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Best Friends' Friday Night  


Eleanor Grauso
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15/09/2020 6:57 am  

David picked up his phone to look at the text message that had just come in. It read "I'm here." from his best friend Brandon. David and Brandon had been best friends for as long as he could remember. They did everything together, and when one got interested in something that the other didn't want to participate in, they still went along and cheered the other on. Brandon was 6' 1" and 185. He was thin yet muscular and prided himself on staying in really good shape. He had blonde hair and blue eyes and a smile that could charm the pants off any girl he wanted. David was a bit more reserved. He had dirty blonde almost brown hair with blue eyes. He was 5'10" and 150. He was skinny and not as muscular as Brandon.

This weekend, Brandon's parents were going out of town until Wednesday of the next week and they had asked David to stay at their house with Brandon till they came back so he wouldn't be all alone while he watched the house. Of course David had agreed the second they'd asked even before he found out he would be paid. After all a weekend of hanging out with your best friend, playing video games, eating junk food, and having no supervision? What could be better than that?

David grabbed his backpack of clothes and walked outside to see Brandon waiting in his Jeep Wrangler with no doors. Brandon was wearing a tank top that showed his slim yet muscular arms and shorts with no shoes. David tossed his bag in the back and climbed in.

"Hey how's it going?" Brandon asked.

"Fantastic," David replied "I can't wait to just relax all weekend. I could use the mini vacation."

"Yeah me too."

They drove to Brandon's house. David had always been a little jealous of the house. He had grown up in a small one story home in which he shared a room with his brother and one bathroom with the whole family. Brandon's home was a large 2 story house with a built in pool in the backyard, and multiple bedrooms. The master was his parents and the next largest was his. The other room had been his grandmothers until she passed away and then Brandon's mother had converted it to a craft room in her honor. Both his grandmother and mother loved every kind of craft you could do with your own hands.

As they arrived, Brandon's parents, Jim and Nancy were loading their car with their luggage,

"David!" Jim yelled, "So good to see you again. I hope you'll keep our boy out of trouble while we are gone?"

"Of course," David replied, giving both Jim and Nancy big hugs. They were practically his second set of parents and they loved having him around.

Well come in and let me explain how this will work for the weekend." Nancy told David as she walked him into the house. Brandon followed behind half smiling as he always did when he watched his parents gush over his best friend.

Nancy walked them into the kitchen and started explaining where to find certain food items and pots and pans. Brandon interrupted her, "Mom, he's been spending the night here since we were 9, I think he knows where everything is."

"Oh you're right." she said almost dejectedly. "Well in that case my phone number is on the fridge if you need it or have questions. Jim, can you show David where he will be staying."

"Sure honey," Jim said from the other side of the room "Come on boys." He led the boys upstairs past the craft room and past Brandon's room where David had always slept on an air mattress on the floor over the years. He continued onto the master bedroom and walked inside.

"David, you'll be staying in our bed, don't worry we changed the sheets and everything this morning so everything's clean and ready for you."

"Oh no that's too generous Jim, I would be happy to sleep on the air mattress like usual." David blurted out.

"Nonsense, we insist. Normally you just stay one night if you are going to be here for several I won't have you on an air mattress when a perfectly good bed is right here and empty."

Brandon jutted in "I tried to talk them into giving you my bed and giving me the master but, we all know who is the favorite around here."

David smiled as Jim gave Brandon his fatherly "Oh come on" look

"We need to go honey!" echoed up the stairs from Nancy. Jim checked his watch and bid the boys goodbye. They all walked downstairs and Jim closed up the car and got in. Everyone said their goodbyes and Brandon's parents drove off.

David and Brandon headed inside and shut the door. The possibilities for their bachelor's weekend were sinking in and there were so many options they didn't know what to do first. It was about noon when Brandon's parents left. They decided to sit down and watch some TV to just relax into the weekend. After a few hours of chilling and watching TV they ordered a couple pizzas for a snack and then to have for dinner later and they ate their snack.

After a while Brandon spoke up "Hey you want to go for a swim? I cleaned the pool this morning."

"Yeah let's do it."

They went upstairs and David went into his room. As he started to dig through his backpack he couldn't find his suit. He could have sworn he'd packed one. He dumped the contents out onto the bed and searched through but there was no suit to be found. He heard a splash from the backyard as Brandon jumped into the pool.

"Great," he whispered to himself, "Now what?"

He went downstairs and out onto the patio around the pool.

"Hey," he waved Brandon over, "I can't find my suit, I thought I packed it but I don't know what happened."

"Go in my room and in the bottom drawer of the dresser there are a few in there see if any will fit you."

David went back upstairs into Brandon's room and opened the drawer. He pulled four pairs out of the drawer and tried each pair of them on but all of them were a bit too big in the waist. they just fell right off his skinny hips. He put his shorts back on and went downstairs to tell Brandon the bad news.

"They won't stay on." He said as he stepped back outside.

"Well then just don't wear anything." Brandon said back. David was shocked at the idea and didn't reply.

"Look I'll do it too," Brandon said as he pulled his shorts off underwater and threw them out of the pool "I'll turn around while you get in too so I don't see you."

David couldn't come up with an argument as to why this wouldn't work, so he started getting undressed and Brandon turned around. As he slid into the pool he said "All clear" and Brandon turned back around and they started splashing each other and throwing a ball back and forth.

After a few hours they decided to call it quits because it was starting to get dark. Brandon climbed out of the pool and grabbed his towel and David followed. They toweled off and went inside with just the towels wrapped around their waists. Brandon started up the TV and put a racing game in. They sat down on the couch and grabbed controllers to play. At one point during the game David was moving around and his towel fell open and left his crotch exposed. He noticed it after a minute and covered back up but Brandon had noticed it too.

They played for a while and ate dinner and then went upstairs to shower before returning downstairs to watch TV. While they were sitting flipping through channels Brandon sat up and looked over at David.

"Hey, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure fire away." David shot back playfully.

"It's kind of serious."

David sat up and looked at his friend. Brandon was usually pretty light-hearted and rarely said something was serious unless it was very important. He muted the TV.

"Okay, what is it?"

"So don't be mad but earlier when we were playing games, your towel fell open and I kind of saw what you have down there." Brandon said slowly.

"Okay that's kind of my fault for letting it happen sorry you had to see that." David replied, not understanding what was happening.

"No, um, I mean yeah but I actually wanted to ask you about it." Brandon said hesitantly.

"Oh." David was a little unsure but ultimately said, "Alright sure what's on your mind?"

"Um... okay ...uh," Brandon was struggling to get his words out, which was so different from his normal carefree attitude. "It's just .. I guess I'll just say it.. you're circumcised"

David looked at his friend incredulously, "Yeah, I am is that what all this is about?"

"I mean not only but I did notice that." Brandon said

"So I guess that means you are not then?" David said back.

"No, I'm not." Brandon replied , "I've only ever seen mine and my dad's when I was younger and we are both uncut. I'd never seen one that was, I knew they did it was just an abstract concept for me."

"Yeah it's not a big deal to me I guess" said David, "It happened when I was born so I've never known what it was like to be any other way."

"Oh so you don't know what uncut is like?" Brandon asked

"No, like i said, been this way forever. "

"Could I.. um see it again like for real?"

The question was a little unexpected but David could see how serious his friend was so he stood up and put his hands in the waistband of his basketball shorts and pushed them off and let them fall to the ground. He stood about 4 feet from Brandon and watched as his friend looked at his crotch. Brandon then stood up and let his shorts drop as well.

"Only fair." He said quickly.

Brandon was about 4 inches long soft and had a full blonde bush crowning the base of his shaft. His foreskin went right to the end of his head and stopped with no extra hanging over. David was only about 3 inches while soft and had no hair to speak of.

Noticing this Brandon asked "Do you not grow hair down there?"

"No I do," David replied, "I just shave it all cause I like how it looks better."

"Cool, I've always wanted to do that but I've never been comfortable with a razor around my balls."

David was starting to be more comfortable with his friend seeing him naked. After all they'd known each other forever, and he'd always been a little curious about what Brandon had down there.

"If you want I could teach you." he said hesitantly, unsure how the offer would be received.

"Like what do you mean?" Brandon asked

" I mean like I could help you do it or I could just walk you through it. I mean we've known each other long enough and I've already seen you now so. I'd be okay doing that."

Brandon seemed to perk up a little. "Okay sure you want to do it now or what?"

David shrugged, "Sure we can do it now, if you have the stuff."

They headed upstairs to the master bathroom which had a very large walk in shower with glass walls. David began rummaging through Jim's side of the bathroom and found a beard trimmer, and a razor. He told Brandon to get in the shower and get the water hot. He checked the batteries in the trimmer and then followed Brandon into the shower.

"Okay first thing is you want to trim it down as low as you can with the trimmer." He said as he handed off the trimmer to his best friend. "Then you can get down to the hard part."

Brandon got to work and soon had everything trimmed as low as he could. David then said "then you want to take the razor and go with the grain of the hair. If you go against it you're going to have a bad day."

After watching Brandon fumble with the razor David stepped forward and said "Here let me." He took the razor from Brandon and began to start shaving him but Brandon started to get hard and he immediately turned to face the wall.

"Hey I wasn't done." David said jokingly.

Brandon said nothing just stared at the wall.

"Hey," David said more softly "It's no big deal it happens to me when I'm shaving all the time. Just turn back around its fine."

When Brandon finally did turn back around he was at full mast pointing straight at his friend. David was taken aback because his friend had doubled in size, up to almost 8 inches while he had been facing the wall. Trying not to let his friend see his shock he went back to work.

"Okay and .. umm when you are *ahem* when you are shaving your balls you want to pull them taught so that you don't nick them with the razor." He couldn't believe how big it was. He had found himself wondering about his friend but he never imagined he would have anything close to this size.

Despite his best efforts David started to get hard too and by the time he finished shaving Brandon he was standing at full attention. They just stood and stared at each other for a minute taking it in. Brandon was still sitting at just about 8 inches and on the thinner side in girth. He pointed straight out away from his body and drooped ever so slightly from the weight. David was much different. He sat at about 6.5 inches and was a little thicker than his friend. His pointed up in the air and curved back towards his body so that it pointed straight at his belly button.

"See I told you I get hard too." David said jokingly.

Brandon laughed a little and continued to stare. "Can I touch it?" he asked. David figured they were already close, naked and hard... "Sure."

Brandon reached over and wrapped his hand around David's shaft. David let out a small involuntary gasp as the sensation washed over him. He felt Brandon run his hands over it and down to his balls and back up and he liked it. After a moment he reached over and took Brandon's into his hand and began to replicate what Brandon was doing to him.

After a couple moments Brandon looked at his friend and said "I've honestly wondered about you for a long time."

"I have too if I'm honest." came the reply.

"Can you do something for me?" Brandon asked

When David nodded, Brandon grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the shower and into his parent's bedroom. They both stood there dripping wet as Brandon rummaged in his father's nightstand and pulled out a condom and some lube.

"Would you be my first?" He asked, "I've been thinking about seeing if I like guys but I didn't trust anyone enough to ask."

David was still rock hard from the shower and would have agreed to almost anything in that moment. "Let's do it."

Brandon handed the condom to David and climbed onto his parents' bed, and laid on his back, the water from the shower soaking the blanket. David climbed onto the bed, newly wrapped and ready to go. He grabbed a pillow and lifted Brandon's hips and placed it underneath. He then took the lube from his friend and squirted some on his shaft and then some on Brandon's hole.

"Careful its cold." He laughed as Brandon made a noise.

David moved closer to his friend and put the tip of his head against his friend's hole, then he slowly started to push.

Brandon started moaning as soon as the pressure began, and David pushed until his head was entirely inside then stopped. Brandon was gasping.

"Are you okay? Should I stop?" David asked when he noticed how hard Brandon was breathing.

"No, just wait a second let me get used to it." came the reply through gritted teeth.

After a minute, Brandon signaled, and David began pushing again and didn't stop until his balls were touching Brandon. At this point he started to pull out again moaning as he felt Brandon's hole sliding down his shaft. He slowly increased his pace, egged on by the moaning coming from his friend. After a little time had passed, David pulled out of his friend and readjusted the pillow under Brandon's hips. This angled Brandon's hips higher in the air. As David pushed back in, he heard Brandon gasp as his prostate was struck.

"OH GOD!" Brandon gasped out as he shot rope after rope of cum over his muscular chest and abdomen. At the same time, he clamped down on David, who was taken over the edge by the extra pressure.

He moaned and gasped as he pushed as deep as he could and began to unload his own cum. Waves of pleasure washed over him and he couldn't help but moan loudly as he shot into his friend.

When both were spent, David collapsed onto the bed next to his friend and rested an arm on his chest.

"Well that was, unexpected." He said as he tried to catch his breath

"Yes, it was." Brandon replied running his hand through David's hair. He grinned as he said, "Same time tomorrow?"

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