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A Night Out for Office Girls  


Squire Gibbs
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07/07/2020 10:06 pm  

This is a true story that unfolded a couple of years ago. I work in the office of a furniture showroom in a city centre. I'm 28 years old, been married for 5 years to my husband, I'm tall at 5 feet 10, have long legs, a cute ass, and pert but smallish B cup tits with big nipples. I'm thin, a size 8 dress size. Since being married I don't go out partying very much and I rarely drink alcohol and am loyal to my man. My husband Terry and I are planning on starting a family soon, as I don't really enjoy working, the pay is rubbish and I'm at the right age I think to start having kids.

My friend works at the same firm as me, Cheryl is shorter at 5 feet than me, she has a much rounder build; having a large chest and bubble ass cheeks. She has a heavy frame and a cute face and funny personality. We've known each other since school days. Both of us had not much success with boys at school, me being shy and Cheryl being a bit heavy.

When Terry came into my life I was glad to meet a nice guy and was happy after a few years courting to get married to the only man I'd ever had sex with. Cheryl had a few boyfriends however once she had put it out they disappeared. She was getting a bit desperate so when she went on a night out she often ended up drinking too much, spending all her money and making a show of herself in front of friends, colleagues and strangers .

This news about Cheryl going off the rails had gotten back to me when the work Christmas meal and night out approached. I decided to stay with Cheryl that night to keep a lid on her alcohol consumption so our colleagues couldn't make fun of her again.

We finished work on a Friday early in December at 12.30pm and made our way to a local Chinese restaurant. Our managers made a point of buying drinks for the staff and moving around tables between courses to chat to everyone. Mingling with colleagues seemed to be their goal. However most of us staff members couldn't stand the senior management team who got lots higher wages, sat in meetings all day while we did all the work. Then we had to put up listening to the boring chat they made. This caused a few of us to drink more alcohol to cope with them being artificially nice to us when they had spent all year bossing us around like we were minions.

I was wearing a past knee length black skirt with black stockings, a suspender belt, black patent leather high heel stiletto shoes, a black boob tube top and a white suit jacket as it was cold at the time of year. With my pert and small boobs I had never needed a bra, occasionally I wore one if wearing a thin top to mask my nipples but the boob tube was elasticated to keep the girls firmly in place and I had my jacket to cover over any protruding nipple.

Cheryl meanwhile had pushed the boat out and bought an expensive white dress. It was an exact copy of the Marilyn Monroe dress that she wore when it was blown up by wind from ground level to reveal her knickers. It held her breasts firmly in place and had an open back meaning she could not wear a bra either. Cheryl had her blond hair done like Marilyn, had white stilettos and whispered to me;

"I've got on my big sturdy white knickers to keep my tummy flat."

She looked gorgeous. After the meal, most managers said their goodbyes because it wasn't professional to get drunk in front of the workers. We moved off to a pub called Ma O'Flattiteries a fake Irish bar. I tried to stay drinking shandy to keep sober but Cheryl kept getting me Vodka and Red Bull when it was her round.

Groups of our staff colleagues started to drift away to other pubs and soon we were with just the girls out of the office, the lad who was the office junior and one of the delivery drivers. All the other guys had gone. Apart from the two lads everyone was well on the way to being drunk. At 8.00pm Cheryl and I came out of the Ladies toilet to find everyone had moved on and we were the only two left from our office still in the pub.

"How did that happen?" I asked Cheryl as we came out of the toilets.

We headed outside to look if we could see anyone we worked with, but as the fresh air hit us we both wobbled and nearly fell over. The alcohol was taking effect. After a few minutes we joined arms to support each other and started walking down a narrow back street leading away from the pub. We thought we were going to a different pub.

After a couple of minutes two lads started chatting to us. We were laughing at everything they said. One lad was over 6 feet tall and well built, the other was shorter and squat with well defined muscles showing in his arms. Neither Cheryl or I had talked to black guys before so it was interesting and we were quite enjoying their company. The shorter guy called Nathan kept talking to me but I had this thing about not being interested in guys who are shorter than me. So I kept talking to Tyrone the taller of the two. After a bit of a discussion out of ear shot, the guys who were sober swapped places and Nathan was linking arms with Cheryl and chatting to her while Tyrone walked with me. Cheryl and Nathan were walking quicker than me and Tyrone and soon they opened up a gap of 100 yards or so in front of us.

The narrow road went round a right hand bend and Cheryl and Nathan went out of sight. I wasn't worried because in a few minutes we to would get to the bend and see them again. However, when Tyrone and I reached the bend Cheryl was nowhere in sight. I started to panic but Tyrone said "Hey there they are" and pointed to a gravel site car park on the left.

Cheryl was snogging Nathan, I said "I should have seen that coming."

And Tyrone laughed. He leaned in towards me and the next thing I knew he was kissing my neck, it felt great and he worked his way to my lips and eased his tongue into my mouth. Gradually I put two and two together through the fuzz in my mind caused by vodka and remembered I was married. So I pushed Tyrone lightly away and slurred "Hey I can't do that!"

I opened my eyes and tried to focus on Cheryl. Gradually she came into view. I had to do a double take because she was bent forward over the bonnet of a BMW car, her legs wide apart, her big white knickers wrapped around one ankle, and a slim, muscular and tight black bottom was pressing in and out between her large white buttocks which protruded either side of the guys bum. With every in stroke I heard her groaning. Nathan's pants were round his ankles and from under his buttocks I could see that he had his cock in Cheryl's hole.

She had her elbows on the car her white dress was lifted up over buttocks and rested on her back. Two black hands gripped her hips while the black dick went up and down her vagina.

Tyrone laughed and said to me "well look at that, shit, them two are really getting it on. Go Nat my boy!"

Just then I heard Cheryl breathing more quickly and groaning louder and louder, then she shuddered and froze her movement while she came. She trembled and groaned several times as she orgasmed. Nathan kept pounding away behind her forcing her orgasm to drag on.

Whilst I was stood transfixed by what was happening in front of me in broad daylight, I said out loud;

"Is she having a multiple orgasm?"

Tyrone didn't answer because his mouth was already occupied. I was not aware that Tyrone was nuzzling my neck with his mouth again, turning me on. Also I realised I had left my white jacket in the last pub so I only had my boob tube top to protect me from the cold. It was so thin I was not aware that Tyrone had slipped it down over my small B cup tits. I was sure the boob tube was still in place as I couldn't feel any difference. In fact it was bunched up under my naked tits and Tyrone was lovingly massaging my naked nipples with his fingers.

My pink nipples were now standing to full attention. I had got aroused watching Cheryl getting done and Tyrone had used that distraction to get me wet down below and turned on. Now he was turning my body and I was oblivious to what he was doing. He started to ease me towards the car park by pulling my nipples in the direction he wanted to go.

I slurred my words asking him "to stop that!" but I really did not mean what I was saying and I giggled repeatedly as he edged me forward by pulling my nipples.

Soon we were in the car park and stood in front of a parked car right next to Cheryl and Nathan. They were going at it like there was no tomorrow. Her ass was getting pounded. She was loving it.

Tyrone said to Nathan "Hey Dude, you are getting it right in there!"

Nathan stopped for a minute and pulled his cock out of Cheryl.

"Turn around" he said. "I want to get it even deeper."

Slowly Cheryl tuned around looking dazed, then Nathan lifted her back up onto the bonnet of the silver BMW. She lay back and the car badge appeared directly below her crotch. Nathan put his hands behind her knees and lifted her legs up into the air. Her shoes were now by his ears. I looked across and saw the biggest cock I'd ever seen dangling between Cheryl's legs. It must be 10 inches long as I saw it slide into her cunt in one long thrust. Cheryl let out a big groan as Nathan's balls hit her ass and she was pushed flat onto her back on the car's bonnet. Nathan pounded her hard several times then lowered his hands to pull the straps of her dress off her shoulders and down her arms. Cheryl's boobs popped out of the dress while the thick straps pinned her arms to her sides. As Nathan pounded his cock into her again and again her boobs swung madly up and down across her chest hypnotising me, with their motion, while I watching her nipples maddly sway about. Nathan leaned forward to suck a nipple into his mouth however her large fat tits swayed around so fast he could not catch one.

Slowly I came back to reality and I became aware of lifting my feet one at a time and a hand on the back of my neck gently easing me over the boot of a white BMW car. As I felt my legs being eased apart I realised I had instinctively just stepped out of my knickers which were now on the floor, I was bent over, arse up in the air, with my pussy open to the elements. I felt a tap on the inside of each foot to get me to open my legs wider which I automatically did before I could rationalise it. My brain realised too late what was happening due all the alcohol Cheryl had gotten me to drink.

I looked over my shoulder as a very wide, large, uncircumcised, brown cock with the foreskin pulled down revealing a bright pink helmet inched towards my slot.

I managed to mumble "Er no, what do you think you are doing?"

My fanny was soaking wet due to all the foreplay Tyrone had done while I was watching Cheryl getting ploughed. Tyrone had taken this as my acceptance to get shagged. The bulbous pink crown slid into me before the wide rim of Tyrone's helmet prevented him from getting it further into me. I tried to move but Tyrone had pinned me down, he eased his cock backwards and forwards greasing up his tool with my lubricating love juice. He tried to push into me again but it wouldn't fit. I gasped grateful that I wasn't going to cheat on my wedding vows.

I felt Tyrone pull his knob out of me and I thought I'd escaped being unfaithful to my husband. I heard Tyrone spit on to his knob and again pushed it into me.

"No don't" I said, as he eased further into my slot.

I felt my lower lips expand and hurt then pop back as the rim of his helmet surged into me. I felt my eyes roll in my head with the pleasurable animalistic sensation. His knob sat deep inside me as I looked behind my shoulder and saw Tyrone and Nathan doing a high five together while they both had their knobs in white girls bent over parked BMW cars in a NCP gravel car park.

Nathan said to Tyrone "Third time lucky dude! You are deep in ha ha".

As his knob pressed deeper into me the pleasure caused me to zone out for a couple of minutes. As I slowly came back to my senses, I felt something pressing into my belly. I had never had a knob so deep inside me. As much as i didn't want to cheat an orgasm suddenly flashed through my body gripping the cock in my pussy very hard. I felt a rippling of my muscles and my body instinctively massaged the reproductive tool of the alpha predator who was soon to be inseminating me.

Tyrone loved the feelings of my pussy.

"Phew wee! Nathan man this is one tight pussy" he said to his friend who was rooting into Cheryl next to him.

I heard Cheryl orgasm again. She was loving every minute of this. Nathan then groaned and I saw his large bollocks quickly rise up in his nut sack and then his penis pulsed repeatedly into my friend. He must have shot tons of sponk into Cheryl before he collapsed on top squashing her flat against the car's bonnet. This kept his cock in her channel stopping any sperm from getting out.

I beckoned Tyrone to me so he lowered his head down to me, in between thrusts I said

"Please don't come in me" and then "please don't I've just come off the pill. I'm fertile and my husband and I are planning a family."

Tyrone laughed and said "Well ain't that great news, I'm gonna knock up a posh little white girl. I've always wanted a cute little baby because I haven't got any kids. Well no kids that i'm aware of anyway and my gift to you is a lovely bigger set of tits full of healthy nutritious goodness. When my baby pops out your tits will have filled out nicely to a larger cup size which is just what you need to finish off your sexy body."

Then he gripped my small tits from behind and said "See babe these need to be more of a handful" and pulled me back against him.

Three minutes later he held his cock deep inside me as he powered his spunk as deep in my fanny as he could and held me pinned down over the boot of the white BMW.

After a few minutes I felt suddenly felt empty and cold as the large warm knob vacated my passage. I sighed thinking that it was all over, but then felt a pair of hands on the back of my legs.

"Hey! Hay stop!" I groaned as I was flipped onto my back and my legs lifted up into the air. "Oh God No!" I said.

Nathan was now stood between my legs. Tyrone had swapped places with him.

"Its Ok Babe," Nathan said "You've already had one fanny full of spunk tonight so another isn't going to make a difference," as his cock slid into me deeper than Tyrone had gone just moments before.

The pleasure overtook me again and I started rising my hips to buck against his thrusts into me. He was deeper inside me than I had every felt and this was my second cock up me in one day. I had never had two different knobs in one day previously. Being naughty, dirty and unfaithfully tinged my excitement to new levels. Within a minute I was gripping his knob with my fanny muscles as I came all over him. I saw his big white teeth as he grinned at me.

"You are loving it babe aren't you?" he said as he upped a gear and started ploughing into me faster and faster.

"Answer me or I'm gonna stop" he whispered into my ear.

I didn't answer. He asked again louder. The a third time shouting and I didn't answer. Suddenly I felt his hand smack my bare buttock hard causing an immense stinging pain which transferred into my fanny, he hit me rapidly 6 times until my buttock was bright pink and my pussy was on fire.

I groaned "I love it, I love it, its the best I've ever had" and we both knew I was telling the truth. He tole me to keep repeating what I said while he ploughed my smarting field.

I looked across at Cheryl who now looked tiny next to the 6 feet tall Tyrone as he sank his knob into her.

"Oh yes" she groaned "I've never had two knobs in one night before".

Cheryl was now naked her white dress on the floor next to her knickers. I looked down at myself; my boob tube had been pulled off, as had my skirt so I was left wearing stockings, suspenders, high heels and nothing else. After several minutes both Nathan and Tyrone looked at each other and got their movement in time, pushing into us at the same time.

Nathan said "See girl, us guys got natural rhythm we can do the dance of love mmm mmm!"

Without realising Cheryl and me groaned in time with their fucking action, inward we groaned in discomfort and sighed in pleasure as they pulled out. Cheryl and I giggled as we realised what was happening causing the guys to speed up. I felt the penis inside me get harder and wider then both guys cheered to each other as they came at the same time but into different women.

Nathan leaned over me and said "short guys are better lovers than tall guys."

Another high five went between them before pulling their knobs out of us and zipping their flies back up and walking off.

Once they were out of sight our office junior, a young boy called Sandro came round from the front of one of the BMWs and asked;

"Are you okay?" whilst he looked at our used and naked bodies.

He gawped at our swollen lady parts which were coated like a double cream pie with white goo seeping out of our donut holes. Sandro had never seen a naked women before. He helped us down off the cars and passed us our ripped clothes as we dressed again. Neither of us could walk properly, it felt like we could not close our legs.

Sandro chatted mentioning he was from Argentina. He had seen the whole thing start to finish and filmed it on his phone. Both Cheryl and me thought he was a gentleman helping us. But he wasn't because then he said

"I will be wanting a blow job each Monday off both you girls or this will be getting posted on YouTube and sent to everyone in the office via email."

Nine months later I gave birth to a black baby girl and Cheryl gave birth to a black baby. boy. We were both in hospital, in beds next to each other. We gave birth at the same time on the same day. Probably because we were knocked up at exactly the same time. We leaned across our hospital beds and high fived each other for giving birth.

Terry accepted my explanation that our brown baby must be due to a genetic throwback in our DNA family history and Cheryl became a single mum.

We were both glad we could start maternity leave as it was getting annoying having to give a blow job every Monday to the office junior.

We were then invited to next year's Christmas party even though we were on maternity leave. I found Tyrone had written his mobile phone number under my tit using a fine point black ink permanent pen the day after I had been rogered on a BMW. I made a note of the number and hid it.

A week a washing with soap to remove it meant my husband didn't get any loving with the light on until it was gone. I dug the mobile number out once Cheryl confirmed she was going to the next Christmas party and tipped off the guys where to find us that night.

The End.

Let me know if you want a chapter two? Cheers Boogieman.

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Incredible article


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Surpising Story


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I'd absolutely pick that up so, if your synopsis is well written, I'd read it. Good work!


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Marvelous Story! What inspired you?


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