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Second Crossing of the 'GAP'  


Julian Ortega
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05/07/2020 12:38 am  

Since I was 16 I've been a wrestling fan, the women are horny, and the Rock kicks serious arse. So I was delighted when one of my friends got tickets to RAW is WAR in M.S.G. during the Gap year we were taking touring America. We'd even laid bets on who would get bedded the most in America and who would get bedded my the hottest woman. Now I'm very modest, and I don't have the 8-14 ridiculously large dicks some read about in these trash stories, my dick is 6 inches, and my balls aren't particularly large, so I'm average or small, depending on whose perspective you look at it from. I also am not a slut/escort and have very British values, e.g. Most Americans are evil as they are mostly big headed and they elect the most stupid president (BUSH) who won't sign a Kyoto agreement, which I see as very important for the future. I hope you begin to get a fair picture of the kind of bloke I am.

Anyway the deal is that most of the WWF Diva's are really hot. And I really respect their athleticism and showmanship even if it is entertainment scripted. I never dreamed I'd meet one though. And after the fucks I had just given and had from Lita, you can imagine I was feeling pretty good about myself. Even though it felt like I was getting paid for my services I didn't care, I still accepted the tickets she'd left me, and just about enough time to phone my friends and invite them to SmackDown! before I had to leave the suite. As instructed I left the key on the desk of the lobby and then went to the taping. Tuesday was the last night I'd be in an area where the WWF was having a live event so I was pumped about seeing this one, after all the show was named after one of my favourite moves.

The show turned out to be so-so, there were a few Divas' around, all in revealing outfits, so that was a major upturn. Lita even came out, and seemed to be searching the crowd and when she spotted us she smiled and it seemed as though my mates were undressing her with their eyes. After the show we all confirmed where and when we'd meet up the following day before we split up, most went to try and get lucky. Seeing as Lita had arranged for me to meet her later at the hotel I thought I might surprise her in her dressing room, I was fortunate enough to get through security undetected and start roaming the halls, looking for her when it occurred to me she might have already left, so I just started entering random locker rooms and see if I could start chatting to some Superstars to try and while away the time. I entered a few and started chatting to some, who must have thought I was a journalist or something because they kept telling me how very glad they were that they could be here and entertain them, and they wouldn't change it for any other career, even though their career could be over in an instant.

The last door I entered had someone in the shower. Since I hadn't found any, and had been in basically all the dressing rooms, I figured it must have been Lita, who may just have been getting over her match (she won by the way). So I decided to hide and then surprise her when she came out. The water stopped about 2 minutes later and after what seemed like a lifetime a woman emerged. She'd redressed and was wearing her hair straight in a ponytail, looking every bit the sophisticated businesswoman. And when she turned to face me it was obvious who this beauty was. Her class came through in this style more than anything you saw of her on any T.V. show. It was of course the "billion dollar princess" herself. Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. Her skirt was that of a typical secretary, short and didn't conceal much of her luscious legs, her top also showed the top half of her smooth breasts, heaving below the fabric of the kinky top she was wearing. For a moment I thought of running, that was before I saw her rustling around the rooms, and too my horror I saw her shoes next to me, a bit of which was poking out of the hiding place. And she was walking right towards them. There was no way to move around from my place or to hide, there was only the wall to run head first into. I decided to accept my fate.

"Well look what we have here..." She muttered as she saw me, "not only a fabulous pair of shoes, but a bloke to wear them."

"Please Mrs. Helmsley, it's not like that"

She gave a short laugh before bending over and wagging her finger at me giving me a perfect view of her moving breasts that quivered with every step and breath. "Just call me Steph."

Her mobile rang, "Yes... uh-huh... nope haven't seen him... O.K. will do... Yes I'll expect he will... O.K... bye"

"Now then, were you looking for a certain someone, or just milling around being a pervert?"

"Actually, believe it or not, I was looking for Lita..."

"Oh well, right dressing room, but she's left..." She licked her lips tastily.

"Actually I wanted to give her something..." she was leaning into me so I tried backing away , but there was only so far I could go. "But it doesn't matter"

"Let me guess" She stood up for a moment before leaving over again, and forcing her huge breasts into my face, "this?" she asked before storming me into a liplock which seemed to last an eternity.


"Shut up now! You understand?" She went and locked the door before coming back and bending over her breasts in my face, coming out of her top, before finding my hand and sticking it up her skirt and using my hand to finger herself. 2 fingers went in without much difficulty, but she then went for a third and finally a fourth, I was powerless, forced to suck and eat these precious breasts, taste the nipple's and be resigned get her juices on my hands. Of the millions of thoughts that were flowing through my head, "fuck it all and fuck her" was the strongest.

I personally feel that a naked Woman's body is more beautiful than anything that the art World has to offer, and she didn't let me down. As I sucked on her boobs, one popped out, and as the other promised to be just as tasty as this one I started biting her tit, making her scream in pain and pleasure, before tracing patterns on it with my finger. At last her shirt came off, revealing a silk-laced bra, her tits cupped in it, but not sagging. As I pulled the bra away, she pointed down. "Get into me" was all she stated before the trash talking began. What was said I'll leave up to your imagination, but it was what got me to do things I never thought I ever would.

As I stripped her off, I ran my fingers over her cool, smooth, supple skin and asked her how she took it. Not waiting for an answer I began to fiercely rub her clit and unleashing her mass of kissable hair, I yanked it back, raging at how I'd never seen her beauty before and wanting to take her in anyway possible. I started by hastily removing my underwear and smashing my erect cock into her, she didn't have time to see it's size, which I suppose I was thankful for. Anyway, having licked Stephanie's cunt to a wet state, and having smashed my cock into her, I started trash talking her, calling her mainly things she was called in the arena "slut" and mainly "bitch" I made her ride me, whilst I constantly rubbed her clit, making her body tremble as she came more times than I can remember.

I didn't care if she was on Birth control or not, all I cared about was taking it to the beauty under the make-up and jewelry, and making her make me cum. Most of the time my face was buried in her tits, her saliva running down them, and when my mouth wasn't indulging in those her mouth belonged to me. I make no apologies on how roughly I handled her. She was mine for the taking and no-one was going to take her away from me. I ended up wrapping her legs around me and picking her up, before bringing my cock out and slamming it back into her heated compartment. All she sat there doing was screaming, and it took a tremendous amount of her clawing at my skin for me to finally try and approach a different style.

Like I'd done with Lita. I made her lie on top of me, so she had my upright Penis in her mouth, she quickly learnt how to give me a good blowjob whilst I stuck fingers in her cunt, rubbed her clitoris and drank her juice. You can only imagine how her fragrance, sweat and cum mixed to give me a taste of exotic paradise. Finally I came, as she was biting into my meaty morsel and swirling her tongue around it. The cum leaked out of her mouth, and taking my cock out of her mouth (though she didn't want it taken out) I slammed it back into her box, making her shudder at the impact of my whole body rolling on top of her. I started to devour her Breasts.

Her erect nipples started to melt in my tongue, and as I began to feel my balls tighten I came into her pussy whilst she was cumming. Being in the position of power she was, she had many drinks in her room, including wine and champagne. Both of which I mixed, shook and poured over her body as I rolled on onto her back and pulled her hair, making her still. I made sure I licked every drop off that body, even though most went into various holes in her body.

Her naked flesh at the end was a sight. Drizzling with dew she simply sat there, dazed by what I'd done. Still wanting to divulge in the wrestling business I made her stand above the settee as I ran across the room and jumped onto her making her scream as my dick entered her while she was still in the air. Then I began pumping her as soon as we fell onto the soft material. Harder and faster I pumped, and although she struggled to get on top of me, I held her still and resorted to kissing her inches, while she tried to catch my cock when it came out and try and jack me off. In the end it worked, I came all over her body. Tits, face, legs, the lot.

I then watched her lick it all off, while I just went and sat under a streaming shower. It didn't take her long to follow me in. And after I'd washed myself, she decided she needed a bit more loving. My load had already been blown. So my Cock was hanging in a miserable pathetic state.

She started cooling it down after the shower, licking all the drizzle off in her mouth, sucking it and blowing too, making me regain my erectile function. She took her tits, and shoved my head into them, before straightening and pushing my mouth into her pussy. I took the hint and started licking it, rubbing her clit. It wasn't long before she came in a mixture of water and cum into my mouth. It wasn't exactly the tastiest thing ever, but I sat there thinking "damn, I'm fucking, fucking Stephanie, most blokes would give their manhood to be with her for one second if they only knew how hot she can be"

As much as I enjoyed pleasuring her, and feeling her naked body dripping and shivering with every orgasm, I quickly wanted to get myself pleasured again, and desperately wanted to devour those tits again. They were still slightly off colour, from all the animal instinct before, but once my mouth was in them there was no stopping me. One hand fondled a breast. The other rubbed her clitoris whilst my mouth moved from one breast to the other, up to the mouth and then down again.

Once I'd positioned myself properly, I slammed my dick into her cunt, making her moan in surprise. She rode it, like no-one had ever done before, bouncing like a yoyo, but never tiring, until her hole had been filled with cum through multiple orgasms. Picking her up in the same fashion I had before I smashed her into a wall under the shower head, and took down the head. And washed down her hair through her multiple slits and placing the head between our bodies I slid her up and down the wall as I bounced her on my cock, taking it out, before shoving it all the way back in, making a squish sound every time it plopped out and water filled her hole.

As she bounced she arched her back as she came on my cock, making me cum with equal force making our bodies tremor, then sliding down the wall, her tits bouncing in my face, we spread apart, admiring each others bodies, until I decided the water wasn't doing a good enough job, and I licked her clean, and filling my mouth with water I kissed her throatily and deeply so that we swished the water from one mouth to the other for several minutes cooling each others throats, she probably needed it the most after the deep throating, and finally after having a savouring taste of each other we split apart, our bodies panting and heaving together.

I tried to re-clothe her, but ripped her fragile bra and panties, and since neither of us had cars here, we called a cab. She was the most eager, and whilst we pretended to be lovers in the back seat, never taking our mouths from each other, what she really did was sit on my lap, my upright cock, penetrating the hole in her panties, and with every bump on the road she moaned as for the umpteenth time that night she rode me and when my body re-entered hers, she screamed, the shock sending tremors through her body that reflected in the kiss as her tongue moved and her breasts rose into our faces. In the end she could barely walk up to her suite.

So I checked her in, and dragged her up the stairs. During this time however Lita had seen us come in and followed us upstairs, shouting at me once we reached a landing, "and just what the hell do you think you're doing?" were her words. Stuck for an answer or explanation, I just stammered "I found her like this..." an angry look passed across her face, but she soon helped me carry her to Lita's room, as Steph's was the penthouse, and I think that Lita didn't really trust me, if I'd have taken her up there.

Resigned to lay her on the bed, Steph was zonked and pretty much immediately went to sleep, leaving the floor for us. Lita was all to eager to strip down, once again revealing huge breasts under her shirt. She told me "no time for foreplay, I'm tired" I suppose wrestling can be really tough. It was a shame 'cos foreplay was the thing that seemed to get women off.

So all I had to do was stick my cock into her hole. She rode it with hips bucking for about 10 minutes, reaching the climax of her life twice, with me blowing one load over her tits, one in her mouth while she was trying to get me hard again, and 1 in her cunt. Then cock in pussy we fell asleep, bundled in each others' arms. It wasn't till morning that I found my next surprise of Stephanie waking me up by sucking on my dick...

maybe t.b.c. (depends if asked for or not)

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