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Collette Makes a Friend  


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30/06/2020 7:57 pm  

Dalia opened the door, "Good evening, Sweet Collette." Her brunette waves crashed over her right shoulder, and her smile was as warm as the heat that poured from the open door. She wore a floor-length red fur coat, trimmed with a black fur border, which was buttoned at the waist.

"Good evening, Dalia," I cheek-kissed her.

As I did, a woman came down the stairs behind my boss, and time froze around her. She was exquisite: her very black skin gleamed under the warm glow of the entry hallway lighting, her natural hair was styled into a pinned Mohawk of sorts, and her simple white one-shoulder dress was cut just below her knees. She wore long diamond drop earrings that looked vintage, and a diamond bracelet, but neither shined as much as her smile when she looked in my eyes. There was a recognition in her dark eyes, but I'd never met her. She continued down the stairs and went into the ballroom.

"Who is that?"

"The white dress? That's Vaughn Gruber. She relocated from our Berlin House."

A server came to take my coat, and I slipped it off without taking my eyes from where Vaughn headed.

"Sweet Collette, are you interested in her?"

I tried to focus, "I, um, yeah, is Jeremy out and about, or still in his apartment?"

"I saw him earlier, but I'm not sure where he is now. Before you leave, I need to address a business matter with you. Catch up later?" she smiled.

"Yeah, sure."

The ballroom was full of people, as it was too chilly to go to the terrace. The music was a French lounge style, which worked for dancing or chatter. The 2' x 2' tile of the ballroom was interspersed with the occasional light-up tile and that night, they glowed eggplant. The ceiling's glass waves alternated between blue and purple lighting, in pulse with the music. The effect gave the ballroom an underwater feeling.

I stalked my prey through the crowd. As champagne wetted my lips, she stared at me from across the room. I walked to her, and as I stepped, people parted. It was almost as if they knew not to be between me and my target. She waited for me, and as I got closer, her glossed lips parted into a smile.

I held my hand out to her, and she took it. We swayed with the beat. She was my height, in my boots and her heels, so I put my hands on her waist, and she put hers around my neck. She smelled like caramel, and I wanted to lick her neck, but that seemed forward.

After the song, I took her hand and we found a dark corner of the dancefloor. She started to say something but stopped herself. Those silver-lined dark brown eyes stared at my lips. She tilted her mouth toward mine. I went for it. She was velvety and tasted like champagne. Her hands came back to my neck, and she turned us, so my back was in the corner. I felt trapped and hot and wanted to fuck her hard. Her hands slipped from my neck, down to the front of my dress, and she cupped my tits. I moaned, and she bit my lip. She broke the kiss and we panted as we looked into each other's eyes. She took my hand, and I followed.

We traipsed through the crowd, past Dalia at the entry, and up the stairs. I faintly heard Simon's apartment door open and shut as we passed by, but I wasn't about to stop. We went to her Member suite, ~29. The door shut, and I didn't have time to look around.

She pinned me to the door and kissed me like her body demanded it. Vaughn and I stepped from our shoes, but I needed help from my boots. I gave her a hand back up, and as she stood, I took that hand over her head. Then, I spun her till her back was to the door and pinned both her hands overhead. I kissed her mouth, licked her neck, and her skin did, in fact, taste like caramel. I glided my hands down her body, over the front of her dress, then drew it up in my hands. We stripped down to bras and panties. Her strapless bra and panty set matched her skin, as did the satin texture. I got on my knees and licked her flat stomach. She moaned, then took my hands from her hips and led me to the king-sized bed.

She laid on her back and crawled backward to the pillows. I followed and laid with my head between her legs. I kissed the delicate skin of her inner thighs, left to right, then cupped her pussy over her panties. She moaned, "I don't even know your name."

I smiled and mashed my hand against her. "Do you need to know it?" I slipped my fingers beyond the edge of her panties and into her wetness.

She gasped, "No, I don't."

I slipped two fingers into her and her hips jumped at my face. I bit at her clit over her panties and listened to happy whimpers. She groaned, pulled away from me, ripped her panties off, and then got back into position. Her pussy had the slightest bit of hair and looked like full ripe fruit. She tasted like caramel everywhere. I licked her clit and fingered her little hole again and again. Her body pulsed on my fingers, and I thought she was close. Too soon.

I pulled away from her and she sighed. I crawled to her face, straddled her body, and kissed her lips. She whined in my mouth as I grabbed her tits. I reached under her and unclasped the last bit of clothing she wore, sat back on my knees, and then flung it across the bed. She giggled as I threw it, then I went back to her mouth. She did the same to my black lace bra, then drew my tits to her mouth. I held onto the headboard while she licked and sucked on them. I groaned at her efforts. Her lips were talented, but I was distracted from them when her fingers slipped past my panties and into me.

I swiftly drew in a breath when she found my G spot. I gasped and panted, and she rolled me to my back. Then, she pulled my panties off and slid down the bed. She licked me, growled, then went at me, like I had the last pussy she might ever get to taste. Her arms pulled my hips to her and trapped me against her face.

"Fuck!" I gasped. Her tongue moved faster than anything, but that which ran on batteries. My hips jerked rapidly, and I came before I knew it. My glutes clenched, and my lower body raised off the bed, while my fists beat the mattress. I didn't have time to prepare, and I dizzied as I rode the wave. I tried to slow my breath, but she stayed on me, and her tongue made me cum again.

"Oh God," I whispered when it hit again. Then, I screamed. My thighs locked out from under me, and my lower body fell onto the bed. She cupped her hand over my pussy, and slowly rubbed me like that.

"No, no, no," I panted, and she pulled her hand away, then giggled.

She laid next to me, and I asked, "Where you think you're going?"

She smiled, and I rolled on top of her. Then, I grinded my right thigh onto her wet twat, and her back arched her against it. I went back to her pussy with renewed purpose. I licked her side to side and up and down, till I found her favorite bit, just to the right of her clit. I didn't know how to do that super-fast thing she did, but I knew how to find her spots and work them. I manipulated her G spot with two fingers and licked her happy place with full abandon.

Her thighs clenched around me, and her breath became uneven. I growled at her body's signs and added my other two fingers. She shrieked at the intrusion and rode my hand and face. "FUCK!" she shouted as she came. Her body rocked on me, and I stayed in place. "No more!" she gasped, and I pulled away.

I climbed up to the pillow next to her beautiful, gasping face. I wiped my mouth on the back of my left arm, "I'm Collette. It's nice to meet you."

She laughed, "I'm Vaughn. Nice to meet you, too."

"So, that was different," I smirked.

"Yeah, usually, I know a woman's name before I make her cum."

I turned onto my left side to face her, "Dalia said you're from the Berlin House; why don't you have an accent?"

"My dad is stationed in Berlin, but we're Americans. Me and my brother moved back to the states a month ago."

"Huh. Is he a Member, too?"

She laughed, "No, Fritz would never be a Member; he's too straight-laced."


Then, Vaughn turned on her right side to face me, "What's your deal, Member or partier?"

"Partier. I'm with this House."

"So, Collette, what now?"

"We can get dressed and join the party, if you like," I smiled, as I looked at the sweat on her skin. It glinted as the light caught it, and I wanted to lick it off her.

She traced my cleavage and said, "I was going to talk to some of the locals to see if the Tampa area would be right for me and Fritz, but you're local, right?" She licked up from between my breasts, then looked me in the eyes, "You like the area?"


"Good enough," she kissed me dizzy and laid on top of me. She pressed her thigh between mine and used it to stimulate the outside of my pussy. Vaughn broke our kiss to lick my collarbone.

"Oh damn," I muttered, as the sensations made my eyes roll back. I grinded against her leg, and she nibbled my breasts. My blood shook in my muscles, and I didn't understand it. My body responded to her like we'd been lovers forever. I shuddered near the verge. She glided down me, then dipped her face into me again. "Oh GOD!" Her fingers joined her mouth, this time. She easily found my G spot and worked me over. "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" I gasped.

"So soon, Collette?" she asked, while she fingered me.

I panted, "Yes!"

"Oh good," she licked my button and I was done.

"God oh god oh gaw..." the words trembled from my throat as my body convulsed around her fingers. I screamed, and my thighs trapped her against me. I rode her face hard and she groaned into me. My pussy throbbed on her fingers and my back arched me away from her. Vaughn escaped my thighs and rolled out of my way. My arms flailed helplessly, and I curled onto my right side away from her.

"Jesus, are you okay?" she touched my left shoulder and I jumped off the bed. I landed on my hands and knees and missed the nightstand by mere inches. "What the fuck!" She was next to me in seconds but didn't touch me this time.

"I'm okay," I gasped.

"Okay?" her legs dangled over the edge of the bed while she waited for an explanation.

I turned to face her and panted, "Skin...sensitive after...made me jump."

"I'm sorry, I-

"No, no, it's okay," I knelt in front of her, "Haven't cum that hard in a while, that's all. Didn't mean to freak you out, sorry."

She laughed, "I'm just glad you're alright, Hon. Want to join me up here?" Vaughn patted the mattress.

"Nope," I separated her legs. I pushed her down onto the bed and licked her.

She inhaled hard against tight teeth, then groaned, "Fuuuuuck." I took that for encouragement and lapped at her caramel cunt some more. I went at her and worked my tongue into her hole. I massaged her clit with my fingers. "Oh my God," she moaned, and her legs shook.

"So soon, Vaughn?" I teased.

"Get back to work," she giggled. So, I did. I swapped places for my tongue and fingers and worked the other side of her clit to frustrate her. It didn't work. Her G spot was charged, and she came after just a few strokes of my fingers. "OH FUCK!" she screamed, and her box swelled and bounced against my fingers. Her body jerked her upright over and over. I kept on her, till she begged me to stop. I went to the bathroom and got us both towels to clean up, then we collapsed onto the bed. She panted, "You know, there's a perfectly good party out there."

"You're welcome to go, but my legs don't seem to work much right now."

Vaughn had the sweetest giggle. "Yeah, me too."

"Actually I do have to go talk to some people here," I stretched my legs.

"Well, that makes sense, you're at work, I guess," she said.

I shrugged, "Yeah, I am. Do you want to come with me?"

"I don't want to distract you from your job any more than I already have, Hon. I'll be down after a while. Gotta recharge after all that."

I smiled, "Well, you're more than welcome to distract me anytime. If you need someone to show you around town, call me." I got dressed and looked at Vaughn, naked and satisfied. "Damn, I have no desire whatsoever to leave this room, with you looking like that."

She grinned, "Go on, now, I don't want you to get in trouble."

"I have a feeling you could get me into all sorts of trouble, Vaughn."

"If you ask real nice," she teased. I kissed her lovely lips and left.

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omfg. amazing.


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it was really a fun story, tbh most of secretaries out there are really attractive and I know how you feel...


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Fascinating plot


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Cool Story!!


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Great read, thank you!


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Ahaha amazing build up