked and pussy fucked at the same time. She felt like a dirty slut who liked being shamed and used by these men.

As if that wasn't enough, one of the men got underneath her (the creative bloke that he was) and started to pussyfuck her alongside his comrade.

The woman moaned in pain as two giant cocks entered her pussy at once. Her poor little cunny was being stretched in ways that she never thought was possible. When she was done she'd have a massive gape; possibly be ruined forever. And that thought of that only made her wetter.

The commander suddenly pulled his dick out of her mouth and slapped her across the face with it. She yelped helplessly as he called her awful names. Bitch. Whore. Slut. He was right.

The guy in her pussy finished, plastering her womb and cervix with more hot cum but the guy beneath her was still pumping away in her stretched cunt. He had the stamina of a marathoner and he was going to get his rocks off.

Just then, a man with an even bigger cock, as thick as a coke can started to enter her ass again.

The woman began to scream as the pressure on her butthole built up from the forward motion of the giant glans. It felt like her ass was going to split in half. Her scream was cut off when the lusty commander thrust his cock down her throat again.

In the war between ass and cock, something had to give and it was her ass. The giant cock finally popped in and the woman arched her hips into him, trying to drive the agonizingly big cock deeper into her. It was hard work though, the soldier had the biggest dick in the company and her ass even lubed by the sloppy seconds and stretched was still tight. He had to force his cock in inch by agonizing inch until at last all fourteen inches of it began to bottom out.

Grabbing her soft, fat ass hard enough to leave bruises, the soldier began to slowly pull out until only the head was left inside; then without any concern for the woman he was using he thrust himself back in as hard as he could.

The woman once more moaned like a whore at the incredible abuse that her holes were taking.

Suddenly the guy below her blew his load and another took his place. It looked like before tonight the entire platoon was going to fuck her senseless. And being blackwatch they'd probably kill her when they were done to dispose of the evidence.

The new soldier on the bottom was a little different. His cock was narrow at the tip, but like a pyramid it got rapidly thicker. So it went in easy but soon was stretching the woman's sticky, wet cunt new; and the commander was showing no sign of cumming. The guy was a beast.

Several sprays of cum blasted the woman's torn dress. A number of the men had begun jerking off and had pointed their cocks at her like carnival water guns.

A giant circle jerk formed while someone fucked her in every hole she had. The woman moaned as she started to get off. Suddenly a shamefully massive orgasm ripped through her body.

Her eyes rolled back in her head and she was violated. In no time, a second and third orgasm tore through her pussy, ass and mind.

She was almost ready to dissolve into a puddle of cum and sweat when the commander roared like a bull in heat and shot his load down her throat.

The woman's eyes suddenly became wide and alert. This was what she'd been looking for.

Neurons fired and DNA code flew down her line of sight.

An old man in a scientist coat appeared. "I'll tell you two things about blacklight virus. One: it'll kill you. Two: it'll kill you horribly."

Images of the old men getting blowjobs from young, nubile college interns and images from a genetics lab broke things up.

"Right now military action is only delaying the problem. We need a cure, and that's what's going on here at Base Red. Now get the fuck out of here I send you back to scrubbing toilets in Iraq!"

The commander groaned in pleasure, but when he looked down, the good feeling he had vanished very quickly.

The woman before him dissolved into a humanoid mass of red and black tendrils, which then rapidly reformed into Alexi Mercer, the slutty prototype. The loads of cum that had been shot into her ass dripped down from her wide, womanly ass and gaping cunt. Her back door was gaped wide enough to fit a football in her ass.

Then with a flash of her tendrils, the cum was instantly absorbed into her body and her cunt as asshole were once more tight as a drum.

The soldiers were suddenly filled with fear, their erections deflated and their guns went up.

Alexi stood fearlessly before the soldiers, butt crack showing in her tight jeans, giant tits popping out and utterly sadistic expression on her face. "I drank your cum and I know all your memories. Guess I won't need you anymore." And with that, her right arm turned into a blade the size of a surf board.

"Oh fuck," whimpered the commander, who was a lot braver around wanton sluts who let him abuse them. With a slice of her blade, she cut the commander in twain and kicked his top half off beyond the horizon.

Holding up her shapely long leg, her hooker heel turned into a giant pincer claw that castrated a man.

In five seconds flat, Alexi had either castrated or killed the entire group.

The last survivor cried like a little girl and held the bleeding spot where his balls used to be. Then Alexi drove the point of her six inch hooker heel into his brain and she'd won.

Alexi sneered, the taste of cum only leaving her wanting more. The woman she'd turned into had been someone that she'd had lesbian sex with.

With another flash of tendrils, Alexi transformed into the blackwatch commander. By drinking or consuming anyone's cum, she could take their strength, their shape and even their memories.

This was one slut who had a lot of fucking and sucking to go before she could finally kill the ones responsible for all this.

The next morning

Alexi Mercer stood in the morning rays looking more radiant than before. Atop the empire state building, she turned around and saw a familiar figure. A man in blackwatch armor and a mask.

"You're here," said the masked man in an electronically distorted voice.

Alexi nodded, causing her boobs to jiggle, "That's right."

"Are you ready for this?" the masked man asked.

Alexi took a step forward, showing even more cleavage than she normally did. It was obvious that she wanted something from the masked man. "I was born ready."

The masked man shifted and adjusted his crotch. "So are you just talking about sex or about killing General Randal?"

"Both," said Alexi, losing all patience, "Now fuck me, you silly bastard." To make her point, she unzipped her hoodie and let her big tits pop out. Her little pink nipples were instantly hard and just begged to be sucked. Likewise her skin tight daisy dukes vanished in a flurry of red and black tendrils.

Her warm cunt stood there like an invitation to any and all men or lesbians out there. It was tight and perfectly shaved smooth.

The masked benefactor waited not one second. Unbuckling his armored codpiece, his giant twelve inch monster came out.

Alexi licked her lips with lust, but a look of disappointment came across her face when he put on a condom. He didn't want her stealing his identity and memories' because she could consume cum through any hole.

The masked man had no longer put on his "glove" than did Alexi pounce on him like a horny she-panther. She didn't even take it slow as she straddled him and lowered her twat onto his manhood.

Alexi gasped as the condom coated goody entered her. Lowering herself all the way, she began to bounce up and down on the cock. Moaning and panting as she did, her hood fell back to reveal her short dark hair.

The masked man in the meantime was bucking in time with her thrusts, for even through the condom she was the best lay that she'd ever had. Her cunt almost sucked him in like a mouth but without the teeth.

His gloved hands went up and grabbed her big bouncing tits. Alexi moaned like a squealing whore as her big fun bags were groped and fondled, prompting her to go faster on the masked man's pole. A twist of her nipples made her actually cry out in pleasure.

Caught up in what she was doing, Alexi reached behind her and began to finger her ass.

She was bouncing up and down on the cock faster than was humanly possible. Lucky GENTEK built the world's best condoms.

Before Alexi knew it, the masked man threw her off him and climbed on top of her.

Putting Alexi over his knee, he began to spank at her phat ass. Each smack, smack, smack caused a louder and louder squeak from Alexi, who had a mini orgasm by now.

Alexi then pulled away and got on her knees. Back facing him, she leaned forward and spread her butt cheeks wide. "Fuck me; right in my fat ass, you scum. Fuck me till I can't walk."

The masked man was never one to argue with a lady, and condom lubed in her pussy juice, jammed it into Alexi's ass. Soon, he had a healthy rhythm and was spanking her between each strike.

After over an hour of hot sex, the man blew his load but only inside the condom. That deeply disappointed Alexi but it would have to do.

Standing up, her body was feeling a bit sore; nothing a little prototype regeneration couldn't handle.

"Alright," she said, tits hanging out and hands turning into giant claws, "Let's do it."

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Incredible Story


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Could not stop reading!!!


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Amazing article


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Fascinating Erotic Story!


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