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Lon Hansen
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28/07/2020 9:11 pm  

I woke up Sunday morning feeling rested, relaxed and complete. Dawn was still sleeping. I slipped on some jeans and a t-shirt. Dawn stirred a bit. I padded out to the kitchen. I opened a sliding glass door on the way. To let the cool spring air in. I grabbed a Keurig pod and a coffee cup. The sky was a bright and brilliant deep blue. The breeze was cool. I was still buzzing from yesterday afternoon and our love making last night.

The coffee tasted perfect. Except for the birds there was no noise. The morning couldn't be more perfect. Then I heard car coming down the street. It would slow in front of some driveways and a newspaper would fly out and land on the cement. The car slowed in front of our driveway. A paper flew out the car window and landed in the driveway with a plop. The car sped away to the next driveway.

I wandered out the door and onto the driveway to pick the paper up. My nuts were tingling from the motion. My dick hardened a bit. I bent over to pick up the paper and when I straightened back up Woody was jogging up to me. All he had on was a pair of nylon lime green jogging shorts and running shoes.

He said, "Great to see you Matt!." I knew he meant it. His dick was hard and poking against his shorts

"I talked to a Cheryl last night and she said I should talk to you and Dawn real quick." I didn't understand what he was talking about. I still didn't know who Cheryl was to him. Not his mother for sure.

"Dawn's up, you can come in and cool down. I'll get you some water."

"That's a plan"

"Follow me."

I opened the door and said, "Woody's here, I hope you're decent." I stepped aside to let Woody goes past me and flop down on our couch. His dick was bouncing as he walked past me. His butt cheeks were moving against his shorts too. He plopped down on the edge of the couch and laid back across the cushion. His head and shoulders resting against the back of the couch.

Dawn stepped into the room and gasped when she saw Woody on the couch. Dawn is on the skinny side. Which works for her. Her breasts look bigger. Her ass looks nice and tight. She had on a tight pink top with a bare midriff. Her nipples were hard and poking against the tight fabric. She was breathing deeply, causing her tits to rise and fall. The rubbing made her nipples tingle.. She had on tight sweatpants that hung off her ass. She stood looking at Woody with her mouth open.

Woody's body was awesome. Taunt muscles stretching over his shoulders, chest and abdomen. His skin was still wet with sweat. He pecs we're rising with deep breaths. His shorts had slipped down from his waist. I couldn't resist.

I got down on my knees before him. I pulled his shorts down to his ankles. I pulled my t-shirt off. He spread his knees apart. His cock was hard and straining to the ceiling. The veins were full of hot blood. Blue against pale taunt flesh. There was a narrow brown circumcision scar. The head flared up purple from the shaft. The purple faded to a fleshy pink away from the edges.

I touched it with a finger tip, tugging down to his balls through the soft flesh. It twitched and he moaned. I cupped my hand around it. My thumb pressing onto the underside of it. I slowly stroked him up and down. Dawn moaned and quickly said, "Lick it, now!" I lowered my mouth and brought it to my lips for a quick kiss. I opened my mouth and licked up on it. It tasted sweaty and salty. "Yeah" Dawn sighed. I stuck out my tongue and flattened it against Woody's cock. I pressed it with my cupped hand against my tongue as I licked it even more. It felt so good and soft on my tongue. The salty sweat soaked into my taste buds like expresso.. "Suck it baby, get that bad boy in your mouth!" commanded Dawn.

I lifted my head and opened my mouth. I brought it to my lips and rubbed it against them. I told Dawn, "I'm going to make you so jealous when he cums."

"I am already", she said.

I lowered my mouth on him. Sucking him in over my lips and on my tongue. A perfect fit. I stroked him more. His dick was so hard. Some precum leaked out in my tongue. Smooth and not as salty as his sweat.

Dawn said to suck him into my throat. "He's still got his tonsils. He's got to be tight as a pussy!" I tried to take him deep. To my tonsils but I couldn't get him that deep. Woody was moaning the whole time. I kept himself my mouth, licking him. I cupped his balls in my right hand.

His nuts tightened and his cock twitched on my tongue. He arched his back, raising his hips, pushing his dick harder into my mouth. I jerked my head back, taking it out of my mouth. He spurted a rope of cum on my chin and mouth. I licked at it as I opened my mouth for more. I got some of the next load in my mouth. I swallowed it. I wanted more. I got the head in my mouth for the next shot. It was more than I could handle. What I couldn't swallow dribbled out to drip from my chin. The next rope land on his chest.

I kept stroking him. I wanted all his cum. He was whimpering, so was Dawn. I undid my jeans and let my cock out. I started licking the cum that leaked down the shaft to his balls. When he was done, I rose up over him to kiss and lick the cum on his chest. I kissed him on the lips. He didn't kiss me back. He did lick the cum off his lips though.

I moved back, stood up and stepped out of my jeans. Dawn had collapsed on to the couch next to Woody. She pulled her top off. She raised her legs for me to pull her sweats off. Dawn moved around and leaned against Woody while I slipped into her wet cunt. She wrapped her legs around me while I plunged into her. When I felt her tightening around me I slowed down.

"Beg me!" I told her.

"Please make me cum." I kept the same pace. It was all I could do not cum myself.

"Please let me." I pushed into her wetness further. She tightened around me and pushed harder. She stopped and was still. I pushed against her again. She was trembling now. No control of over the pleasure inside her. The release came for her and she couldn't stop cumming. I pulled out and squirted all over her belly and even a little on her tits. She looked at me, nodding yes. I licked and sucked up my cum from her body. We kissed until it was gone. I went back and cleaned up more of my mess on her. We kissed again with her licking my lips.

Woody stood up, pulled up his shorts and left. Dawn and I stayed on the couch awhile longer. I finished cleaning up my cum for her to lick from my mouth.

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Lonnie Wheeler
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04/08/2020 4:57 pm  

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