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'Oops, Sorry,' Dean Flashes Wife ~1  


David Jackson
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02/08/2020 1:53 pm  

Dean manipulates his wife for her to unknowingly flash his friends her naked body.

"Thanks for coming," said Dean standing at the front door as his three friends left his house. "Bye. Drive safe. I'll see you all at work tomorrow," he said waving while talking louder than necessary to make sure that his wife, Kim, knew that his friends were finally leaving.

Only, as part of their prearranged, sinister and sexy plan, instead of getting in their cars and driving away, the three men, Bob, Jim, and Michael, quietly and quickly walked down the driveway to the backyard. As if they were second story burglars hiding in the dark shadows of the night, they silently crept up the steps and all stood on Dean's back deck in the dark while waiting for Kim's sexy, striptease show. Ever so quietly, not talking and trying not to make a sound that would alert Kim that they were there waiting to watch her undress, they made themselves comfortable in readiness for her striptease show. The three men moved their chairs in a tight semi-circle in front of the deck door to sit silently in the dark while waiting for Kim, Dean's shapely wife, to make her sexy appearance.

Already planned in advance by her husband, this wasn't Kim's idea to show her naked body to her husband's friends. Oh, no. Not by a longshot. Truth be told, thinking that they had already left for home, she didn't even know that his three friends were out on their back deck sitting in the dark while waiting to watch her undress. If she knew her husband had arranged this little X-rated, striptease show, she'd be pissed.

Having always wanted to show Kim's naked body to his friends, this was Dean's idea to show his friends his wife naked. He's the one who approached his friends with the idea of peeping on his wife while she was undressing and stripping herself naked in readiness for bed. Just as much as his friends would, no doubt, become sexually excited watching Kim strip naked, Dean knew that he'd become sexually aroused watching his friends watching his wife undress.

He's the one who wanted them all to see Kim naked. He's the one who got off on exposing his wife to men, especially when she didn't know she was being so nakedly exposed. Naked, naked, naked, Dean was so very excited to finally show his friends his naked wife. Naked, naked, naked, without her knowing that his friends were all there waiting to see her naked, Kim was about to strip herself naked.

* * * * *

"It's late, well past midnight and I'm tired," said Kim looking at her watch and yawning. "Now that your friends are finally gone," she said looking at her husband and giving him a sexy look. "I'm going to go up and get ready for bed," she said with an inebriated little hiccup and a loud yawn after picking up the kitchen, recycled empty beer bottles, and tossed out the remaining stale chips and pretzels.

"Good night honey," said Dean getting up from his easy chair in the living room to give his wife a smooch on the lips while grabbing a handful of one of her big tits.

Feeling her quiver, he fingered her nipple through her blouse and bra. When he touched her in that sexual way, she looked up at him and gave him the eye. Encouraged by her sexy look, when she didn't swat her hand away to declare that she had a headache, he reached around behind her to grope and squeeze her shapely ass, a move that always culminated with him reaching around the front of her to slide a practiced hand between up her short skirt and in between her legs. He cupped her pussy through her panty before moving a slow, firm, and experienced finger along her pussy slit. Releasing her as if promising to have sex with her later, he always touched her, felt her, and groped her as if he owned her sweet ass and as far as he was concerned, he did.

Definitely Kim was stacked. Yet, when most men would be enamored with her beautiful breasts, if Dean had one favorite body part of her to pick, it was his wife's ass. There was just something so erotic to walk behind her while staring at her sexy ass while knowing that his wife belonged to him. Proud of the way that she looked, moved, and carried herself, he loved it when she shook her tight, little, shapely ass as if it was powered by a hidden battery. As if she was dancing to music instead of walking while shopping, so full of herself and with her no doubt thinking that she's all that and a bag of chips, he loved how she could shake that thing when she was walking through the mall.

"Aren't you coming to bed?" Giving him that sexy look again that told him that she wanted to suck him before he fucked out her brains, she yawned again while turning to look at him.

No mistaking her meaning, she gave him that come hither look that told him that she was horny, ready, and willing to have sex. Sex, sex, sex, obviously, in the way she looked at him and in the way that she asked him if he was coming to bed, she wanted him to come to bed. Difficult to misjudge her intent, she gave him that sexy look that told him that she wanted sex. The same look that she gave him more than ten years ago when they first met at a concert, she gave him that look that told him that she wanted to suck and fuck. After spending the night teasing his friends with sexy up skirts peeks and forbidden down blouse views that were obviously coerced and encouraged by her husband, no doubt she was ready for love. Only, not ready to come to bed and forsaking Kim for something more sexually exciting than being in bed naked with her, Dean had a different plans. Unbeknownst to Kim, he had another agenda.

* * * * *

He gave his wife the same look of sexual anticipation that he gives her when he's about to expose her to passersby at the mall, to unsuspecting men at the park, on the beach, at the movies, and/or to truckers and tollbooth attendants on the road. Quickly looking away from her, he didn't want her to recognize his look. He didn't want her to suspect what he had planned for the voyeuristic pleasure of his friends upstairs in their bedroom. With her already telling him that she didn't want him to expose her naked body to his horny friends, he knew that he'd be walking on thin ice if she was to discover that he was planning to do just that now.

Keeping this flash of her naked body a secret and to himself, fearing that she wouldn't go through with it, he didn't want her to know that he was up to no good. He didn't want her to know that he was about to flash her naked body to his friends. With boundless opportunities to flash Kim's body readily available, the world was his oyster in his endless exhibitionism and voyeurism of his sexy wife. Having routinely flashed her lingerie clad body hundreds of times, and occasionally flashing her topless body too, and with her so steadfastly against it, this is the first time that he'd be flashing his wife naked. Naked, naked, naked, he couldn't wait for his friends to see Kim naked. Naked, naked, naked, he couldn't wait to see the lustful reactions on his friends faces when seeing Kim naked.

"You go ahead Kim. I'm not sleepy yet. I'm going to watch some TV," said Dean turning on the TV but muting the sound while listening for his wife to leave. Not wanting to look at her, unable to contain his sexual excitement, he didn't want to make her suspicious of his secret intentions. As if she could read his mind, and most times she could, she always knew when he was about to do something diabolical and something that included her flashing someone. "I'll be up in a little while. I want to get the highlights of the games that I missed."

Yet, in the way that he was proud enough of his wife's body to flash her to other men, what man would allow a woman as beautiful and as sexy as she obviously was to go to bed alone? What man would allow his beautiful, sexy wife to go to bed without a man there to warm her and pleasure her, especially when she gave him the eye, especially when he knew she was horny, and especially when he knew she wanted sex? The answer to those questions was a man who was more interested in flashing her naked body than he was in having sex with her naked body.

Especially when she's had a little too much to drink, and especially after she gave him that sexy, come hither look, he knew that she not only wanted sex but was expecting sex as her reward for obediently flashing his friends her underwear all night. For sure, able to hump her mouth before pounding her pussy, this is his golden opportunity to get all the sex that he wanted from her. Only, he'd have to go upstairs with her now and abandon his friends on the back deck waiting for her to strip naked. For the sake of his friends seeing her naked, no man in his right mind would ever turn her down for sex but he just did.

Yet, having been there and done that, seemingly bored with having sex with Kim, unimaginable by anyone who has never experienced Kim's naked body in bed, he wanted something different. He wanted something more than just the same old, same old. As his way to ease her into participating in the swinging lifestyle, he wanted to flash her naked body to his three, best friends. Not only did he want his wife to have sex with his friends but also he wanted his wife to have sex with a multitude of men. Men, men, men, he wanted to watch his wife having sex with men.

What he wants from her is not active sex but passive sex in her unwittingly showing his friends her naked body. What he wants from her is for her to satisfy his sexual fetish for exhibitionism and voyeurism when showing her body to other men. What he wants is to watch her having sex with other men.

Most times when flashing her body to men, they flash unsuspecting men. It's the stares, the leers, and the total look of shocked surprise that gets his motor running. Most times, he flashes his wife while making it appear accidental. Most times, his wife not only knows that he's flashing her but has agreed, albeit reluctantly, in advance to him flashing her. Tonight, her flashing herself naked was planned in advance and the men being flashed were expecting to see Kim naked. Naked, naked, naked, he couldn't wait for his three horny friends to see his sexy wife naked.

"Okay, suit yourself. Only, turn down the heat and take the dog out to pee before coming up to bed," she said. "Good night."

"Good night sweetheart. Sweet dreams," he said.

* * * * *

Quietly and sneakily, he stepped out of the living room and peeked around the corner to watch his wife walk up the stairs. He loved watching her behind from behind. As if she was an Olympic gymnast, a champion ice skater, and/or a competitive swimmer, and she once was all of those, she had such a sweet ass. If she was to rate her ass on a scale of ten, her ass was a ten and the rest of her wasn't so bad either.

As if she was the Girl from Ipanema, she walked as if she was dancing a slow Samba. As if she was his beautiful angel ascending the steps to Heaven, he watched his shapely wife slowly walk upstairs to their bedroom. As if she was ascending the Mayan steps to be sacrificed on the altar for the God of Mercy to save their city and their people, she was so very special.

Boom, chicka boom, chicka boom, boom, boom, she walked with as if there was a sound machined imbedded in her ass. He never tired of staring at her round, firm ass even after being married to her for ten years. As if being mesmerized by the rolling waves of the ocean, while staring at her rolling buttocks, he loved staring at her shapely ass moving from one side to the other side as she climbed the stairs. In the sexy way that she looked and the sensual way she moved, a woman who had breasts large enough and cleavage long enough, she could do a bra commercial. With her height and long lines, she could work as a fit, swimsuit, or lingerie model, instead she was his wife. The only thing missing from her was her official designation of being a MILF were her Victoria Secret's wings. Yet, it was her shapely, sexy ass that he was more attracted to than her breasts.

With her having had one too much to drink, and with him encouraging her to drink more so that she wouldn't notice anything awry or suspicious up in their bedroom, he watched her holding on to the stairway rail while slowly walking upstairs. As soon as she made her way to the second floor landing, he listened for her to go in the bathroom to take off her makeup. No doubt, knowing how she felt about her good looks, especially her pretty face, she'd be more pissed that his friends would see her without her makeup than seeing her without her clothes. No doubt, if he went up there now, so ready and so willing, she'd give him hot sex, more than he could handle.

Yet, too private and too personal, he didn't want his friends seeing him naked in the way that he wanted his friends to see his wife naked. Moreover, if he was in bed having sex with his wife, he'd have to extinguish the lights and chances are, once her eyes grew accustomed to the dark, she may be able to see his friends sitting outside on their back deck. Moreover, his friends wouldn't be able to see his naked wife as well in the dark as they could with the bedroom light illuminating her beautiful body. Besides not wanting to prolong them being out on the back deck, being that his friends were all a little drunk, they'd make a noise that she'd no doubt hear. Further and an odd thing for a man to want when he has a hot wife like her, but he'd rather be sitting out there with his friends than being in his bedroom with his naked wife. Oddly and surprisingly enough, he'd rather be there with them to see the reaction his friends had to seeing Kim naked than being there in bed and having sex with her.

Yet, another man would rather be in bed with his wife, especially when their wife is a woman like her, than to be out on the deck with inebriated men. Moreover, another man would never disrespect his wife by allowing his friends to see his women naked. Furthermore, another man would protect his wife from the lustful perversions, degenerate leers, and depraved stares of men who just want her for sex, as he once did. Being that he was married to her, another man would appreciate what he has than risking losing his wife by flashing her naked body against her knowledge and against her will to his friends for the selfish, sexual pleasure of himself. With him taking advantage of his naked wife by flashing her, embarrassing her, and humiliating her, a divorce attorney would be chomping at the bit to bring this case to divorce court.

* * * * *

As soon as he heard the bathroom door close, eager to get the party started, he turned down the heat and took the dog out front to pee instead of out back. He let the dog back inside before the dog could smell his friends sitting up on the back deck behind the house. Then, once the dog was in bed, he went out to the kitchen to grab some beers from the refrigerator and to meet his friends sitting on the back deck in readiness for Kim's sexy, albeit impromptu, surprise, striptease show.

"She's in the bathroom now taking off her makeup," said Dean. "I can't wait until you guys see Kim naked."

"I can't wait to see Kim naked," said Bob.

"Me too," said Jim.

"I'll be masturbating tonight over all that she's showing and all that I'll be seeing," said Michael with a dirty laugh.

"Okay, now, no talking. You guys have to be quiet so that she doesn't know that we're out here," said Dean.

Several minutes later, Kim walked in her bedroom oblivious that the drape that led out to the deck was pushed open just enough to the side to give her husband and his three drunken friends a clear view of her undressing. Once the bedroom light was on, with them having a good view inside the bedroom, unless they moved around outside or talked, she wouldn't be able to see or hear them through the sliding glass door with the reflection of her own image. With them having an unobstructed view of the bedroom from the back deck door, to the bedroom door, and to the bed, it didn't take Dean opening the curtain very much for them to see Kim in all of her splendid, naked glory.

As if they were watching paint dry or watching a baseball game mindlessly take forever to play, concentrating their focus on the twelve inch opening in the drape, their eyes were glued to the door in the way that it would be to the screen if the four men were watching a porn movie. They stared at the small opening in the curtain while waiting for Kim to make her sexy, nightly appearance. Then, not to be disappointed, with a click of the light switch on, the bedroom light illuminated her as if she was an actress on stage. No doubt thinking that she was alone, she walked around her bedroom getting ready for bed.


* * * * *

Now that she turned on the bedroom light and with her a little drunk and not noticing the open drape, she was oblivious to being watched, lusted over, and ogled. Rather than being out on the deck looking inside, but for her husband, any of these men would much rather be in the room and in bed with Kim. Yet, chances are, just as she wouldn't know that her husband and his three friends were out on the deck watching her undress for bed, hopefully she wouldn't notice the open drapery either, once she started undressing.

Proud of himself, and with him trying to show his friends Kim's naked body for years, finally, he developed a well-orchestrated plan to flash her not only without her approval abut also without her knowledge and without her even suspecting. The perfect plan of exhibitionism and voyeurism, he couldn't wait for her to parade around the bedroom naked. The only thing better than her being naked would be if she touched herself, but she'd never do that.

* * * * *

Thinking that they were going to be spending a romantic evening home alone, he surprised her when he told her that he invited his friends over for a few beers.

"Wear something sexy when my friends come over tonight Kim," he said to his wife.

"Wear something sexy? What do you mean by sexy? Do you mean that you want me to flash your friends my panties and bra?" She gave him a look that told him that she wasn't happy that he had invited his friends without asking her first. "What if I greet them at the door naked," she said.

"That will work," he said with a sick grin.

She looked at him as if he was crazy. She looked at him as if he was sexually depraved. She looked at him as if she didn't understand his need to continue to flash his underwear to men, especially to his friends.

"So, what do you have in mind that I should wear that you consider sexy?"

"You could wear that short skirt that's impossible for you to sit without flashing your panties. And you could wear that blouse that drapes so low in the front that it looks as if you're not even wearing a blouse," he said with a dirty laugh. "If you wear that skirt and blouse, you'll be flashing your panties every time you sit and cross and uncross your legs and your bra and tits every time you lean forward."

"Other than sexual frustration, what do I get out of flashing your friends?

"I'll take you shopping tomorrow to buy a whole new outfit."

"Including shoes?"

"Yes, especially shoes, so long as you flash your panties to the poor shoe salesman at the shoe store," he said with a dirty laugh.

"Okay," she said, "but every time I flash your friends, they think that I'm not only available and interested but also that I want them."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean when I go to the kitchen to get drinks, they follow me out to grope me while trying to kiss me," she said.

"Groping is just innocent fun. Don't be so uptight. Relax," he said. "So what if they kiss you. It's just a kiss."

"It's more than just a kiss Dean when they have one hand up my skirt and another hand down my blouse," she said with some anger.

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Thanks for sharing!!


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Fascinating Erotic Story!