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18th Birthday Surprise  


Lenora Mandy
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20/06/2020 4:00 pm  

As the clock hands meet at the '12' mark, Jacob, Chandler, and Leo made one big jump to celebrate the 18th birthday of his little buddy, Kevin.

Kevin giggled behind his hand, "Haha thanks guys. Finally, I'm a man."

"Yeah man!" They all cheered. Then lit up again like a light bulb was over their heads, "Guess what's the gift you'll get!" Usually it's just something stupid and wasn't really physical all the time. We just do something dumb in town, simple as that.

"What?" I try to play along. "Close your eyes for 3 seconds!" They exclaimed.

"Really guys? I know it's going to be a pic of Maria again. I'm already over her oka-" I shut my eyes anyways.

'1 one thousand, 2 one thousand, 3 one thousand...' Right at that moment the air tensed and became warmer, I open my eyes. I'm on the ground with three naked bodies on me. I couldn't believe anything, Jacob, Chandler and Leo is ON me.

My brain couldn't process anything, I was being seduced by three little monkeys!

Chandler was at the rear, eating my ass in and out. Not disgusted in any way. His tongue flicked at my hole. Causing moans deep inside of me to burst, but muffled by Leo's lips. Frenching me like no other human. Jacob, on the other hand, engulfing my balls, causing me to leak pre intensely. The whole scene was the gay fantasy that I always dreamed of!

After a full half hour, Jacob and Chandler release me, leaving me and Leo together. Horny teenage Kevin couldn't know what they were doing. It was the greatest birthday gift I ever had in years... and then, they had more.

When I noticed the large amount of weight lifted off me, I opened my eyes slightly to find myself fully naked, back against the wall, making out with Leo. From what I could see, Jacob and Chandler were dragging a something towards me, something long, something slippery, somet- wait. A dildo?!

"Don't worry, Kevin. We know you've been fingering yourself." They both had horny grins. How did they know?!!

And Leo's lips was locked my mines for a long time. He pushed me down the floor, moving to the side (still frenching me). The dildo, it scared me. It was half the length of my leg! Thick as a large sized mug. Yes. I have been fingering my ass, but with just a finger. I don't know if I could take a mammoth's cock yet! I could feel the dildo slooooowly pushed into me. My ass cheeks separate from each other, a first time. I couldn't help but scream in ecstasy as it brushes through my prostate.

My muscles are being stretched out further than ever, it kept going in. I knew it was over when it stopped: I look at the end, you want to know what it looks like? It looks like I giving birth! to a mutant baby!!

"Ready?" Jacob asked with a ear reaching grin. I couldn't respond because Leo was still on me, boy has some mad kissing skills!

The pole went in a little, then out, I scream, in, out, scream. Each time, more gets out, more gets in. More louder the screams. Expertly blocked by my professional kisser, Leo. My screams could still be audible. At first, it was mostly pain with a little pleasure mixed in. But then the pleasure took over and I couldn't sense anything, just my ravaging hole.

I could feel the pre-cum gurgling in my balls, I wasn't ready to cum yet.

After a solid hour, the dildo unplugged from me. Suddenly, my ass feels so empty. Like I never pooped in my life. I reach out my finger to feel my ass... And yes, Leo is still at it. His dick leaked a large amount of pre on my abdomen area.


my finger just went in. Pop! A little bit of my fist went in before Chandler took it out and insert his own fist inside. The pleasure was back again. More aggressive. Chandler twist his fist at different speeds fucking my hungry hole.

I was taking it all in, when he suddenly stopped. And took it out. The emptiness returned, I begged for more. Then finally, Leo went off me, for a long time I could breathe actual air! I gasped. And my sight came back to me. I didn't really saw anything but Leo's sexy body. Perfectly shaped, licking his lips, wanting more of me. That's when my senses all shut off again, he frenched me again! Can that tongue never be tired?!

This time I was sitting on him, his back on the floor, he lifted his free hand to adjusted his cock into my hole. Just like my finger, it popped in. Losing my virginity to Leo... who would thought?

Like the dildo, he ravaged my ass. Like we're dogs breeding each other. It was intensely hot, very hot, I was riding his monster like a champ. I'm surprised I haven't cum yet.

Out of nowhere, another cock inserted inside of me. Whoever it was, he's now on top of me. I'm just the lettuce to this sexy gay sandwich. The smell belonged to Chandler, And wow. Two cock anal on my first sex experience! Both Leo's and Chandler's dick combined was much bigger than the dildo. You probably know what my reaction was. Since my mouth was freed by Leo, I could finally release all my pain and ecstasy. My moans sounds like I'm being raped, in a good way that is.

I thought it couldn't get much better than this, but then. I remembered Jacob. Where is he?!

It might be my lucky day. Three of my best friends inside of me, I could cum right now!

Jacob fucked me from behind Chandler, there wasn't much movement in my ass. But wowww, was it hot. Three of the boys could feel each other's dick together. It was definitely the best day of my life when it all ended.

With all these cocks in my ass, of course I would be leaking pre-cum like a hose. (Not exaggerating, okay) I was directly on top of Leo, my pre-cum made him leak pre-cum ALSO. Which Chandler and Jacob all felt the slipperiness, they also leaked too. Then it began...

Jacob fired and fired hot boy cream in my ass, Chandler followed, but instead he had an explosive orgasm, which made Leo cum too. My best friends' seed is filling the extra emotiness in my boy pussy. I couldn't hold it in, I fired my cannon.

Jets and jets of cum were all over Leo and my ass leaked their boy cream.

We all passed out.

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Meta Varvara
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28/06/2020 12:55 am  

Marvelous Erotic Story


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Good novel


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I wanna know!!


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Marvelous story!!


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Great reads. All of them.


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Not bad


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hey dm me!


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Amazing read!