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Bottoms Up  


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Some of the couples wore masks, which David found scary and sexy in equal measures. He tried one on and sneaked up on his Wife Suzanne. He pinched her bottom and she gasped as she spun round and saw the scary image.

"Very funny David," said Suzanne shaking her head in despair, "I knew it was you...and the mask is actually a marked improvement. Keep it on, it makes you look almost human," she chuckled.

"...God I don't believe it, there's John Bull, what's he doing here?" hissed David to his Wife Suzanne, as he tore the mask off in disgust. "I was really looking forward to this party after the week I've had at work and now he has to come here and spoil it, like he ruins everything."

"So that's your nemesis, 'John Bull,' is it? But he looks about the same size as you David, I thought he'd be a big brute of a man the way you described him. He's rather handsome too, he doesn't need to wear a mask." Suzanne teased, with a wicked smile.

David tried to explain that John Bull had been a lot bigger than him when they were at school together and a year older...well almost. It wasn't just the bullying and the beatings, John Bull always had to get the better of him. When David had been given a model yacht by his parents, all the boys agreed it was the best boat they'd ever seen. But somehow John Bull had managed to scratch his name on the bottom of the boat when no-one was looking...'John Bull'...God even his name was cool and intimidating.

David reddened with anger when he remembered how he'd smashed the boat to pieces in frustration because all his friends thought he'd etched the name himself, trying get John Bull into trouble. He felt a flush of shame at the memory of telling his parents that the 'very expensive' and 'unsinkable' yacht had somehow sunk without trace on its maiden voyage.

"...Oh look David, dishy John Bull and his pretty Wife are coming over to us..."

John Bull shook David's hand warmly, with a big smile on his face and clapped him on the back like a long lost friend. The two Wives wandered off together chatting happily, leaving 'the boys' to go over old times.

"Before you say anything David, just let me apologise unreservedly for my shocking behaviour in school. There's no excuse for it, but what can I say, boys will be boys and it wasn't all bad was it?"

David was surprised by the heartfelt apology from his former tormentor and smiled reservedly.

"I can't think of any 'good times' John, school was horrible...for me at least."

"Oh come on David, you have to admit we had some good laughs...what about that time big Stevie Jones pretended to be the Headmaster to that new secretary. You know, what's her name, the pretty one, the girl with the lovely 'sticky out bottom' as you called her bountiful booty. Oh come on David, you must remember, we all took turns peeking through the keyhole when Stevie 'summonsed' her into 'his' office. God by the time I'd forced my eye up to the keyhole, he'd already corked her panties and was eagerly striping her bare bottom with the Headmaster's cane."

"Oh my God yes," gasped David when he remembered the scintillating sight of that pretty secretary bent over the Headmaster's desk. Her skirt lifted up over her tiny waist and her pretty little panties peeled right down, as Stevie stroked her milky white buttocks with that fearsome yellowed cane. That was the most arousing sight he'd ever seen, how could he have forgotten. Why had he been such a fool to let a bit of silly school boy bullying leave him so bitter and twisted.

"...There you go old chap," said John Bull smiling as he handed David another double shot to his new best friend forever, "bottoms up."

David felt so calm and relaxed now that the hoodoo of his arch enemy John Bull was finally put to bed and it turns out he's not a bad old stick after all, he thought happily...

...David woke up outside on the bench, he vaguely remembered going out for some fresh air but now he was shivering. He should have put his jacket on, the handsome blue blazer his wonderful Wife had bought for his birthday. 'With the lovely hand stitching,' as she constantly reminded him. Well it probably was rather expensive, he thought with a resigned smile and made his way back inside to fetch it. He was unsteady on his feet and his vision was slightly blurred but he was determined to retrieve his coat and find his pretty Wife...

"...Wake up Hubby, you naughty, naughty man..." whispered David's Wife Suzanne, as she smothered him in hot little kisses and tenderly brushed her silky smooth curves up against him.

David was glad to find himself back in his own bed with his piping hot Wife snuggled up to him and whispering sweet nothings in his ear. He had no idea how he got home and was terrified he'd made a fool of himself at last night's party.

His Wife kept calling him a 'naughty boy.' She was gushing about how 'masterful' he was and what a sexy teasing chance they took last night. She chuckled at how he'd come marching up the stairs with that silly mask on, she knew it was him of course, she recognised the sexy blue blazer, 'with the lovely hand stitching.'

She was just coming out of the bathroom at the party when he'd grabbed her and she giggled and squealed as he shoved her into the spare bedroom. 'Oh no stop it David...' she'd cried out in alarm as he cuddled and fondled her with feverish excitement. 'Oh no please David, someone might come in and catch us...'

His eyes had flashed with fury behind his mask and he'd pulled her over his knee and started spanking her bottom. She was terrified someone would hear and burst in on them. But when she complained, he just tugged her skirt down and started spanking her on her panties, even harder.

"God it was exciting, so outrageously naughty and horrible and shocking and awfully, awfully sexy. Such a terrifying thrill, that anybody, just literally anybody, could walk right in and catch us...oh how wicked. You were so strong and manly David, the way you held me over your knee, with your big strong arms. I desperately tried to get up but you held me so tight in a vice like grip that I just couldn't wriggle free."

"That feeling of utter helplessness and total submission was electrifying. Oh Hubby my heart was pumping fit to burst with excitement and arousal when I felt my panties sliding down as you bared my bottom. Oh dear God if someone came in they'd see everything I've got going on back there.

The way you spanked my bare bottom was such a rush, it stung like crazy but it tingled and teased too. I'm blushing now just thinking about it David. It was so frustrating and terrifying and I was so angry with you...and...and...and yet...and yet, I loved it, oh dear God it was insanely arousing...what a wicked feeling. It was intoxicating, that high, that surging high, my heart pounding in my chest...but...but that feeling, oh my God that crazy floating on air feeling made me tingle all over."

"I can still feel that sexy little shiver as you clasped your big strong hand on my bare bottom. A gentle caress, that was so tender and loving followed by a teasing shake from your firm hand and then that awful sexy horribly wonderful smack and sting that took my breath away and left me gasping and giddy"

David was thrilled that he'd excited his Wife and loving the way she was nuzzling up to him and purring like the cat that got the cream. He liked being 'strong' and 'manly' but he was struggling to remember all of the details from last night.

"You've never spanked me like that before, my bum was on fire but I can't deny I was quivering with excitement. When you lifted me off your knee and bent me over the bed, I was just begging for you to make love to me. Beyond begging even, simply gagging for your big hard cock to ride me. God you must have been so excited too David, your pulsating shaft was hideously thick and swollen hard as it snaked deep into my eager pussy."

"I bucked and moaned and I just didn't care anymore if someone caught us, as your steel hard cock squirmed and throbbed in my quivering pussy...Oh yes that's right I'd forgotten," squealed his Wife, pretending to be angry with him as she playfully slapped his arm.

"You wrote something on my bottom as I lay across the bed panting and gasping for breath. Oh and you are such a horrible tease too, you threw my skirt and panties out onto the landing after we'd made love. As I scramble out to grab them I heard someone staggering up the stairs and I had to dive into the bathroom. Oh dear lord I hope they didn't see my bare bottom, they'd know I'd been spanked for sure," she gushed breathlessly, wide eyed with horror and excitement.

"God yes that's right," gasped David smiling with relief. He remembered seeing Suzanne picking up her panties on the landing, with her lovely creamy pink bottom so sexily on display as she dashed into the bathroom.

David was really enjoying the way his smoulderingly sexy Wife was rubbing herself against his swelling cock. He liked the tingly thrill of her velvety soft skin and cute little hairy triangle gently brushing against his naked torso. He felt so good now with a surge of power coursing through him with that wonderful feeling of invincibility. He'd downed a heady cocktail mix of whiskey and rum but still managed to excite his gorgeous young Wife and leave her gasping for more. 'I'm the man, I'm the Daddy, I'm the swashbuckling swish-cracking spank master,' he thought to himself grinning like an idiot.

"I had to wait in the bathroom for ages to make sure no-one was around. When I finally worked up the nerve to peek out, there you where with the blue blazer wrapped around you, fast asleep and not a care in the world. I had to get John's Wife Francine to help me get you into a cab. I like Francine so much, she's really nice and funny too, we had such a good girly giggle last night."

A big wicked grin split David's face as he admired Suzanne's gorgeous curves. John's Wife might be nice and funny but she's not nearly as hot and sexy as mine, he thought dreamily. "I love you so much honey and I'll never let anyone take you away from me. I'm your master of swish buckle spank I'm the...I'm the spank buckling master of crack..."

"Are you still drunk David?" Suzanne chuckled at his discomfort, as she lovingly stroked her hand over his chest and nuzzled her lips into his neck...

...and what did you write on my bottom?"

She turned round and pushed her bare buttocks out for David's inspection.

David gasped in shock and horror as he read the writing on his Wife's creamy bare bottom...

'John Bull'

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Creative read


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Breath taking story


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Marvelous novel 😀


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Fuckkk i loved that!!


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Part 2


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This is great thanks, good read.