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How I Came to be Submissive  


Dick Haynes
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29/10/2020 12:13 pm  

You can't believe the situation that find you find yourself in. What position is that you ask? Well currently you are bent over on all fours with a ball gag in your mouth while a fuck machine drills a dildo about the same size as your 8 inch cock into your ass stimulating your prostate.

Now no doubt some of you might be thinking why would a man want to be bent over with a dildo penetrating his ass? In truth, I would be one of you questioning myself too but that all changed when I met her, though as I was made to realize this is exactly what I wanted. I guess I should really start at the beginning though of how I came to be in the position I'm currently in.

I guess really the way I found myself in this position was when one day I went over to a coworker, Claudia's, family gathering and she invited me to tag along as she didn't wanna go and be pestered by the "when are you getting married?" cliched questions. Seeing as how it would mean free food I didn't mind and due to the fact that we had started working at around the same time we had naturally grown close to one another so passing for a couple would be no problem. Not only that but I couldn't deny that I found myself sexually and sometimes emotionally attracted to her so spending time with her was always a positive.

Now Claudia was a stunning brown curly haired Latina beauty about 5'0 with probably about a B in terms of breast size and a nice tight ass that was a result of playing college soccer. Though whether she believed me or not the thing I always told her was her best feature was her face. She had one of those naturally sexy subtlety beautiful faces that you can't help but stare at like an idiot.

Admittedly the only thing keeping the two of us from advancing our relationship any further wasn't due to my appearance. As Claudia had made a point on multiple occasions to state that my naturally dark tanned 5'10 lean muscled body complemented by my jet black hair would have most woman dying for a piece. That and the fact that my name was Mike which she thought to be sexy nearly made me irresistible, nearly that is except she knew me to well.

You see after my last relationship didn't end so well I became a bit of a man whore and while Claudia didn't ever judge me for that didn't make her inclined to wanna sleep with me or pursue anything more than a friendship but I knew she was attracted to me. It was pretty obvious especially at things like this where we'd pretend to be a couple the way her eyes would linger and mentally undress me or the way she'd linger on my arm. Though I knew she wouldn't admit it and I had no attention to either until I met the woman who would bring me to my knees.

As this was in fact a family gathering Claudia introduced me to some of her different family and none really stood out until I was introduced to HER. Aunt Carmen, imagine Salma Hayek in closed toe high heels, tight fitted blue jeans topped off by a tasteful red V-neck that showed just the right amount of cleavage but instead of the warm inviting face hers was intense dominant yet devilishly sexy, much like Claudia's when she got angry.

"Come here how is my favorite nice doing." They exchanged a very pillowy hug that set my mind to wander.

Though I was quick to set that aside as my attention was brought back to reality.

"And how is this yummy looking thing?"

The way she looked at me after saying that I couldn't help but feel small and weak to this imposing sex goddess.

"Aunt Carmen! This is my boyfriend Mike."

"Nice to meet you M'am."

"Oh I see this one at least knows his manners that's good. That other one was so disobedient." I couldn't help but notice the look on her face when she said almost like what she said and what she meant were two different things.

That was the moment I should've trusted my instincts. As we walked away though my mind drifted to Claudia and I couldn't help but compare how similar yet so different they were.

"She seems nice. Are you too close?"

"Yeah sometime she feels more like an older sister than my Aunt. I'm glad to see her take a liking to you though, after my Uncle her husband passed away her attitude towards men has changed."

"How so?"

"It's kinda hard to describe as most people wouldn't notice but with as well as we know one another I can."

I didn't think too much of it until I went to the restroom, after I finished washing up and opened the door I was caught off guard as there she was.

"Oh I'm sorry did I startle you?"

"A-a little it's fine though." I tried walking out but she was still blocking my way out.

"I think you misunderstood me I wasn't really apologizing." With that she pushed me back in before closing and locking the door. Once the door was closed she took off her close till she was standing before me in a blood red bra and matching thong.

My cock despite myself had a mind of its own as I immediately got hard at this sexy MILF in her underwear. I stammered incoherently as she dropped down to her knees before me working to undo my belt.

"Wh-What are you doing, stop I'm dating yo-"

"Cut the crap Claudia would've told me about you beforehand if you two were actually dating. Now quit your senseless struggling when you both know you want this!"

Her voice carries a certain authority as all I can do is watch in awe as she undoes my belt before yanking my pants and underwear to my ankles. This causes my extremely hard 8 inch cock to bob nearly smacking her in the face. She smirks in that devilishly sexy way as she wraps a hand around the base of my cock.

"Not bad I must say it's rather impressive when I can't wrap my hand fully around a man's cock. Most woman claim size doesn't matter but often their either just inexperienced or they don't know how to properly use it. For instance if a cock is small than it should be humiliated and if it's too big then it should be punished for essentially being just as useless."

Aunt Carmen has begun using both her spit and the generous amounts of precum to lube up my cock as she begins stroking my cock as she talks.

"Now when a cock is a perfect size like this well than it should be used and appreciated for its only purpose. You see Mike unlike most women I'm sure you've bedded I am a dominant, I like to bring men like you to their knees like the submissive you are. So what's gonna happen is simple I'm going to suck what is now my cock, you are not to cum until I give you permission and if you can't control yourself then you will be punished. Do I make myself clear?"

"Y-Yes Ma'm."

"One more thing when you're in my presence like this you will address me as Mistress Carmen."

With that she takes my cock in her mouth and as she lingers on the head sucking and licking it before alternating to bobbing on it I can't help but enjoy her handiwork until I look down into her eyes. Staring back at me is not the look of a woman struggling like I'm so accustomed to but instead the look of someone in complete control. I realize that there's a very good chance I may cum early.

This sexy dominant Latina woman is absolutely destroying me with pleasure as all I can do is struggle to stand upright as she envelopes my cock in her mouth every once in a while taking my cock out of her mouth not for a break but to make me suffer. You see once she removes her mouth she waits until I can't help but moan in need before taking about 5 inches in my mouth all at once which drives me nuts. She does this a few times before I know I won't be able to hold out much longer.

"P-Please Mistress Carmen may I please cum?"

I don't wanna face the possibility of punishment as for the first time in my life I'm made to beg for my orgasm. As I look down into her eyes to plead one more time I realize I never stood a chance as she stares at me with those eyes that stare back with such confidence and authority. With a final moan I reach the point of no return as I cum shooting spurt after spurt of my cum into Mistress Carmen's mouth until there is no more room and she just lets it spurt onto her breasts.

I'm surprised my knees haven't buckled as I just experienced the greatest orgasm of my young life before I'm brought to reality by Mistress Carmen kissing me. It isn't until she has a firm grip on the back of my head and her tongue pushes into my mouth the cum that she never swallowed being forced into my mouth. Her kiss forces me not only to taste my cum for the first time but swallow it as well.

The thick saltiness of my own cum floods my mouth as I can't help but feel repulsed at myself for having swallowed my own load but before I that I'm interrupted by the sound of Mistress Carmen's voice.

"Looks like somebody made a mess all over their Mistress breasts. Come on slave come finish cleaning up your mess."

I look at her breasts and to my dismay I see that I shot quite a bit of my cum onto her breasts as well. Admittedly I want to object to protest but a part of me deep down knows that I need to clean up my mess and even wants to. As I began licking up the slightly less thick but still salty bits of cum I try convincing myself that I've already tasted it so there's no point in struggling though Mistress doesn't see it that way.

"I'll bet your trying to convince yourself that there's no difference between when I forced your load into your mouth with a kiss and licking it off my breasts? Well there is and your just as pathetic as every other man because it's very different slave. You see by licking it off your willingly submitting yourself to my desires where before you had no choice."

Deep down I know she's right as I can't help but feel even more pathetic as I lick up the last drops.

"Good job slave now don't think that was your punishment for cumming without permission. That will come later for now though clean yourself up and go back to my niece."

Quickly I pull up my pants as I go to find Claudia and for the rest of the party I can't help dwell on what transpired. Once it had gotten late Claudia tugs at my arm.

"It's getting late and I'm sure you must be ready to go by now?"

"Whenever you're ready we can head out, I've had a good time."

Again thoughts of what I had transpired with Claudia's Aunt Carmen and what will transpire for my punishment flood my head. Though it's when the thought of instead of Mistress Carmen being the one dominating me it's Claudia that have me getting hard. Picturing her standing over me as I'm on my knees stroking my cock begging for permission to cum but I'm snapped out these thoughts by the real Claudia.

"Mike, Mike quit spacing out on me I'm ready to go home. I hope you haven't had too much to drink."

"No I'm good promise I'm good."

We say good bye to everyone before making our way to the car. About a few minutes after we leave Claudia falls asleep and I can't help admire her as I steal glances until we arrive. I walk her to her front door.

"Oh Mike, my Aunt Carmen said to expect a call from her, something about you promise to help her with something? Anyways thanks again for tonight, it was really sweet of you."

She gives me a kiss and I'm not talking our usual friendly pecks but a full blown kiss that would put the movies to shame. Though once we break the kiss off and exchange awkward good-byes I can't help but be reminded of the cum kiss I exchange with her Aunt or to me Mistress Carmen. I have difficulties sleeping that night as my thoughts are filled with horny images of Claudia dominating me, ordering me to eat my cum and humiliating me for it.

I didn't know at the time but I wouldn't have to wait long for Mistress Carmen to collect on my punishment and even then I was eager to serve. As despite myself I couldn't help but be turned on by these new found desires.

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