Shop Sex Toys for Coupless

Introducing sex toys to the bedroom can help to improve sexual happiness for both partners. Whether your looking to add to your collection or pickup something brand new we have a fantastic range of couples toys, perfect for satisfying all of your sexual desires with your partner.

Make Sex Better for both of you

Adding toys into sex is a great way explore your fantasies with a partner. However, communication is key here. If your partner is apprehensive about introducing toys to the relationship always discuss this with your partner beforehand. You want to make sure your both comfortable before heading out shopping, it will also give you some ideas of what you’re shopping for.

Sex Toys for Him

Improving the guys pleasure can be achieved through various ways. If your looking to improve your orgasm then you might want to look at toys that draw blood into the penis or toys that keep the blood in the shaft, resulting in a harder erection for longer. If you want to try out a new sensation.


Cockrings are great because they add the convenience of being slipped on right before your ready to make love to your partner. A cockring can be placed on the shaft to make your erection stronger and thicker by making it harder to for the blood to flow away from the penis.

We have a variety of different cockrings available including adjustable cockrings to make sure you get a snug fit that works.


    Penis pumps are perfect for drawing blood into the penis by creating an airtight seal around the penis, once pumped the seal becomes tighter and draws the penis towards the end of the pump encouraging blood to flow down the shaft, resulting in a larger and stronger erection. This can be done before sex or as a regular routine to improve your girth and length over time.


      If your looking for prostate pleasure then we have a fantastic selection of prostate massagers available to buy. The prostate is considered by some as the the male G spot equivalent, and can result in a much more intense orgasm for him. Prostate massagers are perfect for achieving a prostate orgasm as they are shaped to provide coverage and stimulation to the prostate effortlessly. Some prostate massagers offer different vibration and speed settings for more experienced prostate enthusiast to experiment with.

        Sex Toys for Her

        If you have a female partner improving sex for her can be achieved in a variety of ways, but bear in mind, everyone is different and there’s no one size fits all solution. Have a chat with your partner and find out what you do that she likes and chat about what she would be willing to try, this should give you a good idea about what your looking to buy.


        If your looking to enhance foreplay, picking up a vibrator is a great piece to add to your collection. Vibrators come in a range of styles from the small and discreet mini bullet vibrators designed for clitoral stimulation or G-Spot vibrators which are shaped to help stimulate the G-Spot, or the world renowned Rabbit Vibrators, famous for their bunny ears which focus on the clitoris whilst being a finely built toy all round.


          Wand Massagers boast an iconic shape and are famous for being a very rugged and high powered vibrator. Wand vibrators focus on external vibration, there are no insertable elements here and are wands are usually mains powered meaning you don’t have to rely on batteries and the vibration sensations are much stronger.

          If you don’t like too much pressure when masterbating try dampening the sensation, most women find a towel is great for this, or lightly touching on and off can still result in an amazing orgasm. A mains powered, strong vibrator which is built for years to come!

          Wands are very popular with women who suffer from anorgasmia too, the wand style massagers can be used in a variety of ways to help you achieve orgasm, perfect for experimenting with a partner to help her achieve a toe curling experience.