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Darla's Games Day 16  


Nelda Buisman
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22/06/2020 8:31 pm  

I followed the instructions as they were spoken through the GPS. A left here. A right there.

Farin was angry with me. Angrier than I had ever seen her. I knew why, but, at the same time, I didn't really feel particularly guilty about it.

I was going to Jill's house. I was actually happy about that. I liked Jill and I loved her house.

At length, around about one o'clock in the morning, we finally pulled up to her house.

It looked like there was some kind of party going on, because there were a few cars there and even a limousine in the drive.

I looked at Farin a little puzzled. "We better not. She has company. Let's go hide out and we will come back tomorrow."

Farin glared at me. "You are ..." Then she redirected. "Sure, let's go to your special place and you can eat my pussy all night instead."

"Did you ever even like me?" I whispered, starting up the car.

"WOW Carrie! You are such a fucking cunt." She slapped my hand away from the keys and pulled them out of the ignition. "She grabbed my face and yanked it to look at her."

She spit in my face. I closed my eyes and felt it splatter all over my face. I couldn't fight back the tears, but at least they washed some of her spit away. I didn't reach up to wipe my face.

"Fuck!" Farin yelled. "I didn't mean to do that."

And then I felt her wiping my face with what felt like a towel. I opened my eyes when she got the spit off my face. She was crying.

"I do love you, Carrie. Hopelessly, helplessly, unexpectedly.... This was never supposed to happen. I never in a million years thought that I ... that we would end up ... together. You don't know even the half of what I've done since this thing started. And... I need to end it. For you. For us, if there still can be an us. I think there can be. I just need to get you away from all this slut bullshit."

I leaned in and kissed her lips softly. "Farin, I have to be honest with you..."

She kissed me hard again to cut me off. "No, not tonight. Please give me tonight." She begged and kissed me again. "Okay." I smiled weakly at her.

"You have sex in your car yet?" Farin giggled.

"No!" I shouted. "And, seriously, I love this new car smell. I don't want old pussy smell in my car."

Farin's eyes went wide in shocked insult. "Old pussy smell?"

I laughed. She laughed.

"So, what do you want to do lover?" I asked her, figuring I did owe her tonight and many more if I was being honest.

"Besides stink up your car you mean?" Farin grinned. "Better idea, I've never been tongue fucked in a limo."

My mouth opened wide. "You serious? Farin, there's a driver there, I don't want to have sex in front of a stranger"

"Yeah, cuz that would be a first." She mocked me. "He'll see my pussy not yours. Can't hurt to ask. Come on." Farin laughed and jumped out of the car.

Sex. Always about the sex. I sighed. I really thought there was a lot more. Didn't we?

I locked my car with the key fob and followed her to the limo. She was at the driver's window, talking to him. I didn't think I wanted to get close enough to hear what she was saying, so I took my time. By the time I got close enough to hear what was being said, Farin leaned in and gave the guy a kiss and practically ran to open the back door for me.

"Your limo madam." She laughed with a false aristocratic voice.

I laughed. I climbed inside.

"The party should be over in about a half hour Miss. You have fifteen minutes." The driver called back over the intercom.

"Well, that's not much time." I smiled at Farin, trying to shake off the debauchery of how I felt.

"Get to it." She instructed and lifting her ass off the seat, slid her panties down to her ankles. She took them off her right foot and left them dangling on her left foot. She then spread her right foot straight out across the back seat and her left leg parallel to the door, then farther so she was pushing her pussy out at me and edging her ass right to the edge of the seat.

I sunk to the floor for the 'something I can do.' Yes, I remembered her words. And I knew somehow that this would be the last night for us as a couple. I had betrayed her first so I would do this for her and hope that it eased my conscience.

I leaned in and started dining on her pussy. At least I wasn't crying this time and she wasn't being intentionally cruel. I took my time, made love to her pussy and actually took the time to enjoy the taste and tease her to a really good orgasm.

"God, I love you so much Carrie." She gasped after her breathing slowed to normal.

And that was when all hell broke loose. The door facing the house opened and there, looking at me on my knees and Farin panting on the seat with her pussy exposed to... well, it was pretty damned obvious what was going on. Only an idiot wouldn't know it from the sight.

"What is going on here?!" Demanded a woman's voice. We looked up to see the stern face of a beautiful woman, perhaps thirty or forty years old. She was dressed in a long black dress that shimmered in the starlight and even more so from the dome light of the limousine.

See? Clearly she was an idiot. But, I wasn't really thinking like that. I was panicked.

So, instead of saying, 'what the hell does it look like? Haven't you ever had your pussy eaten in a limo before?' It came out a lot more like "Oh my God!" And a scramble of two girls to the other door.

Farin, brought her leg quickly off the seat and I reached for the opposite door to where the woman looked in angrily.

It was locked. "Let us out!" I shouted and banged on the partition glass between the back of the limo and the driver.

"Jesus." An exasperated voice came from the open limo door. I looked up and there was Jill staring in at us. I was trying to remember if I had ever seen Jill dressed so... eloquently. She wore a gorgeous, form fitting white number that hugged her curves and forced me to lick my lips.

"Carrie, I would expect such trash behavior from Farin, but you? Well, let's go. Inside with you both. Sue will take you in through the cellar. Do as she says and everything will be okay." Then she turned to the woman. "My sincere apologies Judith, sorry to say that I do know these two. Rest assured that they will be punished severely enough that they will never do anything so reckless again."

"How on earth do you know such... silly children." She replied.

"Oh, it's a long story. Come inside and I will tell you a bit about it while your car is cleaned and aired out a bit." Jill led the woman away.

"Thanks a lot Jim." Farin grumbled at the driver though we couldn't see him through the partition.

"Sorry kid, you don't pay my bills." A voice came over the intercom. "Mrs Alberts did say to thank you both for the free pornography though." He laughed and the girls heard before they saw themselves on a screen in the car. It was a video of everything they had done from the moment they got in. In fact, Jim had a zoom on the camera and was able to catch close ups of Carrie's face right inside Farin's twat.

"Great." I muttered. "More movies."

Sue showed up and looked at the screen and laughed softly. She shook her head at us. "You kids get into the worst situations don't you?"

I muttered under my breath, it wasn't intended for civilized ears. Sue was beautifully clad in a gown as well. This must have been a quite formal event that we crashed. I was truly embarrassed.

"Carrie just loves my pussy, what can I say?" Farin grinned and climbed out, pulling her panties back on her right foot and up to her thighs. When she got out of the car, she pulled them the rest of the way up under her skirt.

"I think it's more that your pussy loves Carrie." Sue giggled. "But what do I know?"

Then she looked at me ... so miserable on the floor. "Come on slutball." Sue beckoned. "You have a very long weekend ahead of you if I know Jill... and you know that I know Jill." She winked at me and reached out her hand.

I sighed and took her hand and saw... I am pretty sure it was pity in her eyes.

Sue led us over to the left side of the house and we followed without question. "Well, this wasn't your best idea girls." She said softly, but evenly. "I mean Carrie, you have to know by now that Jill is not going to save you."

"I know." I replied. "Farin's idea really."

Farin sighed. "Come on Sue. Enough is enough. Darla is pushing and pushing and she won't give her a break."

Sue sighed loudly. "Farin, I like you, but you really are making things worse for Carrie. Maybe you two should take a break until this is over."

"How could you say that Sue?" Farin answered. "I love her. I'm doing everything I can to make this easier for her."

"You are doing everything you can to beat your sister, using Carrie as your game board." Sue responded without looking at her. "I know you love her, and you didn't expect that to happen. But you know its true what I just said. I don't doubt your love, nobody does."

And Farin looked at me as if Sue had just punched her in the face.

I shrugged my shoulders and put my arm around her as we followed Sue to the house.

Sue squatted and then, looking back at me thought again. "Carrie, open this door for me would you? My heels aren't cooperating." And I noticed her feet sinking into the grass.

"Sure Sue." I smiled at her and opened the cellar door that swung up from the ground.

"There's a light switch down there to the right." Sue instructed and Farin used her cell phone flashlight feature to provide me a little light as I descended the stairs. I flicked the switch on and an overhead light came on above the door. I looked up and Sue and Farin were descending the concrete steps. I giggled as I noticed the slit in Sue's dress came up over her hip and she was definitely not wearing any panties.

"Well, stop looking at my leg and open the door slut." Sue laughed at me, apparently catching me staring. I opened the door and it swung into the basement.

Apparently, the light switch outside also lit a light in the center of the hallway I was now entering. "First door to your right." Sue called behind me. So, I walked down the corridor and took the first door on the right. The hall stopped ahead and seemed to branch off left and right.

This door likewise swung in and I stepped inside what looked like a ... well, a sitting room? There were a couple of couches and chairs. No tables. There was a television, but the screen was quite blank. I stepped inside. Farin and Sue followed me and she told us to have a seat.

Sue took her phone out and exchanged texts. I couldn't pick anything up from her demeanor as she typed on her phone. Then she put her phone away and smiled at us. "Well, let's see..." She giggled. "How about some good news first?" I looked up at her ... Farin as well... with scared but hopeful expressions on our face.

"Darla is done. She just sold your time to Jill for a quarter." My jaw dropped. A quarter?

"huh?" I asked.

Sue laughed loud. "You heard me. Twenty-five cents. So, I guess good news is you won't have to listen to Darla again. I think you consider that good news, correct me if I am wrong." My eyes went wide. Could it really be over? I was elated... my heart caught in my throat. I thought I would cry with happiness.

Farin squealed. "Yes!" She exclaimed and hugged me tight.

Sue laughed again. I looked up at her and there were tears in my eyes, I knew it.

She looked at me with a look of pity it seemed. I could only think she was feeling bad for how I had been treated all this time. I wanted to hug her for the great news. It was over! Darla's games was over! I was free! I couldn't help it. I jumped up and hugged her so hard and tight. I cried and smiled and she rubbed my back. "Oh dear." Sue sighed. She hugged me back.

"Well, I guess that leaves the rest to tell you." Sue said softly as she hugged me back. "Pull yourself together Carrie, you aren't out of the woods yet. I didn't mean to give you some false hope. Jill will hold you to your remaining time."

I didn't care. Anything was better than Darla. I hugged her so tight she had to stop me because she was having trouble breathing. She laughed softly.

"So, strip naked and give me your clothes Carrie." Sue told me and pushed me away to break the hug.

I looked at her as if she had just slapped me. Shocked. Puzzled.

"You heard me. Listen baby, don't you ever hesitate with Jill. Your crush on her will not help you. She did not want this. She hates this. But she will not tolerate hesitance or poorly placed spirit." She touched my cheek softly with her hand. "She does like you. A lot. Remember that, it will help if you keep that thought in your heart."

I looked into her eyes, still confused.

"Carrie, strip. Come on baby, don't make this bad. Every second is a punishment with Jill."

I took off my shirt and handed it to her. I was a bit embarrassed to be getting naked while these two were clothed, even though they had both seen me naked many times. I dropped my skirt and then sat down to take off my shoes and socks and handed the bundle to Sue.

"Okay sweetie. Do you need to call home?" She asked.

I panicked. I did need to call home. My dad was probably furious with me right now. "yes." I said meekly. "Okay, where is your phone?" Sue asked. I told her it was in the car and she sent Farin to fetch it.

"Kitten." Sue whispered when Farin left. "We are kind of like sisters now for awhile. You know I will never ever betray Jill, but as much as she allows it, and I think that will be a lot, I am here for you. I love her with all my heart. She is a very strong and loving person. She is not cruel. She is not mean. But she is not Darla. Don't think you can get away with ... well, anything. She will know."

Farin came back and gave me my phone.

"Make your phone call. You won't be going home tonight. Tell him you drank and need to sleep it off, I'm sure that would be better than telling him you had a gangbang in your mouth tonight. Then, lay down and get some sleep while you can."

Sue told me and took Farin by the hand. "You come with me." She said to Farin. Then back to me, "Seriously Carrie, I would get some sleep if I were you."

And she led Farin out the door, leaving me naked in this room.

I called my dad. It went about how I expected. No, he did not want me driving home in my condition, but I was grounded until further notice.

I went to the door and found it locked. I had kind of expected that. No blankets in the room. No pillows. The couches weren't terribly comfortable. But, I laid down and stared at the ceiling. I smiled. Darla and her horrible games were out of my life.

What would happen next? Would Jill sell me my freedom for a quarter? I giggled to myself. Darla was ... meh ... I never had to think about her again. And in spite of my happiness and deep desire to celebrate, sleep did find me. Or I found it. Not sure that either of us were truly looking for the other.

I'm not sure how long I was asleep. But there was a gentle nudge on my shoulder and I stirred slowly. My eyes blinked open and slowly focused on Sue leaning over me and waking me. I smiled at her and then noticed that she had changed. She leaned forward and kissed my lips softly.

"Come on then sleepy head. Big changes in store."

Sue had changed her clothes. She had taken off the elegant evening gown with the slit up to the hip and was now wearing ... well .... Nothing. She had cuffs on her wrists, throat and ankles, but nothing else. She giggled at me when I involuntarily licked my lip. "Such a little slut." She shook her head at me.

"You get to wear these." She was holding some ankle and wrist cuffs, not unlike the ones she was wearing.

I let her put them on. It didn't really seem like a big deal at all. She strapped them tightly on each of my limbs and though it felt weird, it wasn't painful. "So, what's going to happen now?" I asked when she strapped the last cuff in place.

Sue smiled at me. "There is no wrong answer. If you are asked a question be honest and spare no feelings. You are going to break today. You've been close before. Jill will not hesitate. She's going to break you. You will hate her. But she will break you and some day..." Sue thought a moment. "yes, I think some day you will thank her. But you will hate her for a long time."

I stared at Sue like she was crazy. "Why would I hate Jill?"

Sue giggled. "Well, I have said enough. Whatever happens, I really do like you Carrie, we will probably see each other a lot the next month or longer. I'm really looking forward to it." She smiled.

"Time to go." She said as she noted the time on her phone and she led me out of the room and down the hall in the basement.

At the end of the hall, we turned to the left and roughly made a u-turn to go up some stairs. Straight ahead, before we turned to the stairs, was a large room with things I didn't recognize or understand, but I was sure there was a mirror against the far wall to the right.

Anyway, here I was, padding my way up some stairs naked, watching Sue's gorgeous ass wiggling just inches from my face. And she opened the upstairs door and I heard voices talking and I stopped. I froze as Sue just came out into the top level and looked back as if she sensed me stop behind her.

"Come on." She smiled. "Nobody will see you in this hall, they are all down in the front living room."

I tentatively crept behind her and sure enough, when I looked to where the voices were coming from, I couldn't see anything. And I followed her down the hall and around a corner to a kitchen that opened up to a large dining room on one side with closed double doors at the far end to the right. There was also a service opening in the kitchen that was open to the living room where the people were having their discussions.

I squeaked and pushed right up against Sue as they passed the open window. Sue didn't speed up she just giggled. "Just act like it's normal and nobody will notice you." She whispered.

And we walked into the dining room without a huge commotion being made about the naked girls in the kitchen.

"Okay Carrie." Sue stopped and turned to look at me. She reached up and touched my cheek. "Just let tonight happen. Don't over think it. It isn't your fault, in all reality, it's Darla's and it isn't fair and get used to it cupcake, because life is rarely fair, but sometime in the right place, you will find everything your heart desires, I believe that, some day, probably many years from now, you will remember me saying that and I hope you will smile when you remember me." And she leaned in and kissed my lips softly.

"Now, time is short." She slapped the table softly with her hand. "Up you go on your back and stretch your arms and legs like you are reaching for the four legs of the table."

I looked at her. "I'm scared now Sue. You are really scaring the hell out of me."

Sue sighed. "That was far from my intention. You'll be fine, climb up there for me please."

I trembled, truly apprehensive about what was to come next. But, even as I shook like my body was shivering from extreme cold, I stretched out like a giant X on the table top and Sue took first my right wrist in her hand. From somewhere, I believe the floor, she pulled a rope or cord of some kind with a clip that she clipped to the ring on my cuff.

Then she wound a handle, I heard it turning. And it pulled my arm taut until I thought my whole body would drag across the table top. Then she walked around and did the same to my left ankle. And as she tightened that cord, I was stretched more across the table. She then went to my left wrist. Then to my right ankle and I was pulled quite taut.

But, she wasn't done. She went from corner to corner and tightened each of my limbs again. Then again. Then again. Until I whimpered in pain because I thought she would pull my shoulders and hips out of their sockets it was so tight.

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Fantastic story xD


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Great read


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God damn, this is the best story I've read in a long time.


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I'd absolutely pick that up so, if your synopsis is well written, I'd read it. Good work!


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Great job dude, an instant classic


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I want this made into a porn loool


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Just wow