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Boy in the Banana Hammock  


Fred Hernandez
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17/10/2020 8:15 pm  

A slightly strange tale about a man in a loveless marriage and the neighbors next door.


It was my fault, all of it.

It was just an ordinary week in August, or so I thought when my vacation began. My wife Jill and I were planning on taking a couple little jaunts in the northeast and just hanging around the house in lieu of a real vacation because she said she hadn't been feeling all that well lately, so I guess I could say it was my wife's fault. If we had gone to the Cape or someplace, I wouldn't have been stuck at home.

I suppose I could blame my neighbors next door, the Wahl family, for having opened up their pool again this summer after not bothering for a couple years. I had spent many days looking over at Patty and Doug Wahl and their son Todd in their bathing suits, and while none were especially attractive it was something for me to do. With their son Todd coming home from college this summer instead of staying out west, they went and reopened the pool for him to have something to do, so they were also to blame.

The Wahl's were also at fault for having such a cute son, the skinny and goofy kid having become a quite attractive if still a nerdy young adult over the years. The lean blonde who took after his mother reminded me of my old college roommate from back half a lifetime ago, so that didn't help.

So there were my alibis all lined up; I was a bored husband with a wife who had pretty much cut him off right at the time we became empty-nesters - a time I thought would make it easier for me to satisfy my still raging sexual desires without the kids around - a week with little to do but going back to being a voyeur, and a young college boy next door who decided to wear a banana hammock when he swam.

A banana hammock. I didn't even know what that term meant when my wife Jill mentioned it at the dinner table one night. She had noticed young Todd out by the pool - as I most definitely had as well - and was commenting on the rather skimpy swimwear the lad was sporting.

"With Patty and Doug working," my wife had said. "I doubt if they know what Little Toddie was wearing around the pool."

Little Toddie was something that my wife had called the neighbor boy for years and still did now, even though the lad was probably twenty and was nearly 6' tall.

"You liked those trunks did you?" I asked with a grin, the idea that my beloved was checking out the guy next door not bothering me at all because maybe that would get her a bit horny.

"That banana hammock?" Jill snorted in reference to the suit Todd had worn, and after she explained to be what that term was she added, "That's not something little boys should be wearing."

"He's hardly a little boy honey," I said in his defense. "Todd's 20 and is going to be a junior in college."

"That's not what I meant," Jill replied. "Men who wear them are usually the ones who have something to fill the pouch with."

"I wouldn't know and I certainly didn't look that closely," I told Jill in a part lie because while I hadn't know what that suit was called I had looked long and hard at the pouch. "I guess that qualification means I shouldn't buy myself one of those suits then."

"That's for sure. If you do you'll go swimming alone Steve," Jill warned with only the hint of a smile.

"Like I do everything else," I mumbled out of her earshot, and that was the truth because I did most things alone these days, like jerking off from the bathroom window while looking at Todd in his bathing suit.

I knew that Jill wasn't referring about not wanting to be seen with me if I was wearing a banana hammock because my pasty middle aged body was a bit soft, but more because I had no chance of filling the pouch either, not even as well as Todd did.

Of course I would never wear something that skimpy even when I was in better shape because as Dirty Harry once said, "A man's got to know his limitations," so I kept my mini missile (Jill's old term for my dick back when she used to like it) well hidden.

Was that why Jill no longer wanted me like she once had? Had giving birth a couple times made my slightly less than average endowment not satisfying at all any more?

I was tempted to tell my wife that she was selling Little Toddie a bit short because the size of the pouch varied, maybe because of water and air temperature, but decided against it. The topic had come up later that night when I had hoped to start our vacation with a bang.

"You know, I think that's kind of sexy," I purred in my wife's ear while spooning against her, reaching around to knead her little droopy tits. "You checking out the boy next door. Remember when you and I used to check out his Dad and Mom back then and we would come back here to bed and talk about them, fantasizing about doing stuff we were too chicken to actually do?"

"That was different," Jill said in reference when we used to talk about in bed about our neighbors when they would invite us over for a dip, our cowardly way of spouse swapping without actually doing it. "Patty Wahl was so busty and Doug was - nothing like his son that's for sure. He was a big hairy guy who looked like Burt Reynolds."

"I remember," I lamented as I ground into my wife. "We used to call them our neighborhood's version of Loni Anderson and Burt Reynolds."

"Toddie - maybe it's because he shaves his body for the swim team at school," Jill said in fending off my hand. "Still looks like a child."

"No he doesn't," I replied, not telling my wife that Todd quit swimming last year. "It's because he's blonde that it doesn't show. His legs are quite furry and he's got bushy armpits too."

"Talk about checking out the neighbors," Jill responded, making me realize I had gone a bit overboard and squirming away from me. "You're looking at him a hell of a lot closer than I was. What are you, turning gay in your old age?"

"Would that turn you on?" I answered, the fact that turning gay would not be accurate since I had always been interested in both sexes back when I was single, and while I had stopped participating I never had stopped looking.

"Go to sleep," Jill said in rolling almost off the bed to get away from me.

I wanted to cry, such was the level of my frustration, but instead I subtly got rid of my pent-up feeling in the way I knew best, although not as subtly as I had hoped.

"Did you just jerk off?" Jill mumbled a few minutes later, and when I said nothing she added a final good night in a disgusting tone, "This is going to be a long week."


The next day of that long week had my appalled spouse going to the mall to look for new drapes, not exactly my idea of spending a nice sunny day, but considering the contemptuous way she was looking at me I was glad Jill was gone. Besides, this gave me a chance to look at Todd without fear, and that morning instead of just briefly chatting we talked much more.

"Your friend Ellis," I said of his friend who used to spend a lot of time with him. "Is he still around?"

"He's overseas," Toff explained with what seemed like a touch of sadness. "He - we had a falling out."

"Too bad," I said while trying not to look at the sunlight hitting Todd's body so the body hair that was definitely there on his legs sparkled.

I had suspected that Todd was either gay or bisexual like me and his reaction sort of confirmed that. Maybe it was that, or just my level of desperation, that made me get bolder.

"Your bathing suit," I said as casually as I could manage. " My wife Jill explained to me that it was called a banana hammock, and when I told her I would like to get one but I wouldn't fill it out nearly as well as you do she didn't disagree. Jill wondered if your mother saw you in that."

"No, I'm not that brave," Todd blushed and then I blushed when he saw me staring at his pouch.

"Say, you're a little taller than I am Todd, and there's a lawn chair that I stuck up in the rafters of my garage that I can't quite reach," I mentioned. "I get a little light-headed on the ladder so I was wondering..."

"Sure," Todd replied, and with that I led him into the garage feeling like the big bad wolf.

"See it up there?" I said while pointing to the old lounge chair that was up there for a good reason, because it was worn and tattered, but it was serving a purpose.

"No problem," he told me and took a few steps up the ladder, his ass right in front of me with not much more than the crack hidden by the suit.

Gorgeous legs, lean yet muscular, with that golden down on the backs of his legs and his ass muscles showing as he reached up and got the chair off the slats it was resting on.

"Anything else you need up here Mr. Karras?" Todd asked. "There's a table too."

"No, that's good," I told him after taking the chair from him, and as he stepped down I realized my opportunity was going away so unlike my real nature this time I acted, even though it felt like I was in a trance or something.

"Huh?" Todd mumbled when he felt my arms come around his from behind, but as my hand slid along his smooth chest he did not stop me and instead mumbled something like, "I knew it."

"You're so sweet looking," I said as Todd reached forward to brace himself against the wall with his hands, allowing me to use my hands on his lean upper torso.

"Oh man," Todd moaned as my fingers raked through the golden tufts under his arms before my hands went lower and discovered that Jill was wrong in that little Toddie wasn't so little.

I nudged the suit down over a cock that wasn't hard but getting there, and when my hand found his cock and stroked it the flesh became steel.

Wordlessly I moved Todd around to face me, although I could not and did not look into his eyes, instead kneeling on the cold concrete and almost getting poked in the eye by the lad's erection which was arching at me.

Surprisingly long, probably closer to 7" than 6", the slender pale cock was so hard it arched a bit upwards and curved a little to the left, the conical glans of the circumcised penis a little pink.

Like riding a bike I soon discovered, because even though it had been more than a quarter of a century since I had sucked a cock, I hadn't forgotten how. My lips slid down the sleek shaft until the patch of curls above it were tickling my forehead, and as my mouth moved up and down Todd's cock I felt his hands in my thinning scalp.

It was over too fast, as much a fault of my eagerness as anything else. Todd did warn me he was coming as my head bobbed, my hand having gone down to play with his long hanging fruit in the wrinkled pouch, but I wanted to taste it anyway so I braced myself.

Todd's manhood tensed a second before it erupted, sending wads of his seed into my throat so hard and so often that I almost choked, but I persevered and kept sucking long after Todd's orgasm ended and his dick deflated with my hand digging into his ass cheek.

After I finally let his dick out of my mouth I looked up at the lad sheepishly, and as he smiled knowingly I let him help me to my feet.

"Guess I owe you an apology," I finally said.

"Hell no Mr. Karras," Todd corrected me as he reached down and pulled his cock hammock up. "I've seen you checking me out and have been hoping this would happen. That's why I wore the suit - for you."


"Mom and Dad won't be home for hours," Todd offered. "I want to pay you back - and by then my dick will be stiff again. I can get it up all day and you seem to like sucking cock Mr. Karras."

"You don't have to do that," I replied, but by then Todd was bringing me next door and up to his bedroom which was much like the teenager's bedrooms we had at our years before.

"I like to suck cock too Mr. Karras," Todd was saying as he closed the bedroom door behind us, and as he pulled my shirt off I felt the need to apologize for the doughy condition of my body, but my real laments were saved for when he took my shorts and boxers down.

"Ellis has a little one too," Todd said with a smile as he grabbed my uncut tube and started to pull on it. "I used to tell him that his looked like a penis only smaller. It's okay though, as long as they work."

"It works," I offered.

"So I see," Todd said as I stiffened in his hand, making me feel a little more manly even if my thumb-sized erect dick was not much bigger than Todd's limp cock. "I saw you looking down at me yesterday from a window. What were you doing?"

"Masturbating," I admitted. "Wishing this would happen."

"Isn't this better?" Todd asked me as he moved me unto the edge of his bed and went to his knees between my legs.

"Yes," I almost sobbed as Todd bowed down and took my erect dick in his mouth and went right down to my nuts, sucking so hard it was like he was trying to remove it from my body.

Despite my having pleasured myself several times already in the past few days, the feel of my dick in somebody's mouth again had me fighting not to come right from the start. Even when I got Jill to do this on some rare occasions, she didn't do it as Todd was - eagerly.

"Why don't we get you onto the bed?" Todd suggested as he eased me from my sitting position until I was on back with my erection pointing upwards.

"You weren't kidding," I marveled as Todd knelt on the bed and knee-walked over to my hip, his long slender shank waving in front of him as he moved. "You're hard again already."

"You like that Mr. Karras?" Todd asked proudly, stroking the pale prong with his fist a couple times before he bent over and resumed sucking on my dick.

"Call me Steve," I mumbled as I reached around his thigh to get at his dangling balls, rolling them around in my palm and stretching out the long sac even further.

Up and down Todd's head bobbed, deep-throating my 5" effortlessly, and when I could hold back no longer I grunted out a warning just before erupting in the boy's eager mouth. Todd took it without blinking at then straightened up and came up to straddle my face, his stiff dick waving as his balls scraped over my nose.

"Like getting tea-bagged Mr.K.?" Todd giggled as he let his wrinkled scrotum roll up and down my face, and while it probably looked stupid I enjoyed it and let my tongue get into the act. "I like them sucked on."

Opening my mouth I took in the left ball, suckling on the walnut-sized orb and hearing Todd moan as he grabbed the headboard, and when he had enough of that he let me take on the right one.

"Oh man Steve," Todd howled when he pried his balls out of my mouth. "That's so freaking good. Now stick your tongue out for me."

I did what I was told to do and was rewarded by my young neighbor's cock being placed on my tongue as Todd ground his hips over my face, letting my tongue swab the underside of his dick from the stretched flesh of the stump to the dribbling tip of the glans.

Todd kept humping my face and I kept licking away, enjoying the sight of the prong sliding over my eyes as the pre-cum poured out of the conical crown, wetting my nose and making my eye burn a bit.

"Gonna cum again Mr. K." Todd cried out as my tongue got dry and began to ache, and then his cock spurted semen all my face, solving the dryness problem of my tongue while covering most of my face with ropes of his hot seed.

"Oh yeah," Todd moaned as his orgasm ebbed, and then he dropped his deflating dick into my mouth and told me to suck it. "Drain my nuts Mr. K."

I did what the kid said to do, suckling on his now limp dick while his balls danced on my chin and throat. Todd was looking down at me while I nursed on his slender tube, pulling it out once to playfully slap me on the cheeks with it before putting it back in my mouth.

"Don't worry," I heard the lad say from above. "I'll get hard again in no time."

I wasn't worrying about anything. What I was, was envious because while I thought I was a pretty virile guy, especially when I was a young buck, Todd's earlier bragging about being insatiable seemed to be based in face because slowly and surely I felt his dick getting longer and firmer in my mouth.

"You give crazy head Steve," Todd told me, and I was surprising myself at how eagerly I was attacking his cock after the years of abstinence and frustration.

Todd noticed that I had brought one of my hands down to pull on my own dick while I sucked on his and suggested, "You know what I bet you would like? I bet you would like my dick in your ass."

I suspect my eyes must have bugged out when Todd said that. I know a chill went down my spine at hearing those words and up until then I hadn't even thought about that. Todd was asking questions that the dick in my mouth kept me from answering until finally he removed his semi-erect organ.

"I did that once, back when I was real young," I explained as the thought of that man in the pick-up truck who made me submit to him in the woods. "He hurt me bad."

"Was he big?"

"Thick. Really thick," I recalled while shivering as I thought back to feeling what felt like a bat savage me while I begged him to stop.

"I'm not big Mr. K." Todd said as his weapon wiggled over me. "Not thick at least, and I'd be gentle. I'd make it good for you - for both of us. Bet you've wondered even since then what it would feel like to have somebody do you right."

Todd was right, wise beyond his years. It wasn't what the man did but the way he did it that hurt the most, and now Todd was offering to show be what it could be like.

"Get me hard again," Todd explained, and I did.

Soon I was on all fours gripping the bedding while Todd's greased fingers pushed in and out of my anus, the spinning digits feeling good despite my fears.

"Love guys with hairy asses," Todd was saying before he pulled his fingers out, making me sigh while wishing they were still corkscrewing into me, but then I felt him moving up behind me and spreading my ass cheeks.

"Just relax Mr. K.," Todd was telling me as he leaned closer to me, and then I felt the tip of his dick rubbing my anus, easing into me slowly while Todd moaned, "Oh man - so freaking tight! That's it - take it - take it all."

It didn't hurt a bit, and as that stiff prong kept burrowing deeper and deeper into my cavity Todd's hand came around and found that I was liking this a lot.

"Told you it wouldn't hurt," Todd grunted as he slowly pulled his cock out almost all the way before once again impaling me with all 7" inches of him, his thumb and index finger stroking my dick as he humped me.

I came way before Todd did, the sensation of that stiff cock sliding in and out of me faster and faster as Todd milked me driving me crazy, and after I squirted onto the sheets the lad was able to grab my hips and really ride me.

"Tell me when you've had enough," Todd said as our bodies slapped into each other and my answer was silence save the grunts I let out with each of his thrusts, his earlier orgasms apparently having taken the edge off for him and giving him more self-control.

Finally Todd stopped thrusting, but it wasn't because he had come. Todd needed to re-lube and at the same time wanted to change position, rolling me onto my back and putting a pillow under my spine.

"It'll feel different this way," Todd promised as I spread my legs wide and cupped my package out of the way, partly to get my balls out of the way and also to hide the sight of my sad little spent toadstool from both of us.

It did feel different, and the sight of Todd's red face and dirty blonde hair flying as he fucked me hard and fast was really hot too. Todd's bed was creaking and bouncing against the wall as he turned into a machine, drilling me faster and faster until he let out a howl while his boyish face twisted wildly.

"AHHH!" I think we both cried out together as I felt Todd's dick twitch inside me, followed by the soothing warmth that filled my bowels before his manhood slithered out of me.

"You okay?" Todd asked as he shrugged his hair back over his shoulders, and I nodded. "You were so good."

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