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Charmaine and Tony  


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02/08/2020 4:17 pm  

* Charmaine and Tony *

Charmaine had her own fantasies as well waiting to be fulfilled before it was too late in life to do so. She had a healthy sexual appetite and being a professional dancer, she was constantly aware of the sexual and physical chemistry between the sexes as it is expressed in dance. She found herself looking at males in ways she had avoided in the past. But it became more difficult for her to deny the desires she felt. At first she thought there was something wrong with her slowly realizing there was nothing wrong with what she was feeling.

Women wanting and needing sex send out signals to that effect when they are around males, even if they're unaware they're doing so...

Tony was one of her more advanced students and he could sense those signals from her making him think she might be available. She saw his interest in her and felt flattered. They taunted and teased one another dancing for nearly a month together at her studio. It started out being playful but eventually it turned to a full-blown mutual seduction. It hardly mattered she was married as their attraction and lust for one another reached a state of no return.

When they danced the cha-cha or the tango they'd draw an imaginary line of division on the floor separating them. The line represented an imaginary barrier between them. When she danced backwards inviting him to cross the line by opening and closing her palms to him he'd follow only to retreat in uncertainty. Again she would cross the line pursuing him, seeing him smile she would turn around offering him the view of her swaying hips in tempting him to cross the line to join her on her side.

One night they were the only ones left in the studio as they danced a slow dance moving sensuously against each other. She felt his arousal against her when he said,

"I'm sorry if I'm being forward but I want you; it's driving me're driving me crazy."

She smiled placing her index finger on his lips to stop him from saying more. She placed one hand at the small of his back, pressing herself against him tightly. He felt her heat as she swayed her hips back and forth against him continuing to smile saying,

"I understand; I want you too."

She wanted him to broach the subject of being intimate with her; even waiting and hoping he would. The promise of release from their long term teasing became unbearable. He asked,

"Please come home with me," she smiled biting her lower lip nodding her head at him.

Once back at his house he loaded several CDs of Latin dance music and as they moved and swayed to the music staring into each others eyes their excitement returned. They both knew they were going to fuck. Being a dancer she was perhaps more aware of the sexual tension inherent in dancing and her movements were accentuated, designed to heighten his passion. In the privacy of his home, she did things she'd never do in the studio. Her movements were like a tribal dance of seduction inviting the inevitable.

She moved her hands over her hips and down the inside of her thighs before cupping her breasts smiling seductively at him. As she made gentle pelvic thrusts she began unbuttoning the white silk blouse she was wearing. Looking at his fabulous body and his gyrating hips as he thrust them outward then rolling them imitating the act of fucking. She could see he was ready for sex...for her.

Her gaze fell to his groin as she saw his arousal through his tight-fitting slacks. It stood strong exciting her with it's' need. His size especially excited her as she felt her secretions filling the opening between her legs readying her for the act.

Their dance continued as they removed their shirts from one another. Tony took her in his arms as he reached behind her unsnapping her bra letting it fall to the floor as they rubbed against one another. Again he felt the damp heat rising from between her legs punctuated by her sexual scents.

Unable to wait a moment longer, they quickly made their way to his bedroom. She sat on the edge of his bed wanting to watch him undress as he shimmied out of his tight-fitting pants. He was beautiful and she wanted to pay oral homage to his lovely stand of manhood but seeing his state of arousal she was afraid to use her mouth thinking he might ejaculate before she could feel what she wanted most; penetration.

She pushed herself backwards up onto his bed opening and closing her thighs in excited anticipation as she fought the urge to giggle, fearing it might sound demonic. Surprisingly even the idea she was committing adultery excited her.

She had a wonderful powerful explosion once she felt him all the way inside her as their hips lifted off the bed circling as they pushed against one another doing their overdue horizontal dance to the music from the other room. His size alone resulted in sensations she'd not known making her climax sooner than expected.

He was too aroused with all the pent up desire he had for her all these weeks. Her juices coated his hardness as he felt her undulating orgasmic contractions from the walls of her channel. He was powerless to hold back as her vagina convulsed, opening widely to receive his discharge. When she felt him spurting inside her with his spastic jerks and thrusts she felt a deep sense of satisfaction in knowing she had him at last.

Though it was everything and more than she hoped for, she found herself wishing it wasn't over so soon. She lay there with the vision of his frantically swimming sperms trying to find their way to the eggs she no longer manufactured. She wondered if he was one of those males who could recover quickly and how long it would take for him to recover. She considered the different ways she could use to re-arouse him until he said,

"Don't worry; the best is yet to come!"

She smiled in relief as they lay there listening to the music playing in the living room until she felt him coming back to life with his rhythmic moments. She welcomed them by matching his undulations feeling him hardness filling her cavity with the same need as before. She thought she had heard her cell-phone ringing in the other room where she'd left her purse, knowing who was calling to check on her.

"Not now's impossible for me to stop and lose this wonderful moment in time. I'll be home in a little while," she said to herself being drawn back into the lustful present and the delicious sensations going on inside her.

After nearly an hour of "horizontal dancing" and pelvic thrusts to the Latin dance music still playing in the other room, she had more orgasms than she could ever remember having. It seemed their mission was to see how large of a "love-puddle" they could make. She felt embarrassed for having loved it so much fearing he might think she was a whore or a sex maniac even causing her to consider it as well. She consoled herself with,

"So big deal I love sex. I have personal needs."

This was the best sex she had since that one time in college. A fraternity was having a party looking for some open-minded girls to attend. All the girls showing interest were told ahead of time what to expect. It was one of the best fraternities on campus since their alumni were mostly athletes and the most desirable guys on campus. They had a reputation for wild parties and only selected girls were chosen or given the chance to attend.

She wasn't one of the original girls that was asked to partake and probably never would've volunteered but she knew one of the girls. She ran into her at school the day of the party and was asked to fill in for her since she was having her period; she asked Charmaine if she would take her place. Her friend explained,

"Some of the guys will want sex. There are no strings attached. If you're one of those girls that can only do it when they are in a loving relationship, then it's not for you. They will offer you about a hundred bucks afterwards. It's up to you if you want to or not. I don't know about others but it helps me to pay the high costs of tuition."

She felt uncertain when the girl told her where the frat-house was saying,

"You don't have to decide now but if you think you might like it, here's the address. Anytime after 8 tonight would be fine and I know they'd appreciate your company."

She was was a nice night and she decided to walk by the frat-house to see if she knew any of the guys. When she passed the house about 8:30 she noted quite a few standing around talking on the porch. She felt excited with the idea of going in.

When she approached the porch a young man came down to greet her explaining he was the president of the fraternity. He asked if she was the substitute girl. She was embarrassed but finding the nerve she asked what the deal was. She was told it was a party and the girls had control over who they wanted to have sex with; no pressure. She asked if she could have a look around and was given a tour along with the glass of wine she was offered. When she was in one of the bedrooms she said she'd try it and see how it went.

It was more than she'd expected as she found herself enjoying the experience. In fact she had orgasms with all the guys she was with. She liked the idea of sex for fun when there were no complications since it sated a primal urge for both the guys and for her as well.

It was around midnight when the president of the fraternity entered the room sitting on the bed, handing her an envelope of money. He asked if she would be available the next time they had a party and she told him she doubted it. She took the money graciously never thinking for a moment it was for "services rendered".

She learned something from the experience and that was sex and love were two very different things and indeed you didn't have to love someone to enjoy sex.

Meanwhile, Tony told her to wait as he sprung from the bed. She watched his ass thinking how nice it was as he walked into the living room. Her hand went between her legs feeling the immense amount of their combined juices. She thought giddily to herself it was their "cock and tail mix". She didn't understand her desire to taste it as her finger went to her mouth anyway.

She heard him put on another CD and shortly he returned with two chilled goblets of champagne. It tasted wonderful and the effects went straight to her head at first. It tasted far stronger than any bubbly she ever had. Though it still bubbled it was thicker and more syrupy as well. He lay on his side looking at her with obvious admiration watching her drink. She took another swallow before quaffing the rest feeling the magical effects coursing through her brain before making its way down between her legs. The effects must've been the same for him as she once again delightedly and unbelievingly saw his hardness on fire as it jerked tautly against his belly.

For Tony their sex together was terrific, unlike anything he'd experienced before. Mostly it was because they moved so well together, as if they floated above the bed existing on a higher plane. They went at it a third time laughing at the sloshing sounds and the puddle of sex now soaking the mattress. He loved the way she used her warm soft inner thighs to massage his ass as she moved them higher, running them up and over his hips before locking her ankles and thrusting upwards into him craving the deep penetration he gave her. She repeated the sequence over and over until he was about out of his mind. It was like his body was a cock and her legs were the vaginal lips massaging him up and down before clasping him tightly. He didn't know if she knew what she was doing but to him it felt like they were fucking in two separate and wonderful ways simultaneously. They were a wheel in a wheel, a fuck in a fuck.

As they approached the final peak they were aware the music had stopped when they both heard her cell-phone ringing in the other room. They froze until she urged him on by thrusting upwards continuing to caress him with her inner thighs. When she felt him approaching his climax she wrapped her legs around him squeezing with all her might fucking upwards with her pussy as she did little circles around and around on his cock. Feeling him so deep caused her to let loose again joining him as he quivered above her unable to move from the scissor-lock she had on him. They ground their hips against one another not wanting to let it end until all the fucking they were capable of ebbed from them as if in a whimper.

* Charmaine and Bill *

When she got to her car she called Bill on her cell-phone saying she was okay and was on her way home, not offering an explanation but knowing she'd have to tell him something.

Bill had fallen asleep watching TV after calling her a second time and when he heard her come in he saw her disheveled state as she went immediately upstairs. After turning off the lights and the TV he went upstairs hearing the shower running noting that was unusual since she usually showered in the mornings.

As she showered she was trembling with excitement and the euphoria from the experience wondering what the next step would be and how it would unfold. She knew there wasn't a script for them to follow but somehow that made it all the more exciting. She thought, "If only Bill could accept and understand my needs," not having a clue on how to broach the subject to him yet knowing she felt obligated to do so.

As she toweled off she looked in the mirror as she fluffed up her hair drying it. She could see the effects the sex had on her for she looked more youthful than she had for a long time, wondering how she could hide the telltale glow from him when he saw her.

When she got in bed she noted he was doing a crossword puzzle. She had a book of them herself and they both liked working them together before falling asleep, asking each other about the clues and talking about anything of interest that happened during their day.

He glanced at her and could see her glowing; the kind we see on a bride or a pregnant woman. He could also feel her body temperature was higher than normal beneath the covers. Not wanting to prolong the silence he decided to fish for information asking if she was late because she was with her boyfriend on a hunch. She looked at him with shock wondering how he could possibly know. When she saw the smile on his face she realized he was probably joking. But since the subject had come up she saw it as an opportunity asking,

"What if I was?"

At that point neither of them knew if the other was joking but she was prepared to defend herself since there was nothing in their marriage vows referring to sexual fidelity. Whether it was an oversight or not; technically she was correct. Surprisingly in indifference he said,

"Just use discretion and make sure you don't bring any disease home with you."

He knew women were different than men in their need for sex, since it was enmeshed in a list of their other needs. He also knew his interest in sex had waned and he could hardly blame her for finding the outlet she needed. He was not surprised in knowing he had married a woman unafraid of experiencing the joys of sex and having the gumption to do something about it. He suspected she probably had done it before.

She kissed him on the cheek uncertain if she had his permission, wondering if he still loved her.

"It can't be this easy can it," she thought.

After turning off the light on her nightstand she turned on her side facing away from him as she always did still feeling the residual sensations coming from her loins wondering how it was possible for her to have discharged so much. There were things she wanted to do sexually but she was afraid to ask her husband thinking he wouldn't be interested or maybe he'd think she was crazy for suggesting them. She had no such worries regarding exploration with Tony for some reason. Maybe it was because they had defined the nature of their relationship as being sexual in its' intent?

* Charmaine and Tony *

The following day Tony had been out jogging. It was around lunchtime when he stopped by her studio out of breath asking if she could get away for awhile. Her face lit up with the implied meaning as she touched his sweating arm smiling her answer to him.

When they got to his house he wanted to take a shower extending the invitation to her. While they were soaping each other he ran his soapy hands through the crease of her shapely ass when she jumped feeling his touch. He asked if she ever had anal sex. She turned around bending over wiggling her ass at him making him laugh telling him it was one of her favorite ways. He soaped a finger gently probing until she felt it going inside her.

"Oh baby, you know what I like," she exclaimed making him laugh.

He could tell she had sex this way before since she was large enough to accommodate his finger easily. She turned to hug him opening her mouth before kissing him. While they kissed he moved his finger slowly in and out. She grew accustomed to the sensation quickly moaning into his mouth. As he continued he began to feel her hips sway against his growing erection. After a few minutes he had his entire finger in her and she loved the sensation wanting his cock in her.

"Fuck me in the ass Tony," she said after turning around and spreading her cheeks for him in invitation.

He was glad to accommodate her request. Her moans suggested she loved it this way and her receptiveness prompted his actions to give it to her hard. They fucked and laughed in their wild uninhibited pleasure.

After their shower and another glass of his delicious champagne they went to his room where they had sex for the next hour when she felt refreshed returning to her studio.

After dancing Friday night she closed the studio when they went to his house again.

No matter what the reasons were, she knew it was good sex and it was therapeutic for her. Even their dancing at the studio took on a different meaning as well when she rubbed her ass against him seductively.

Their affair lasted for almost two years until his job required him to move. They did almost everything imaginable together talking about the most bizarre things more to measure the response of the other person to see if the idea had any merit. They even went to a swingers club posing as man and wife. The other couple they were with agreed to "open-swinging" and not only did Tony love seeing Charmaine doing it with another man she found herself liking the role of being the exhibitionist. When the guy she was with began to come she grabbed Tony's head kissing him as she felt the other man filling her with his sperm.

Jokingly one of them brought up the subject of peeing on one another only to discover they were both fascinated with the idea. Once while hugging in the shower they giggled as they felt their streams splashing each others thighs. They were surprised at the degree of intimacy it provided them but Tony confided he had a more perverse idea he'd like to try if she was willing. When time was running out for them and his leaving was imminent, they were in the shower when she had the urge to pee. She recalled what he had related to her, as to what he wanted the woman to do and she knew if it were to happen at all; it had to be now or never.

"I have to pee she said," looking at him expectantly. He sensed what she meant and felt both excitement and uncertainty about the whole thing.

"Maybe it's just a fantasy and nothing more," he said uncertainly.

"We'll never know if it's as exciting as it sounds unless we try it," she urged him.

He began to tremble nervously until he laughed. Perhaps it was to lessen the anxiety he felt. Finally he found the courage he needed and smiling at her he knelt taking her hand looking up at her as though she was his executioner.

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