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Bear Seduction, Practice  


Edmond Hanson
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04/08/2020 3:23 pm  

All during the week something is there to remind me of Kevins cock. I see a banana and I think Kevin's cock, a zucchini, cock, a brautwurst, Kevin's cock. I get home from work knowing Kevin gave me a fleshy dildo to practice on but I get too nervous to pull it out. Finally I have the house to myself so I go to my work space in the basement and pull it out. Sitting the suction suck holds it upright. It looks about the same size as Kevin's penis when it's hard. I put my hand around the shaft, seem to be the same thickness. I'm pretty sure he picked it out on purpose for my practice session. I have to do it. I pull out my tape measure and it's eight inches long. My cock is a pinch over six inches. I put my mouth over it and go down as far as I can. My lips wrap around it and I pull it though my lips. My saliva shows I get about half the dildo, half of Kevin's cock into my mouth before I gag. I watch some video's on my computer of women sucking cock, not all women, most in fact don't deep throat, unless it's on a deep throating page. I finally find an instructional video on deep throating. One of the lessons is to let the dildo rest against the back of the throat, get use to it. I try it and immediately I gag. After 30 minutes I hear footsteps coming down the stairs. I hit the power button on the monitor, jam the dildo into my bottom drawer and turn around. Christina opens the door. I feel like a junior high boy who just stashed his Playboy magazine.

"What do you want for supper babe?" She asks.

"Ladies choice?" Flustered I'm thinking she can read my mind.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, just going over some issues at work."

She grins as she leaves. Did she see me sucking on the dildo Kevin gave me? I look around and don't see how. My mind is fucking with me. I have three days of practice before the next game.

Kevin's basement. The guys have left and it's just us two. He sits on the couch with his legs open for me. I get up from the recliner and go to him. I'm about to knee and he stops me.

"Take it off, I want to see you."

I strip my clothes off and stand before Kevin. My cock is hard and precum is forming on the tip. Kevin reaches forward and strokes my cock a couple times.

"Nice" He says and undoes his pants.

Finally. I get between Kevin's knees and stroke his beautiful cock. It's semi hard and I move down with my tongue out. I lick his shaft and look into his eyes. His hand finds the back of my head and he plays with my hair a bit. I lick him some more from his balls up to his head a couple more times, then guild his head between my lips. I love the slight give his head has as my lips and tongue take him in. Loving how his cock feels in my mouth. Looking at his cock as I suck it, seeing his head wet with my saliva, he gets harder and harder. I go down on him taking him nearly to the back of my throat. My heart is racing because I want to try deep throating him, but scared I'll gag and accidently bite him. I just work on taking as much of his shaft as I can. I take him into my mouth gently and cup his balls. I get into a nice rhythm going up and down on his cock. sliding between my lips, no teeth, just lips and tongue. Up and down. Some times stroking him, sometimes just holding onto the base of his rock hard cock. Breathing through my nose, my mouth filled with this man. I run my hand over his stomach and hairy chest. Savoring his hard body, and his hard cock.

"You like being my cock bitch don't you?" Kevin asked me.

I slid his cock from my lips and slowly stroked him as I looked up at him.

"I love pleasing your cock."

"You're a good bitch, you like to swallow."

I looked at his cock as I stroked it, then back into his eyes. "I love when you cum in my mouth." I dived back onto his cock working it in and out. My mouth making noise on his cock like in the video's, his words increasing my horny lust for him.

This was it, I took my mouth off him, stroked him and took some slow deep breaths. I was going to show him the work I've been putting in. I opened my mouth and went down on him. I pushed the head of his cock past my gag reflex and he slipped down my throat. I pulled up just before the gag reflex kicked in. My eyes started to water and I took his cock for a few half strokes. Then during the down stroke with my mouth I took him deep for second time. My face buried against his pubes.

I heard him sigh in ecstasy.

I pulled his cock from my mouth and started stroking it. My eyes watering and my saliva glands giving him extra slickness. I love seeing his hard cock in my hand. Every time I work his cock I feel something new. Something is enhanced. Like the way his hand fondles the back of my head and neck. The way his hips move as my mouth works on his cock. Now how his cock shines in my hand as I stroke him. I love how he trembles as he cums in my mouth. His cock, his pleasure is my pleasure. I belong here for him.

Kevin moves as I stroke him and he lays on the couch. He reaches down and strokes my cock. I go down on him from a new angle. I watch he balls as my mouth takes his cock in. My cock is quickly slick with my own pre cum.

"You have a nice ass." He said and his hand went from my cock to my ass checks. Squeezing my checks, giving it a light slap. He grabbed my cock again and started working his shaft with my mouth and tongue increasing my bobbing. His balls were retracting, my mouth working him up and down, then he let go of me and his hips started to buck as he tensed up and started shooting his hot cum into my mouth. I swallowed the first shots. The next spirts I tried keeping in my mouth and his hand caressed my head.

"Oh fuck, you're a quick study. Sit down."

I took my mouth off his cock and started to sit down on the couch next to him but Kevin sat up and had me sit on his lap. The taste of his cum filled my taste buds and he began stroking my cock. His lips were close to my ear and he whispered.

"You're suck a good little cock bitch. You like how that feels?"

I loved how he stroked me.


"You deserve a reward for you efforts."

He kissed my ear and neck and continued stroking me. I could tell I would be cumming soon.

"Have you ever thought of sitting on it?"

I hadn't thought of that but in my sexual frenzy the thought of sitting on his cock was quite appealing. I wanted his cock where ever he wanted it.

He whispered into my ear. "We can take it slow, but I know how good your tight little hole is going to feel with my cock in it."

"I'm going to cum."

"Here, lay down."

I took the same spot Kevin had when he came and he stroked me. It came fast and before I knew it the first shot of cum squirted half way up my chest. The next shot hit me in the face and the third shot got my cheek and eye.

"Somebody likes this even more than I do I think." Kevin got up and retrieved a towel wiped up my cum from my face.

As I settled down I started to worry about Kevin's large cock in my tight hole. I was definitely an anal virgin.

"Hey, what I said about sitting on it, don't worry about. When you're ready you'll let me know."

I nodded, and I wanted it, but when?

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